Hot Monogamy: How To Have a Sexual Renaissance In Mid-Life And Beyond (Myth Busting Senior Sexuality: Reframing Who You Are Now and What Is Possible)

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions. I want to tell you about hot monogamy and solo sex during your mid-life and after because you can have a sexual renaissance.

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There’s a myth that senior sex is somehow not fantastic. It is. I want to reframe who you are now and your sexual possibilities, whether you’re re-entering the dating world, have had great sex, and want to make sure it keeps going, have a new partner, or just want to explore your sexuality during your mid-life and after.

I stand for your lifelong ageless fabulous sexuality that keeps getting better and better. We are born, and we die sexual beings. You don’t have to subscribe to the notion that sex is over after menopause or as you age. It’s not as good.

It can be just as good and even better when you’re older. Sex is healthy for you. You get blooms of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. You get the oxytocin from touch and even touching yourself and have these vascular events from orgasms that are fantastic for your heart and brain.

Sex builds stamina and strength. Sex positions are sound. They’re practically like yoga, at least the way I do them. What’s fun about having midlife sex is that you can learn new things yourself or together. You can have erotic playdates, learn orgasm techniques, and have 20 different orgasms, no matter whether you’re in a male or a female body.

It doesn’t matter. There’s so much you can learn. You can have solo pleasure dates with yourself. You can set up a beautiful ritual and have your rapture and pleasure even if you don’t have a partner. What’s great about getting old and having great sex is that you let go of those body image issues.

You’re not perfect, and you never will be, and you’ve given up beating yourself up over your imperfections. You’re happy to be alive and live every day in the body. That is the miracle that it is.

You also have more experience now because sex is great when you’re young, but you don’t know what you don’t know. By the time you’re older, you’ve got good experience. Some things you like, and you’re not afraid to try new things either. You also have a little more time than you did when you were young. You might have a little more privacy than you did when you were young and can take your time and slow your lovemaking down.

The slower sex is, the better it gets. You can learn new skills like male multiple orgasms, female ejaculation, expanded orgasm, g-spot awakening, and prostate massage.

I have an endless list of things for you, so don’t worry because not only am I never going to run out of things you can do, sex will never run out of items you want to try.

It’s always there for us, just like our love for friends and family, our pleasure of meals, and our connection to nature. Sex is one of those fundamental things that give back so much if we let it into our life.

You can try new things like lingerie, new sex positions, new ways to prop your body up with pillows, sex in recent locations, and there are many great sex toys out there.

I’m an expert in sex toys, and I can tell you that the innovation is off the charts. The quality of pleasure and the quantity of items available to try is unbelievable. Many couples tell me that incorporating toys into their lovemaking is one of the things they do the worst. They’re the worst at it. Even that in and of itself is an ample opportunity for more pleasure, which will only make your life and the world better.

So I want you to embrace your sexuality and know that your sexual growth is like your personal growth. The more you pursue and expand it, the better it gets and the more pleasure you have.

I’m Susan Bratton, and I look forward to teaching you so many things. I want to give you one technique to download at the end of this video – my Seven Stimulating Sex Positions. These are my favorite seven positions I recommend that couples try. They incorporate toys and will teach you new pleasuring skills.

They stimulate multiple erogenous zones, and you can get them at Check it out, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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