What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

I asked Amy, “You work with men with erectile dysfunction day-in-and-out, so you see all kinds of problems. What are the types of men who have ED? How do you categorize them?


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Here is the second set of videos I recorded with Dr. Amy B. Killen on ED Causes and Diagnosis.
I wanted her to explain the different types of men who get ED and why.

She explains in this video that there are four buckets of men. Each of the four has a cluster of causes:

  • Healthy & Fit
  • Hormone
  • Prostate
  • Co-Morbidity

That last one sounds horrible. Morbid! But Dr. Amy has solutions for every one of these four types of men with ED.

Then she goes through why any given guy has ED. She explains the five medical issues that commonly contribute. And how she does different tests to pinpoint your unique solution. It’s pretty darn interesting. And she gives a LOT of hope that almost every guy with ED can reverse the problem and go on to have a hard erection.

I learned SO MUCH by doing this video series for men.

Even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, watch these videos to prevent future problems.

You gotta stay proactive with your health.

This is information EVERY man should know… and every woman who loves a man too.

You’re Welcome!

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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? (4 Types of Men With ED)

Amy B. Killen & Susan Bratton

[Susan] I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor. I’m with my friend Dr. Amy B. Killen of Utah. We’re doing a series on erectile dysfunction and how to put the ‘fun’ in dysfunction by turning it into function. I asked Amy, “You work with men with erectile dysfunction day-in-and-out, year-in-and-out, so you see all kinds of problems. What are the types of men who have ED? How do you categorize them? She said there are four types of men with ED. 

[Amy] First, I see healthy and fit guys who don’t seem to have many medical problems but still have ED. The second most common type is people who have comorbidities, which means they have medical issues that predispose them to ED. We also have guys with hormone problems, specifically low testosterone. Then we have guys with prostate problems. Either they have a lousy prostate or had prostate surgery, which caused ED.

[Susan] Let’s leave the healthy and fit guys for last because I bet they’re the most puzzling. I didn’t understand what comorbidity means. How would you know if you were that guy?


[Amy] This is people who have risk factors for ED. So diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, smoking history, and high cholesterol are all risk factors for heart disease and ED.

[Susan] What do you do with that guy? Do you help fix all those issues first, or can you leapfrog them with a remedy? 

[Amy] You want to address the leading causes. You can treat ED specifically as well. Nutrition and fitness are essential for all of us, especially if you have risk factors. You can get prostatitis and BPH, a swollen prostate, and prostate cancer. You can have prostate surgery where you need to take out the prostate, causing ED problems. 

[Susan] That must be an adamant one. Are there any that you can’t fix or have luck with any of these conditions? 

[Amy] Some are harder to fix, but we have different situations. You can do surgery. But some medications can work even for people who have nerve damage after prostate surgery. 

[Susan] That’s great, and what do you think about prostate massage for guys who want to prevent long-term issues with their prostate? Do you ever tell the guys to do that? 

[Amy] I do, sometimes, and indeed, there can be some benefits to massage. 


[Susan] What other things can men do to prevent future ED and prostate issues? 

[Amy] Living healthy is the best, which I know is very vague. For prostatitis or prostate cancer, in particular, we understand that a plant-based diet, lots of good nutrition is essential. Just like it is for breast cancer. 

[Susan] A plate full of organic vegetables? Where have you heard that before? Susan, a-plateful-of-organic-vegetables Bratton. It’s like my middle name. Circulation is such a big issue—circulation, nutrition, and getting the right things. The fourth situation is hormonal, and you said that testosterone is a vague one. But what are other hormones you help men balance and get them over ED? 

[Amy] Cortisol is essential. Stress and testosterone can compete with each other. Guys who are under a lot of pressure will have problems with the thyroid. You want to check that. The growth hormone is essential. Too much or even too little estrogen cause problems sometimes. All these hormones are like a bit of symphony, and you have to get them all in balance. 


[Susan] You’ve probably seen my episode on what hormone tests to get, how to get your hormones tested, how to do identical hormone replacement therapy. In addition to what we’re talking about with Dr. Killen, there are recent resources for you to get yourself educated, so when you go to the doctor to fix your problem, you have a good idea of which kind of guy you are. 

Are you the morbidity guy, the problem guy, the prostate guy, or the healthy and fit guy, our fourth category. A healthy young guy comes in. He’s got the right hormone balance. What do you do? 

[Amy] We have to do a lot of blood tests. Sometimes, people just have ED. It could be psychological, which can be difficult to address because we don’t know which piece is causing problems. However, I have some patients who seem to have everything under control and even don’t think it’s psychological. They still have ED, and I called them the healthy and fit ED. Luckily, we have good choices of treatment for those patients. 


[Susan] What are they? Shockwave therapy or drugs like trimix, Viagra, PDE5 inhibitors, and PD5EI’s.

[Amy] We can do those. We can do GAINSWave shock wave therapy, which we are going to talk about. Then we can also do regenerative therapies like the priapus shot, which is using your growth factors for healing. 

[Susan] Dr. Amy is a regenerative medicine doctor, so she is about turning back the clock and getting your body healthy and ageless. I know that being testosterone-dominant, you want to make love to women till the day you die. We’re going to get you healthy and fit and take you to the next level with the P shot and GAINSWave, so stay tuned for the upcoming episodes. 

You can follow this video series, and you’ll get every single one with Dr. Amy and me. While you’re here, I also have a gift. It’s called the Ejaculatory Freedom audio series. I recorded a series of four audios about how to get and stay hard, and how to last as long as you want because once your penis gets hard, you want it to last as long as it can. Also, how to give a woman vaginal orgasms through penetration. You have a lot to look forward to, and we will see you on the other side.

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