A Dirty Talk Secret Trick

I’m Susan Bratton and you’re reading my series on dirty talk including recognizing your dirty talk styles, dirty talk fantasies, how to talk dirty without feeling weird, the five essentials to dirty talk, and a dirty talk secret trick.


If you have ever struggled to come up with the dirty talk, here is the easiest way to make it effortless. Simply describe what you’re seeing happening to your partner’s body during lovemaking because part of dirty talk is worshiping your partner’s body. Verbalizing what you’re visualizing is very sexy. This is a dirty talk secret trick to the nth degree. There’s literally no end to what you can describe when you are truly paying attention to your lover. It’s a simple matter of putting into words what you experience visually.


Let’s get into a few examples of what you can say to a woman when you’re describing what you’re seeing.

“Oh, I see her yoni getting all plump and fluffy.
I see your labia turning a slight tinge of beautiful purple.
I see your clitoris getting harder now.
Oh, I see her poking out of her hood.
I see your breasts swelling up.
I see your nipples. They’re hard, standing straight up through your bra.”


Now here are a few examples you can say to the masculine.

“Ooh, I see your penis getting so hard.
I see you straining to reach toward me.
Mm, you are so hard I know how bad you want me.
You look so gorgeous. Those veins on your hard make my mouth water.
I want you so much. Ooh, feelin’ your biceps makes my pussy wet.”

This form of dirty talk is less about the doing-the-nasty and more about moving into the realms of tantric lovemaking. It goes beyond simple genital admiration to actually worship your partner’s genital anatomy. A penis is most commonly called a ‘lingam’ and a ‘yoni’ is what a vagina is, and this is lingam and yoni worship where the language of love and lust mingle and turn almost spiritual in their sexuality. It’s an unforgettable moment for a woman.

The look of awe on a man’s face when he spreads her legs wide and looks at her genitals and says “Oh, she’s so beautiful.” One such utter and spoken with total sincerity can wash away years, even decades, of negative conditioning, and few lucky ones escape the ‘eww’ factor to some degree while growing up in a sex-negative culture like ours. Once internalized, that ‘eww’ factor can short-circuit your sexual pleasure. So genital worship is the antidote to that poison.


Imagine you can actually set your lover free to enjoy their sexuality simply by seeing the beauty of their genitals. Now that’s what I call a gift that keeps on giving.

“You’re so delicious.
He feels so good inside me.
You fit me perfectly.
I love it when we’re together.
You have the most solid man-hammer I’ve ever seen in my life.
Let’s get to work with that thing.
I worship your cock.
Look at this mouth-watering piece of meat. I want to gobble you all up.”

Appreciating the sight of your lover’s genitals and body can really increase your mutual turn-on. So be sure to include statements about how seeing your lover’s genitals affects you. Make the visuals you create by painting the pictures with your words very hot. There’s a tremendous amount of freedom that comes with lingam and yoni worship. There’s no way to do it wrong but let me give you some words to put in your mouth.


“Your yoni is so beautiful.
It looks so incredibly inviting.
Your labia look luscious and I want to suck on them.
She’s such a beautiful flower.
What a gorgeous butterfly of love.
I love the way your cock curves up and makes my g-spot giggle.
Your balls look so amazingly tight up against your cock. That’s hot for me.
I love the way your penis strains when you get near me.”

You get the picture. Most of what I’ve been talking about until now falls into the category of what I call ‘momentum dirty talk.’ The net effect is a forward movement that takes you into deeper states of arousal. What’s more, this dirty talk secret trick increases your awareness and acceptance of your natural desire for your partner. It brings you closer together.

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