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The Susan Bratton Show: Masturbation Side Effects and Benefits

Welcome to the Susan Bratton Show! This is the very first episode of my new show. Today, I’m dressed up as the Masturbation Magician because I need to answer three masturbation questions from my fans.

Expanded Orgasm: Powerful Sensual Massage Explained

Sensual massages are not just for pleasure. They’re also good for healing emotional issues that many women have experienced. Expanded Orgasm is one of the most powerful and sensual massage techniques I know. It’s a unique stroking technique created by my mentor, Dr Patti Taylor who has a PhD in female orgasms. Visit this link […]

Lingam Massage

There is something exquisite about manually stimulating a man (aka giving a “hand job”). I suppose it’s the feeling of pleasure that comes with hearing him moan and watching him turn into putty in your hands. Rock hard putty, that is.