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Biggest Sexual Organ

The exchange revolves around the idea that the brain is considered the biggest sex organ because it processes various sensations, including those related to sexual pleasure and orgasm. The speaker, Susan, explains that the brain’s role is to create neural pathways and establish a connection between the mind and the erogenous zones, such as the […]


The main point being made is that while quickies can sometimes work when both partners are already fully aroused and engorged, generally slow, sensual lovemaking is more satisfying, especially for the female partner. The speaker, Susan, explains that she personally tends to avoid quickies because she needs sufficient time and stimulation to achieve adequate blood […]


Susan discussed regenerative therapies like GAINSWave, which uses acoustic shockwaves applied externally to stimulate new tissue growth and improve blood flow in the genital area for both men and women. She mentioned using it along with vacuum pumps/penis pumps to enhance erectile function and clitoral engorgement as one ages. Her main point was touting the […]

The Vibe Expo In Los Angeles

Susan Bratton, known as the Intimacy Expert to Millions, is a sex educator who teaches passionate lovemaking techniques, bedroom communication skills, and intimate health and wellness. She advocates for using various sex toys and tools to explore different types of orgasms and enhance pleasure. Bratton encourages slowing down and taking time for arousal, as well […]

Biohack Your Beauty Summit

Susan’s presentation focused on the vital role of sexual health and pleasure in overall well-being and longevity. She emphasized the importance of nurturing one’s sexual vitality to enhance life’s quality and to maintain youthful energy. Her talk included a detailed discussion on various sexual topics, debunking myths about sex being solely for procreation and highlighting […]

Jessica Pin – Female Genital Anatomy Labiaplasty

This discussion highlights the crucial role of accurate representation of female anatomy in educational materials. Jessica Pinn, the founder of The She Project, has successfully advocated for changes in medical textbooks, curricula, and anatomy apps to ensure that women have access to reliable information about their bodies. Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert, emphasizes the importance of accurate illustrations to help women understand their bodies, […]

Enhancing Intimacy and Sexual Health: Insights from Amy Pearlman and Susan Bratton

In this engaging conversation, Amy Pearlman, a board-certified urologist specializing in men’s health, and Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert, delve into the world of men’s sexual health, regenerative therapies, and sexual biohacking. They discuss the importance of communication skills, sexual techniques, and understanding our anatomy for a fulfilling sex life. The conversation also touches upon topics such as prostate health, penis pumps, enlargement methods, vacuum […]

The Zaddy Zone with Susan Bratton

This podcast episode of “The Zaddy Zone” with Susan Bratton, hosted by Luke Cook, delves into the intricacies of sexual wellness and empowerment. Susan, self-described as an “orgasmonaut,” discusses her approach to sexuality, emphasizing the importance of pleasure, relaxation, and the ability to experience various types of orgasms. She introduces the concept of “expanded orgasm” […]

Susan’s Sex Span Supplements

Here are all the supplements, smoothie ingredients and senolytics I’m taking to extend not just my “Health Span.” These also extend my “Sex Span,” which in turn fuels my longevity. I’m not suggesting this regimen is appropriate for you. We are all different and have unique health needs. Just watch this to see directionally how […]

Sexual Biohacking: Unlocking the Secrets of Pleasure

Biohacking Conference 2023, Keynote with Susan Bratton and Dave Asprey Join Susan as she breaks down the mysteries of female and male anatomy. From shared beginnings to unique features, she unravels the importance of erectile tissue and blood flow. Using Play-Doh, she skillfully crafts a visual representation, demystifying the clitoral structure, urethral sponge, and perineal […]

Unveiling the Future: Exploring Sexual Biohacking with Susan Bratton at Amsterdam 2023 Conference

Join renowned speaker Susan Bratton at the Amsterdam 2023 Conference as she delves into the fascinating world of sexual biohacking. Discover groundbreaking techniques, innovative technologies, and scientific advancements aimed at revolutionizing intimacy and enhancing pleasure in this thought-provoking session. Free Gifts: Vaginal Rejuvenation Book Pumping Guide   Full Transcript Presenter: And I’m super honored to […]