How To Make Love To A Sexy Old Lady: Tips from a Sexpert 

Yes! How to make love to a sexy old lady! I’ve got four hot tips. I’m Susan Bratton, intimacy expert to millions, and a sexy old lady if I don’t say so myself.


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We’re living longer and have many sexual regenerative treatments. We have many women coming out of long-term relationships and saying, “I didn’t get what I wanted, and now I want so much!” 

If you want to give to a sexy old lady, I will tell you the four things to give her a fabulous time so that she achieves her orgasmic potential.

Ultimately she wants your presence, your heart connection, and for you to give her incredible pleasure, which is what I know you want to do because you’re watching my video.


One is we’re fragile. Two is we’re confident.

Three is we’re horny. Oh my goodness! We’re horny. We want experiences. 

I have another video on step-by-step passionate lovemaking which I want you to watch. I walk you through how to give a woman incredible, emotional lovemaking experiences. 

We don’t say vagina anymore in the 21st century because the vagina is just the birth canal. What we call our genitals is a vulva, or we call it the yoni, a tantric lovemaking word for the female genitals.

The male genital is called the lingam, which I also like. I like to lick the lingam. We get fragile because our hormones wane over time as we go through menopause. Estrogen wanes because our ovaries don’t make it anymore.

Interestingly, we get more testosterone in the estrogen-testosterone ratio, which means we’re horny.


When estrogen declines, the tissue in our vagina gets thinner. When it gets lighter, the little pocket that is our vagina gets vaginal laxity.

It opens slightly because the tissue and walls are thinner, so our vagina gets bigger. At the same time, our male-bodied partner’s penis gets smaller. Ultimately, you have atrophy when you get wrinkles and dry out as you age.

Your vulva starts to get a little smaller and loses its body. It happens to both male and female genitals. So we have this laxity issue where we can’t grip a penis as we used to if we don’t take care of our yoni. 

I will tell you a couple of things because if you are a woman wanting to know how you can keep having hot sex, you’ll know what to do. 

If you’re the male-bodied partner or the partner of an older woman, you can support them in using sexual regenerative treatments. Some cost nothing, some a little, and some more money. 

I’ll go through that quickly because I want to get to the confidence, horniness, and the experiences, which is the frosting on the sexy cake. 


The first thing you need to know is that although hormone decline affects the vaginal mucosa, the tissue in the vagina, you can use estrogen and DHEA creams and always stack them together. 

You can also take a blood flow supplement because we need blood flow. As older women, our nitric oxide stores begin to decline, and we don’t get as much blood flow to our genitals. 


Your job as our lover is to get the blood flowing to our yoni. Making love to a sexy woman is to get the blood flowing to their genitals. The first way I recommend is with a supplement called FLOW which I manufacture because it is essential for great sex. 

FLOW is a nitric oxide supplement. You take it at night before lovemaking. It helps get the blood into the pelvic bowl so the genitals can get engorged. Engorgement is the number one thing we need when we are older to have the great sex we’re praying to God we have. 


This is a picture of the vulva. There are the outer lips, inner lips, and the vestibule. The g-spot is inside the vagina. We’ve got the vaginal opening and the urethral exit where the pee comes out.

We’ve got the clitoral tip, clitoral shaft, and clitoral hood. All this is our vulva. 

Let me show you what it looks like underneath because it gets essential. You’ve got to give a good yoni massage. Don’t miss my video on how to provide an excellent yoni massage.

All this is erectile tissue surrounding the vagina, and the clitoris is a giant erectile structure. The g-spot is a big long erectile tube, and the perineal sponge is a big spongy erectile piece of tissue on the bottom of her vagina.

This excellent spongy tissue is wrapped around her vagina like this bracelet I’m wearing. But without good blood flow, it can’t get the flow that it needs to get puffed up. 


If you think about the masculine, he doesn’t have as much pleasure if his penis is flaccid because there’s less surface area for sending signals to the brain.

Women have as much erectile tissue in our yoni as our male-bodied partners do in their penis. Yet if we have sex too soon without enough stimulation and plumping, the sex doesn’t feel as good. 

Remember, we sexy old ladies want to feel good! We don’t want those baby-20, 30, and 40-year-old-orgasms. 

We want the 50, 60, 70-year-old orgasms, which are even better when we’re fully engorged. I also want to show you another thing. 


This is an FDA class 2 device for vaginal restoration you can use at home. It’s called the VFit, and it uses three modalities. It feels fantastic. It’s not a sex toy at all. It’s a medical device that helps reverse incontinence and stimulate vaginal mucosal growth, so you have a thicker, more plush vagina. 

It helps increase lubrication, blood flow, and engorgement. It also has vibration for kegel-toning, warmth for re-colonization of the vagina, and this red light therapy. I’m blinding myself with it. It’s pretty bright right now, photo bio-modulation low-level laser light therapy. 

It stimulates the mitochondria, the tiny batteries in your cells, to generate more energy and replicate new cells so that you have new cells, better stimulation and orgasmic response, and increased grip. Lowered laxity helps you not pee your pants which old ladies have a problem with. 


This is a great device that you can administer at home. What’s nice about this company VFit from Joylux, is they also have friendly feminine care products, including SheBar, which revitalizes and cleanses her. 

You can also use a photonic gel with the product. I love this woman-owned company, and I use VFit myself and recommend it to everyone. So many women have reported that they love this product. 

In the past, when women had vaginal pain from intercourse, I had to send them to get CO2 or RF CO2 laser or RF treatments at a doctor’s office that uses a bit of damage to reconstitute the tissue which hurts. This you can do at home. It feels great! 

I’m so happy to have this VFit product. I’ve got a link under my video for a unique gift with the offer, so they know I sent you, and you get a bonus. I love this product. 


To recap: We’re fragile. We need blood flow, yoni massages, FLOW, VFit, and warm-ups.

Once we are warmed up, we can come for hours. We’re confident lovers and have been around the block. We’ve let go of our body image issues. We’re more masculine because we have higher testosterone, making us horny. 

We’re happy to jump on top, have a good time, and take over. It’s fun to make love to an older woman because she’s got some ideas of her own. 

She is horny and wants a lot of lovemaking and orgasms with testosterone in her system. 

She wants experiences and wants you to give her expanded orgasm experiences. Awaken her g-spot and give her female ejaculation. She wants to play with sex toys during lovemaking and you to wear a vibrating cock ring. GIve her lingerie fashion shows and new sex positions. 

She wants to have sex in different locations and wants you to make it fun. She wants you to flirt with her, romance her, turn her on, and tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her she’s sexy and give her fabulous orgasms. 


My best advice is to watch my video called passionate lovemaking step-by-step directions, where I walk you deeper into how to take a woman through an incredible orgasmic date. 

You can also watch my yoni massage video for techniques. I have a gift for you at, which explains how to turn having sex into making love, increasing your sex drive, feeling more desire, getting more aroused, and experiencing more orgasmic intensity. 

Enough said. I’m Susan Bratton, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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