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The Art of Female Arousal and Orgasmic Pleasure with Cliff’s List

Summary Long time friends Susan and Cliff discuss the nuances of sexual relationships, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing the differences in male and female arousal.  Their discussion highlights the need for patience, communication, and emotional connection in sexual encounters, and Susan introduces the concept of a ‘sex life bucket list’ to encourage exploration […]

Susan On Bloom TV: Salad the Next Viagra

Could salad be the next Viagra? Our next guest says you can shake up your love life just by changing what you eat. Joining us now is Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions to share Viagrette: The Undressing Dressing. Easy Home Made Salad Dressing Recipe: FREE Gift: Hot to Trot Bloom TV: Salad the Next […]

The Matriarchal View of Sex 

My name is Susan Bratton. I’m an intimacy expert to millions, and I’ve been teaching people how to transform having sex into making love for 15 years. I got into the business of being a sexpert when my marriage failed because I wasn’t having orgasms from intercourse, and I didn’t want to have sex anymore. […]

Hot Monogamy: How To Have a Sexual Renaissance In Mid-Life And Beyond (Myth Busting Senior Sexuality: Reframing Who You Are Now and What Is Possible)

I’m Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert to millions. I want to tell you about hot monogamy and solo sex during your mid-life and after because you can have a sexual renaissance. FREE Gifts: 7 Stimulating Sex Positions MID-LIFE SEX There’s a myth that senior sex is somehow not fantastic. It is. I want to reframe […]

Orgasmic Cross Training Video

The best way to help your woman have intercourse from penetration is to get her engorged and then do what my friend Sheri Winston calls, “Orgasmic Cross Training.” Here is a video where I asked Sheri to describe how to do Orgasmic Cross Training.