How To Naturally Cure Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Venous Leak and Arterial Plaque

Susan Bratton and Dr. Amy B. Killen look at the critical, most common solutions for erectile dysfunction. Learn how to cure ED naturally.

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[Susan] I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser, with my friend Dr. Amy B. Killen. She is a regenerative medicine doctor with a focus on erectile dysfunction. If you’ve watched the other videos in the series, you will realize that we’re looking at the critical, most common solutions for erectile dysfunction. Learn how to cure ED naturally. According to Amy, the number one reason for erectile dysfunction is arterial plaque and venous leaks. They’re both sides of the same coin.

I want to give you something very quickly while you’re here. Get Hard Instantly On Command is a book I wrote. It’s free and downloadable, and it has a lot of information about penis pumps and nitric oxide. It has three stay-hard mind tricks because not everything is physical. Sometimes, it’s mental. Now, let’s get into a discussion about arterial plaque. So, describe what it is, how guys get it, and how it affects erectile function.


[Amy] So, the penis is pretty straightforward. It’s a tube. You can have problems with the blood going in, which means there are artery problems, or you can have problems when the blood comes out too quickly. That’s the leaking of the veins, which is more common than arterial plaque.

[Susan] Explain how the veins don’t hold.

[Amy] The blood goes into the penis. You have cells and the corpus cavernosum which expand, and we can’t get a significant expansion. The expansion clamps the veins around the penis. Hence, they can’t get drained, and the blood stays inside. However, if those cells in those tubes are dysfunctional, they won’t expand all the way. Then, you’re not putting pressure on the veins. The veins are still open, and the blood comes right back out again. That’s called a venous leak. It’s a problem with the smooth muscle epithelial cells inside the corpus cavernosum.

[Susan] The corpus cavernosum is the two long, spongy erection tubes or tissue canals that run down each side of the penis. The number one thing is a venous leak, and the other is plaque in the arteries that supply the penis with blood. This causes plaque in your body. Anything that causes atherosclerosis and plaque in your heart or brain blood vessels can also damage your penis.


The penis is the canary in the coal mine, the first warning you’ve got an arterial plaque, and we’re going to talk a little bit about things you can do to reverse it if you find that you have it. Describe what guys see here.

[Amy] There are three different-sized blood vessels. The ones that supply the penis are smaller than those that provide the heart or the brain. When you get the same amount of plaque, all three vessels will give you many more penis symptoms. You’ll have much less blood flow through that little tube. Men will have ED before they start having chest pain, heart attacks, and strokes.

[Susan] When the veins don’t clamp shut because the epithelium is damaged not from the plaque but the inflammation, it also causes plaque.


[Amy] Inflammation is this ambiguous root cause of all diseases, whether from a poor diet, a lack of exercise, toxins in the environment or food, bacteria in your teeth, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. It is a risk factor for atherosclerosis in the inflow artery to the penis, and dysfunction of the cells in the penis, where you get the venous leak. If you can control those inflammatory risk factors, you can affect both the inflow and ED outflow problems.

[Susan] How do you get to the root of the inflammation?

[Amy] By getting a good patient history and blood tests. Indeed, you can dive even more specifically into other types of testing, like for food allergy. But the most common causes of ED are easy to diagnose. Things like high blood pressure, bad high cholesterol, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, or prediabetes can be diagnosed quickly with a physical exam, history, and blood tests.

[Susan] What are the risk factors of arterial plaque? There are heart attacks and strokes. Circulation is the biggest issue, so if you want to reverse arterial plaque, you’ve got to lower your inflammation and increase your exercise.


By the way, orgasm is an excellent circulatory experience. It’s like high-intensity interval training. It pushes out all your capillaries and blood, and you get flushed. If you can get to the point where you get your erectile function back, that can also generally help with heart attacks and lowering your stress. Sex is right for you. All this is a virtuous cycle, or you’re swirling down the drain.

If you have ED, I’m happy you’re watching not only to learn how your penis works and why arterial plaque is a problem but also what you can do to reverse it and get rid of it because, by the time you have it, it’s the hardest thing. Be proactive in having a good lifestyle, but you probably didn’t do that if you watched this. How do we reverse it? What are the steps that you tell guys to do?


[Amy] Certainly, nutrition is vital. A big plate a green vegetable couple of times of the day. Try and buy organic—lots of vegetables, lots of good fats. Good fats are very anti-inflammatory.

[Susan] Let’s talk about what good fat means. It is not french fries.

[Amy] Things that have a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids. For instance, avocados and nuts are anti-inflammatory. It means they actually can help stamp out the inflammation that’s causing plaque. Diet is key. Exercise is essential for reducing inflammation and plaque. Sometimes hormones can be necessary, and you can replace some of those. There aren’t too many medications out there that will get rid of plaque. A couple does a little, but lifestyle and supplements like good antioxidants and Omega-3 can be helpful.

[Susan] You want to take enough Omega-3 to replace the bad fat in your cells with the good fat. You could take cod liver oil and fish oils. Avoid omega-6’s. You have so many omega-6 in your body because that’s what french fry oil is. That’s the grease on the griddle. They pour on everything in restaurants. That’s what’s in baked goods, cereals, and bread. Omega-6 is in fats and processed food. Shelf-stable. That ends up in your cells and arteries, and you get plaque and ED.


As Amy said, increase your omegas, avocados, nuts, seeds, avocado and coconut oil, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, not junk olive oil because that’s bad fat too. You have to be your advocate and cut all that stuff out of your diet because it will lead to heart attacks and strokes. Cut down on sugar, which is carbs. It’s not just candy. It’s all the salad dressing you dumped. You think you’re eating well, and you’re pouring on salad dressings. Anything with more than a couple of grams of sugar is wrong for you.

Avoid simple carbohydrates in the pasta, bread, cereals you have for breakfast, and toast. These get big into sugar as soon as they get in your body. You want to go back to the big plate of organic leafy green vegetables, all the colors of the rainbow vegetables with some good quality pasture-raised meats, sustainably harvested fish, and lots of omegas and other supplements. And exercise. Learn how to cure ED naturally.

You’ve got to get high-intensity into your system. Not a lot of exercise is required. Instead, you just have to move your body. Those are the things you can do to reverse arterial plaque. However, the exciting thing is that Amy’s been working on new technology. It’s called GAINSWave, and we’re going to do a video on it. We’re going to go in the other aisle of the PRP in stem cells. I love GAINSWave. I also love hormones. 

Lifestyle is important, so she’s helping guys figure out precisely what the problem is, and then she’s attacking that issue very specifically to reverse it. GAINSWave is cool. It’s a technology she uses on your penis that regenerates the tissue and the vascular flexibility that you need to have that nice hard penis.


We covered everything on arterial plaque and ED. It’s common, but it is also reversible. It will take you some work, but make you healthy and live longer. You will have great sex for the rest of your life. Don’t forget to get my free book, Get Hard Instantly On Command. It’s chock-full of excellent information.

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