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30 Day Masturbation Challenge

I’m Susan Bratton and I want to tell you about my 30-day masturbation challenge. I was on a trip with my husband Tim for a month and I said to him “Hey honey, I want to try doing a 30-day masturbation challenge.” I am not that frequent a masturbator. Personally, I always felt if I’m […]

The Susan Bratton Show: Masturbation Side Effects and Benefits

Welcome to the Susan Bratton Show! This is the very first episode of my new show. Today, I’m dressed up as the Masturbation Magician because I need to answer three masturbation questions from my fans.

2 New Couples Sex Toys – FunFactory Tiger Dildo and WeVibe Wish

In today’s video, I’m joined again by these two beautiful ladies, Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, co-hosts of the Shameless Sex Podcast ( And we talk about two of their favorite healthy sex toys for couples. G-Spot Sex Toy Guide Sex Swing Hanging Arc Chair Stand

Sexual Energy: How Do I Get More? Future of Sex 5 of 10

Watch The Tuning Fork Technique Video for more details on how your sexual energy can spill over into your lover’s desire: Welcome back to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this video, the fifth in our series, you get to increase your sexual energy. […]

How To Expand Your Orgasmic Pleasure Map

Maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures you’ve had, read my article called “Vaginal Rejuvenation: Pre- and Post-Procedure Tips“

How To Give A Woman A Clitoral Erection

Get “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This technique from my #1 best seller, Sexual Soulmates is my gift to you. Susan Bratton and Dr. Trevor Cates talk about female orgasms and how women can achieve clitoral orgasms. The #1 sexual desire for most men is frequent intercourse. A man wants to be inside his woman A […]

How To Give Her Penetration Orgasms From Intercourse

If you’d like a checklist of my best ideas for setting up a sexy environment for passionate lovemaking, get my free audio and free downloadable checklist called, The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date. I’m Susan Bratton and for over a decade I’ve been a trusted hot sex adviser to millions of people around the world who […]

O Shot Into My Clitoris and G-Spot Using PRP For Vaginal Rejuvenation

Maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures you’ve had, read my article called “Vaginal Rejuvenation: Pre- and Post-Procedure Tips” I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor, and I wanted to give you a report on my second of four vaginal rejuvenation procedures I had. The second one I had yesterday. How […]

GAINSWave Demo For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Male Sexual Enhancement

Get your FREE Gift, Instant Hard-On Techniques plus the Mental and Physical Factors of E.D. Here is my video series on penis pumps. The recommended 30-minute pumping session: – Prepare your penis with a warm, wet washcloth or hand towel. – Lubricate your entire penis and the base of the cylinder with water-based lubricant. – […]

Orgasmic Breathing

Here’s also a link to One of my most popular free downloads: “How To Be Instantly Hotter And Sexier In Bed.”:

Sexual Healing: How To Give Sacred Spot Massage – Future of Sex 9 of 10

Hi I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions. Welcome to The Future of Sex Series, an entire course on how you can become a better lover and expand your sexual pleasure in a series of short videos. Be sure to watch the whole series… Now we’re going to explore genital massage, or what […]

Watch How Tim And Susan Do The Expanded Orgasm

Here’s a replay of our interview with Gaby and Raj Sundra on their show. Gabby and Raj Sundra welcome Tim and Susan on their show and learn how they met and their philosophy as a couple. Also watch Tim and Susan demonstrate the Expanded Orgasm technique. FREE Gift: