How To Talk Dirty, Pillow Talk and Sexy Talk

Although people call it dirty talk, it’s not an accurate name because it’s not dirty. When we make love with a partner, they respond to a particular stimulus at the moment. People are either visual, auditory, or kinesthetic in bed. Read on to learn how to talk dirty.

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How To Talk Dirty, Pillow Talk, and Sexy Talk

People call it dirty talk, but it’s a bad name. First, it’s not dirty. I call it sensual or bedroom talk. 

When we make love with a partner, they are potentially responding to a different stimulus than we are at the moment. 


Some people are very visual when they are sexual. Maybe he loves to see her in lingerie or she loves to see him flex his muscles, or they like to look into each other’s eyes. 


Auditory people like to hear things. If you tell them a fantasy story while giving them a handjob, it can be really fun. They can close their eyes, feel you touching them and listen to a sexy story that you narrate based on a little trigger idea like Catholic schoolgirls. Tell me a dirty story of a dirty Catholic schoolgirl while you play with my penis. 


People are either visual, auditory, or kinesthetic in the bedroom. Kinesthetic people like the feeling of things. Having their eyes open moves them out of their sensational experience so they keep their eyes closed. Kinesthetic people tend to be eye-shy. However, they’re very responsive to the sensation you’re giving them. 

Sometimes, they like whispers when they can feel your breath in their ear. A surefire thing everybody loves is dirty talk. I call it appreciative dirty talk where you’re describing what’s turning you on at the moment. 


For example, you’re giving your woman a goddess healing massage and stroking her vulva. You’ve got warm coconut oil on your hands and she’s completely relaxed and lying there and you’re expressing love on her vulva. You’re stroking her clitoral head, shaft, and hood. Her little crura are the arms of her clit right down on the sides like in the gutter of each area of her labia. 

You’re stroking her outer labia, vestibular bulbs, the big legs of her clitoris, and you’re rubbing the outside of her vaginal canal. That’s called the introitus. Then, you’re slowly working your way inside and rubbing her g-spot or her whole G area. 

As you’re doing these things, you’re telling her how her pussy has blossomed under your loving touch. 

You say to her, “Oh, I see your pussy swelling up. The bulbs are getting bigger. I see your clit starting to get hard and peek out from under the hood. Your labia is going from a rosy pink to a deep dark purple along the edges of your inner labia. That’s so beautiful. I’m going to lay those labia lips open like a little butterfly. Did you know your pussy looks like a butterfly when I look at it? It’s so beautiful to me. It’s glistening. I see your g-spot peeking out now. It’s starting to get turned on. I see the little rolls and folds of it, but I know as I stroke, that it’s getting smoother and smoother.” 

Like that, you can keep going on.

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