How To Talk Dirty To A Guy

Dirty talk doesn’t have to be dirty or confronting. It can be yoni or lingam worship. A shortcut or a hack to great sex is a genital massage, both for her and him. Here is an example of how to talk dirty to a guy in this video.

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[Susan] Dirty talk doesn’t have to be dirty or confronting in any way. It can be more like yoni or lingam worship. Yoni is the female genitals, and lingam is the male genitals. A shortcut or a hack to great sex is a genital massage, both for her and him.

An excellent way would be to do a cock worship or appreciation. Maybe you’re lying down, and she’s using her hands to play with your penis and telling you how beautiful your penis is. 


“I love it when you allow me to touch it when you’re flaccid because seeing your penis get hard is such a miracle. The skin is so beautiful! I love the color of your penis, and I like the more turned-on you get, the skin gets darker and darker as it gets filled with blood. 

I love the veins that run down your cock. It makes my mouth water to see those veins pop out. I also love the head of your cock.

Look how the glans wraps around, and I love that little frenulum. I love stroking that. Does that feel good? Are you enjoying this touch? Do you want it harder or softer? 

What feels good? I love gripping your penis and handling the meat of your cock in my hands. My hands love being on you and swirling around the head as I’m stroking the shaft. I love feeling how your cock goes inside your body. I love that buried shaft. 

I’m feeling it with my fingertips and sending my love, energy, and yoni turn-on into that buried shaft. I’m going to make your cock harder than it’s ever been. Look at it. It’s starting to curve up now. It’s getting tight. I love feeling that. 

It’s so hard, even deep into your body now. You’re going to feel so good when I slide myself down on it. I love your balls. Heaven knows what it is about them, but I love the way you shave them. I love feeling under your perineum. I can feel your cock. 

It’s so hard inside your body now that I can feel it underneath your balls. That is hot. How is it feeling, baby? Do you like it? What else can I do?” 


That’s just an example of how to talk dirty to a guy and a super appreciative handjob. It’s very descriptive. 

As a man, I’m tuned to my senses and how I communicate. Finding ways to get creative by sharing aspects that you appreciate about that other person enhances the sexual experience. I imagine it helps you slow down and be present in the moment, deepening the connection and experience. 

I can tell you it’s very healing for a man to do it to his woman and tell her how beautiful her yoni is. Men and women equally have genital shame. You’d be surprised how many men also have genital shame, especially now that there are these giant schlongs on porn.

Women need to be reassured that their genitals are beautiful and need to have that worship and appreciation. I’ll give you a link to a free eBook called Dirty Talk. It has five different styles of dirty talk. 


People fall into three categories in a sexual trance state. One is visual, the second is auditory, and the third is kinaesthetic. 

Auditories love to hear dirty stories told to them while they’re having sex. They like to hear moaning and sound. They want to get off on the conversational aspect of sexuality. 

Visuals love to have sex in front of a mirror. They like lingerie, and they want to see things. Everybody is a little evolved, but it’s a dominant trait. 

The third is kinaesthetic, who tends to be a little quieter. They like to have their eyes closed during sex because it helps them feel more sensation. Visual and auditory tends to take them out of their turn-on. They are so body-based and kinaesthetic that they need a lot more sensation than they do stimulation from auditory or visual means. 

When you know your partner’s and your sexual states, you can give each other what you need and that works well. That heightens your sexual pleasure together.

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