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Unnecessary Prostate Biopsy

If you read the prostate chapter in this book, you’ll understand that you should get another test between a PSA and a prostate biopsy. This book is loaded with advice, whether it’s ophthalmology, hearing, sleep, foot care, testosterone replacement, or hair loss. Susan: What made you write this book at this time? Dr. Brandis: I […]

Genetic Testing to Avoid Disease

The book is written for men so that they can relate to it. It is not a 300-page book that you could summarize in two pages. This is a 900-page book you could summarize in 900 pages. Read on to learn more about genetic testing. Susan: What are the most common issues men run into […]

Biohacking the Aging Penis

I give a lecture called ‘Biohacking the Aging Penis’ A biohack is is something that you can do to short-circuit your system. For example, Viagra is one of the greatest biohacks ever invented. It takes someone who is sexually 60-years-old and makes them sexually 40-years-old.

Sex and Circumcision

It takes me longer and longer to finish. I’ve been doing some research and I believe this is a result of being circumcised. Everything I read suggests that sex is better for the man and woman if the man is not circumcised. Circumcision seems to have been implemented in the US to destroy men’s sex […]