How To Talk Dirty Without Feeling Weird

Baby, you are so gonna get it tonight! A simple sexy remark such as this can have a powerful effect on your relationship. Dirty talk between lovers is a delightful form of seduction. Whether an offhand remark you make while heading out the door, a sexy text you send your sweetheart in the middle of the workday or an utterance that escapes your mouth. In the throes, dirty talk is an easy way to flavor your days and your nights with some super sexy fun. But for a lot of people, dirty talk feels, well, dirty. You might be one of them. Maybe that’s why you’re reading. You’re uncomfortable with the whole idea of talking smack. You sense the potential. You even get a little aroused to the thought of it, but you can’t seem to get the dirty talk to come out of your mouth.

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex adviser to millions, and you’re reading my series on dirty talk. I’m so glad you’re here because we are gonna talk about the five essentials for dirty talk, a dirty talk secret trick, dirty talk fantasies, how to recognize your and your lover’s dirty talk style, and how to talk dirty talk without feeling weird.

Allow me to show you exactly how to overcome the single most common block to dirty talk. Once you’re over that block, you will love playing around with this special form of seduction. In fact, this free dirty talk will give you enough insight and information to become a master of this erotic skillset. Trust me, once you feel the power the special skill of dirty talk gives you, once you see the impact the dirty talk has on your partner’s turn-on, once you get a taste of the high arousal dirty talk style, you will thank me, Susan Bratton, your sex guru, for making it fun and so easy.

I know you’re worried your lover might get put off when you talk dirty. Don’t worry because I will show you exactly how to tailor the naughtiness and get that right fit for your lover. Dirty talk as I teach it is all about weaving a thread of playful naughtiness into your intimate life. That thread can draw a couple together and make them feel closer over time. The feelings of closeness and the connection are an all-important cornerstone for a happy relationship, especially for women. Dirty talk will make your relationship better. You’re going to start hearing or saying things like ‘How are you so bad baby?’ ‘Hi, I am drooling right now thinking about going down on you,’ ‘Baby, you’re such a beast, I got three woodies at work just thinking about how hot you were the last time we made love.’

A deeper connection is just one of the benefits to dirty talk. The other big benefits are more sensual feelings all through the day, increased arousal, libido, sex drive, desire and turn-on, deeper appreciation for your lover because you’re doing something so fun together, a sense of intrigue ‘Oh, what will they say? what will they do next? Oh, how exciting!’ The creative flow between the two of you is weaving your dirty talk tapestry, excitement, passion, with more and hotter sex.

We are still left with the question ‘How do I do dirty talk without feeling weird?’ I call this knowing how to do right-sized dirty talk. You have to speak it the right size so it doesn’t go down in a bad way. A big issue for most people is this uncertainty about where to draw the line or where precisely is their lover’s line in the sand? The line in the sand is the boundary between naughty and nice, and too naughty becomes a turn-off. Not knowing where the line is causes many people to back off entirely and silence themselves. I want you to start talking dirty and I don’t want you to be afraid that you’ll offend your lover with dirty talk. The problem is when that fear is exaggerated or unfounded, a lot of turn-on gets left on the table. We have to bring back that turn-on. Even fearless types can get in trouble if they go over the line into too dirty territory. It’s not just the people who are scared, it’s the crazy dirty talkers that are like ‘Wow, okay maybe a little too much. Sorry.’ That’s understandable because for some women, yoni is the word they like but another word is definitely not okay, and the only way to know is to establish boundaries by raising the issue of what’s okay and what’s not. You have to be willing to say ‘hey, could you not use that word because that one I don’t like.’ You don’t have to be specific. You have to give your partner examples of phrases you like or don’t like. “I love it when you tell me I’m a good girl, when you want me to come for you. I hate it when you say good girl. That’s so degrading.”

You ask your partner for examples of any words that are off-limits. Then when you get out of your comfort zone, when you start to stretch yourself because you know what the boundaries are, you increase your brainpower, and when as a couple you start learning things together, that makes you smarter, closer and better in bed together.

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