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Best Sex Positions To Last Longer During Sex

Sex positions always depend on body dynamics. They depend on your shape and your partner’s shape and the size of the location. I mean if we’re going to make love on this table, we need to have an entirely different position compared to if we’re going to make love in a bed or on the […]

Easy Sex Positions: Vibrator Quickie

If you’re a guy, you’ll want to master “the thrust” in this video. If you’re a woman, this is a must-watch video so you can gently guide him to give you this kind of maximum sensation. You’ll both love what happens in your loins with “the hip drop.”

G Spot Sex Positions: Make Her Squirt

This is the sex position I use when I want to squirt all over my lover… guaranteed. Squirting orgasms are definitely in vogue. It’s a must-have experience for the sexually adventurous that has all sorts of benefits physically, psychologically and spiritually.