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Paleo F(x): Making Whoopee 3.0

So, making whoopee! This is a list of intercourse techniques I’ve created to help our male-body donors understand how to use their penis in a vagina in pleasurable ways to the feminine. Mostly, when men watch pornography, they’re just doing this, and it is honestly a lot of friction and not significant compared to these […]

How Does A Penis Pump Work

Today, I’m going to talk about the many benefits of penis pumps, how penis pumps function, and the most effective methods of using penis pumps. Many guys don’t trust that penis pumps can improve their penile dimensions mostly because they’ve purchased a faulty product. I’ll tell you how a premium penis pump can benefit you […]

Penis Enlargement Results Tracker App PumpSmart

I’m Susan Bratton and I want to let you know that I came up with the “Penis Pumping Results Tracker.” It’s a 13-week, every-other-day program where you put a penis pump on your penis to either reverse erectile dysfunction and get more firmness and hardness and/or for penis enlargement.  You want to pump every other […]

How to Size Your Penis Pump

Shaver 1 Shaver 2 The recommended 30-minute pumping session: – Prepare your penis with a warm, wet washcloth or hand towel. – Lubricate your entire penis and the base of the cylinder with water-based lubricant. – Place it at the base of your penis and get a good seal. – Pump for 10 minutes with […]

Does Sex Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Does sex relieve stress? Anxiety is a big problem in the world today and sex helps reduce anxiety. Of course, you can connect with another person if you go beyond solo sex because sex can be with yourself. When you have the opportunity to have sex with another person, making sure that you can do […]

Is Sex Important In A Relationship?

Is sex important in a relationship? Sex is important to you as a person even more than it is important to your marriage because sex is your health. Grab This Penis Pumping Guide for Enlargement or Reversing Atrophy and Erectile Dysfunction, click HERE. I’m Susan Bratton, and I’m a trusted hot sex adviser to millions. […]

Penis Enlargement Growth System

I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions, here today to talk to you about vacuum erection devices that include vulva pumps, clitoral pumps, nipple pumps and head enlargers. FREE Gift: Penis Pumping Guide for Enlargement or Reversing Atrophy and Erectile Dysfunction