Revolutionizing Health: Exosome & Stem Cell Procedure

Content Warning: Surgery Clips in Second Half. Viewer discretion advised.

Join host Susan Bratton and Dr. Jeffrey Gross in this groundbreaking video as they unveil the transformative power of Exosome and Stem Cell procedures. Explore the future of regenerative medicine and discover how these cutting-edge therapies can enhance your well-being and vitality. Don’t miss out on the science behind the magic! ✨

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Stem Cell Procedure, December, 2023

Susan Bratton: Hi, I’m Susan Bratton and I’m an intimacy expert to millions, but today I’m talking about longevity and anti aging with Dr. Jeffrey Gross from ReCELLebrate in Henderson, Nevada. I’m here in Nevada today and it’s my third visit with you. We are regrowing my ligaments my ACLs and my meniscus and my MCLs and fixing some elbow damage that was a long term downstream effect of tissue damage from COVID.

And I tore my tissue. Dr. Gross has been helping me with exosomes and stem cells. So we’ve done three rounds. You know, I think it was like December we did

Dr. Jeffrey Gross: Right. So this was a year ago about this time. We did IV exosomes and then we, we bolstered that in March, I believe it was earlier this year with some neat procedures and we have got some exciting results and we’re going to build on that.

Susan Bratton: And you injected my leg bones last, March with exosomes, right? And then in August, I went in and harvested my own stem cells, sent them to American Cell Tech. They cultured them and grew them. And then they sent them to Dr. Gross today. 20 million. We decided to go with that’s kind of a double dose. And in August, when I cultured my stem cells that particular doctor, he actually gave me an IV of stem cells of my own endogenous stem cells.

And he also injected them into the joint areas. into my elbow area as well as my knee area. But Dr. Gross does a different thing. So now we’ve got my own endogenous stem cells again, and he’s going to be injecting them into my bones, right into my bones. So, you really think that’s the trick for trying to regrow things like tendons and ligaments?

Dr. Jeffrey Gross: I really do, and it wasn’t my idea. You know, to be fair, this is from over 15 year follow up data from some really well planned studies in France. And the, we call them interosseous in the bone injections near the joint activate your own stem cells that are at the growth plate, the end plate of those joints that, that created that joint in the first place.

And we were revving up the factory to build the cartilage proteins that enhance the joint and turn on some of that youthful, restorative restructuring of the joint.

Susan Bratton: Yeah. And I think what’s interesting is that I did recent MRIs just before this procedure and we got different kinds of growth in different areas and it’s been surprising and interesting.

We’re on this journey together. We’re, we’re, we’re learning as we go and we’re trying different things and we’re making progress and you have some metrics about that.

Dr. Jeffrey Gross: Yes. Well, luckily the MRIs allow us to measure thickness of cartilage and, and see the changes and look at the bone structure in different sequences on the MRI.

So, without being able to measure the results, then, you know, we can’t, we can’t be scientific about it. So, luckily, the MRIs, and how you feel is more important.

Susan Bratton: I feel good.

Dr. Jeffrey Gross: Yeah, so that, that, forget the MRI, that’s more important than anything. But, the MRI gives us a chance to be objective and really look at the, what we’re getting out of this.

Susan Bratton: I’m also the perfect patient. Not only because I love Dr. Gross and I trust him and he’s so good and so nice to work with, but also because we have good data. We are I grew my meniscus about 20 percent more tissue padding and about 15 to 20 percent on the actual ligaments and we see tendrils in there.

So we think we’re getting some growth. So this time you’re gonna be putting it both intra

Dr. Jeffrey Gross: osseous, right? Intra intra osseous. In the bone. In the bone.

Susan Bratton: And then you’re also gonna go into all that soft tissue, and you’re gonna put my own stem cells in all that soft tissue where we see the little temporals growing out.

Dr. Jeffrey Gross: And that’s right. We’re gonna, we’re gonna try to get some of the cellular activity going there because there, there is, there are blood vessels and vascularity that go with those tendrils. And even though most, most of that comes from the bone, where, from which it arises. Mm-Hmm. . We’re going to try to get a little bolstering inside as well in the interarticular space in the joint.

Susan Bratton: Interarticular. Got it. Yeah. And the other thing that I’m really happy about with regard to all the exosome and stem cell work that we’ve been doing is that my hair is also growing back from COVID. It’s looking pretty good. I just got my first haircut in a couple of years cause I lost my hair two times from two sequential COVID viral infections.

And I’ve got like, this much growth coming out right now all over the place. So that makes me happy too. And I’ve also been working out a lot. I’ve been working out three, five, seven days a week doing, and I can, when I tore those ligaments in February, I couldn’t even stand on them. They were so full of inflammation and almost all my inflammation is gone.

They were so full of, I had a. Baker’s cyst. I had water all over, water on the knee. I, I couldn’t, I wasn’t stable. I couldn’t turn. I couldn’t step down on things. I couldn’t do anything. I am now doing lunges, squats, box steps, I’m pushing and pulling the sled, I’m doing kettle bells, I’m doing all kinds of resistance band work, and I feel solid, and honestly Jeff, I am currently planning my ski trip because I was determined to get back on the slopes.

My vision of myself is that I’m going to ski into my 80s and potentially beyond and there was no way that this was going to keep me off the slopes and so I was so happy to find ReCELLebrate. I’m a regenerative medicine believer and I’ve really enjoyed working with Dr. Gross so more to come. We’ll keep giving you updates.

Any last things you want to say?

Dr. Jeffrey Gross: You are the perfect patient, so you’re making it easy on me. Good. But thank you so much. Always good to see you. And, and keep enhancing.

Susan Bratton: Good, shall do. Alright, we’ll see you on the other side. I’m going to go into the surgery center now and go under anesthesia. And Dr. Gross is going to get his little drill bits out into my bones. It’s not really bad at all. So, thank you so much again. Off we go.

Dr. Jeffrey Gross: So, we’re cleaning up your knee here with a little Chloraprep. Do you have cells in the cell? We do. Okay. Those are stem cells. We’re going to start on your right knee, my dear.

Since that’s our favorite one, right? It needs the most love. Okay. Are you feeling comfortable? Yeah. Alright. Let’s take a quick snapshot here. Alright. We’re in good position.

Perfect. We’re at the, just where we want to be on the outside of the distal femur here.

And that’s an ideal place. Alright.

Not comfortable. Alright. You ready with the stem cells? Yes, I am. Thank you, dear. Perfect. I’ll take it off. I’ll take it off. Okay. And we’re going to give, cautiously, 40 to this side, but not all in the same place. But I really want to get this spot good, so we’ll give 20 here.

So we’re going to go on the distal tibia, sorry, proximal tibia.


I’m going to get a little further in there.

Okay, I like that spot. 20 more there. There

we go.

Stem cells going in. Good stuff.

Alright, we’re reaching up towards the MCL here. Give a little bit of cells there. Good. Get those tendrils to reconnect.

Susan Bratton: Well, I’m walking through the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, and you literally would not know that yesterday, Dr. Jeffrey Gross from ReCELLebrate drilled my own stem cells into my knee bones.

My leg bones. There’s no knee bone. I guess there is, it’s a patella. And yeah, I mean, it’s a little tender, but honestly you’d never in a million years know, that I went under sedation and had that procedure done yesterday. I’m a little tired. My knees are a little sore. But, it’s just unbelievable that one day of downtime, and I’m going to grow myself some new ligaments and tendons.

So Feeling really happy about this whole harvesting my stem cell situation and not having surgery for torn ligaments, but instead growing my own tissue with regenerative medicine.


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