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Health Benefits Of Orgasm

Health Benefits Of Orgasms

Having orgasms is like high-intensity interval training. When we talk about ED and needing to have a higher circulation of all of your vascular power, having sex helps you have better sex. It’s a self-fulfilling virtuous cycle. Good sex makes sex even better. Learn about the health benefits of orgasms. Grab This Penis Pumping Guide […]
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30 Day Masturbation Challenge

I’m Susan Bratton and I want to tell you about my 30-day masturbation challenge. I was on a trip with my husband Tim for a month and I said to him “Hey honey, I want to try doing a 30-day masturbation challenge.” I am not that frequent a masturbator. Personally, I always felt if I’m […]
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Sexual Energy: How Do I Get More? Future of Sex 5 of 10

Watch The Tuning Fork Technique Video for more details on how your sexual energy can spill over into your lover’s desire: Welcome back to The Future of Sex Series. I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex advisor to millions. In this video, the fifth in our series, you get to increase your sexual energy. […]
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How To Give A Woman A Clitoral Erection

Get “The Sexual Soulmate Pact.” This technique from my #1 best seller, Sexual Soulmates is my gift to you. Susan Bratton and Dr. Trevor Cates talk about female orgasms and how women can achieve clitoral orgasms. The #1 sexual desire for most men is frequent intercourse. A man wants to be inside his woman A […]
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How To Give Her Penetration Orgasms From Intercourse

If you’d like a checklist of my best ideas for setting up a sexy environment for passionate lovemaking, get my free audio and free downloadable checklist called, The Orgasmic Fantastic Sex Date. I’m Susan Bratton and for over a decade I’ve been a trusted hot sex adviser to millions of people around the world who […]