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The Susan Bratton Show: How To Get Your Partner To Initiate Sex

Welcome to the Susan Bratton show! I am your host Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex adviser to millions, dressed up as the Motivation Magician. Today’s topic is “You want something your partner doesn’t. How do you get him to do it in the bedroom?”

The Susan Bratton Show: How to Have a Good & Healthy Relationship

“Welcome to the Susan Bratton Show! I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions, playing the role today of the Ignition Magician on this episode called Dating Dilemmas. I’ve got a bunch of interesting fanmail here asking me some real tough dating questions.”

How To Make Love To A Man vs A Woman

Download my free audio and ebook, The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date with a checklist for the hottest sex ever. Make sure you watch my companion video, How Men Like To Have Sex Versus Women for more great ideas: Now, here’s How To Make Love To A Man Put on lingerie. Tell him you crave […]

How Men Vs Women Like To Have Sex

Get “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This technique from my #1 best seller, Sexual Soulmates is my gift to you. You’re lover will be OVER THE MOON when you use this two-word phrase that IGNITES HOT, PASSIONATE LOVEMAKING. OK. Men and women… Totally different animals. Why? Because we have a different dominant sex hormone that drives […]

Sexual Energy: How Do I Get More? Future of Sex 5 of 10

Watch The Tuning Fork Technique Video for more details on how your sexual energy can spill over into your lover’s desire: Welcome back to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this video, the fifth in our series, you get to increase your sexual energy. […]

Wife Doesn’t Want To Make Love After Menopause

Learn how to get more sex more often even after her menopause. His wife is using her menopause and his ED to get out of sex with him. Matt’s prescriptions killed his ability to get an erection at the same time his wife went into menopause. He loves to give her pleasure, even if only […]

Dealing With Powerful Women In The Bedroom

Learn 10 different techniques to dominate her in bed so she surrenders, read here:

When Should You Sleep With Someone?

Things you must know before you start hooking up. Learn more how to have safe sex:

What Is Vulnerability?

Discover when vulnerability is not a negative emotion; why ANGER is emasculating and how to give her the safety she needs to feel loved:

What Is Sexual Presence?

Click here to discover more techniques to pleasure your woman in bed: Demystifying what it means to be “present” during sex. A woman wants a man’s presence most of all.

Living In A Sexless Marriage

Partners feel like they’re being rejected and the balance is thrown off. Suddenly, you don’t want to be close or you’re exhausted because as a woman you’re taking on too much. Sexless marriages are pretty common, more than most of us even want to admit. So, when someone finds themselves stuck in one, is it […]

How To Stay Attractive To Your Wife

Learn more about how to be irresistible to women by improving your masculine energy. Click here: