Chronic Inflammation and ED

Reasonably healthy, but suspect that something’s not quite right? It could be chronic inflammation, which leads to chronic disease.

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Inflammation is a complex problem that affects a large percentage of the population. Sadly, our medical system focuses on overt symptoms and often overlooks what isn’t so obvious.

If you don’t have the vitality —sexual and general —you desire

Have body pain, joint pain, skin issues, or a lot of mucus (always clearing your throat to talk or constant nasal dripping)…

ED or sensitivity loss and trouble orgasming…

If you have sleep issues or a lot of stress…

If your social and spiritual life isn’t as satisfying as they could be…

This video will give you a framework for understanding if chronic inflammation might be at the root of your suffering.

Dr. Madiha Saeed titled her book The Holistic RX because it’s precisely that… a holistic prescription for health and well being.

I’m giving away one copy of Dr. Saeed’s book to someone who posts a question about chronic inflammation under this video on my YouTube channel. Just click the link, watch the video, and post your question. I’ll pick one winner.

Listen in on this conversation I had with her, and you’ll have a concrete action plan on how to get an excellent baseline to build on to improve your health… both sexual and overall.


Chronic Inflammation and ED

Dr. Madiha Saeed

I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser, and I’m with Dr. Madiha Saeed. Madiha has written a new book that I love. It’s about chronic inflammation, and it’s called “The Holistic RX,” a holistic prescription for your health. 

We will talk about chronic inflammation and how it could affect your sexual vitality, sexual health, and erectile function, which is essential for both men and women.

[Susan] How do you know if it’s chronic inflammation that could be causing your problems?


[Madiha] Inflammation means fire inside, and we’re all familiar with the hot, fierce life-saving reaction that occurs when your body’s immune system is trying to fight off infections, heal injuries, and protect us from the disease. We would be in danger in a hostile world if it weren’t for inflammation. There are two types of inflammation. There is acute inflammation, and that’s the right inflammation. 

It serves a healthy purpose and lasts for a short time. That’s if you cut yourself, a quick sore throat, something that doesn’t last a long time, and you get over it. But then too much of a good thing can lead to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is that hidden smoldering fire that burns because of constant regular triggers from the outside and the inner world. 

For example, the body tries to fight off unhealthy food, stresses, toxins, allergens, and overgrowth of nasty bugs, low-grade infections, all driving obesity and chronic disease of every stripe. Some of the symptoms in young children are chronic ear infections to allergies to asthma, colicky babies, constipation, digestive issues, and as we get older – headaches, visual changes, waking around the midsection, and digestive complaints, allergies, and joint pain.


Anywhere you have pain, it’s inflammation. We give you an anti-inflammatory medication; it’s inflammation-related. The list includes autoimmunity and even cancers. So the list goes on about symptoms from chronic inflammation. Even those vague symptoms that you don’t talk to your doctor about can also be due to inflammation. 

Let’s start with women who have a loss of libido, painful intercourse, or orgasmic capacity loss. They look like they might be reasonably healthy people, but I can’t tell why they don’t feel right. Often it is chronic inflammation.

[Susan] How do you get to know where this inflammation is? 

[Madiha] You can tell when some people have gum disease. Their teeth aren’t good. They’ve got inflammation in their mouth, which leads to heart disease. Some women have upset stomachs. They don’t go to the bathroom with regularity or have diarrhea all the time, so they have dysbiosis and gut issues. How does a woman pinpoint her problems enough to be able to reverse them?


The first step is to tell your doctor everything, including your deficiencies because inflammation is a complex problem. It would be best to focus on deficits in your digestive health, detoxification, and the four S – stress, sleep, social and spiritual health.

Deficits in any of those can lead to inflammation and cause chronic problems. Some people could be eating well, but they have a lot of negativity in their lives, or if you are a positive person, but your life is full of toxins. Everybody has a specific imbalance.

Once we target those particular areas, keeping in mind that’s where the deficiency maybe and trying to focus on that is a great starting point to help with libido or other sexual issues and overall health, wellness, and happiness. Often, a person will know, “It’s my sleep; that’s a problem.” Then you drill down. You’re looking for a person to tell you where they feel things aren’t operating well in their life. Then you get someone who says, “I’m happy, I eat well, I feel well, I get enough sleep, but I just don’t have that vitality and desire,” but then you borrow from the fact that they’re annoyed with their partner.


We also have to look at the toxins in life like makeup, shampoos, body soaps, and lotions. The skin is the biggest organ in your body, and you’re absorbing laundry detergent, the dry cleaning fluid, fire retardants on your new carpets or sofas. It’s not only convenience foods that one consumes but also plastic-coded containers you buy them in with xenoestrogens and their hormones, the endocrine disruptors. You hydrate, but you’re drinking out of plastic water bottles. There are so many things to unwind, even in our environment, that can make a difference.

I had a sore throat, and my doctor gave me antibiotics and killed off the good bacteria in my digestive system and yeast infection. This is where I start with all of my patients in a specific place. I listen to their story and figure out what’s going on. This is why I named my book “The Holistic RX.” Once you have a perfect baseline, we can build on it better. 

I start all my patients with spirituality and gratitude and because that can turn genes on and off. It influences everything down to your epigenetics, and it lowers inflammation. They have done studies where if you’re frustrated with life and with your partner, your heart rate variability is all over the place, but when you’re living a life of appreciation, things work so much better, and it is coherent. When your heart rate variability is healthy, hormones start to do better every year, and you’re less stressed, which improves your cortisol. 

Women have to start with gratitude. Let’s focus on what your man does and how he’s sexier to you instead of focusing on what he doesn’t do. Focusing on the positive helps lower overall lowering inflammation and how you feel inside and out. 

[Susan] Can you completely get rid of inflammation in your body? 


[Madiha] It’s a balancing act. I have four children, ages ten and below. I live with my in-laws, and my husband works. He’s also a family physician, so he has an 80-hour workweek. So we’re all trying to maintain this balance. For example, I’ve had people with severe chronic issues. My first patient was a 31- year-old with nine autoimmune diseases myasthenia gravis, psoriasis, Sjogren’s, Hashimoto’s, and a list. Now, she no longer suffers from any of those conditions. 

I had lupus and Hashimoto’s, and all these acne, dermatitis, and digestive complaints. I no longer suffer from those conditions. Now that I know where my baseline is, I can tell when my body is feeling off-balance. When somebody gets to know their baseline, it becomes a balancing act of “Okay, today I’m more stressed, so I better do this.”

[Susan] How long does it take to clean inflammation?

[Madiha] Again, it depends on the person. If they’re gung-ho, it takes three to four months. Recently, I saw somebody with Petraeus’s Ruby at Polaris, and she had, head-to-toe, the worst eczema that you’ve ever seen. Her body was burning on fire, and she had Grave’s disease and all these conditions. It took three months for her to reverse her condition.

[Susan] What did she do?


[Madiha] We talked about spirituality. Then we have social health, which love does heal, and oxytocin. All of that is important for healing. We need to sleep. Make sure you’re optimizing your sleep. That’s when we produce hormones; that’s when we detox and lower inflammation.

Stress leads to 80% of the complaints that come to primary care physicians, and with elevated cortisol levels, sex is the last thing on your mind. Or we can help improve stress management by having lots of sex.

It’s an ongoing, fortuitous cycle. We also have detoxification. Try to clean up the environment and work on your gut health. Whenever you put food in your mouth, you want to make sure that it follows three criteria. You want to make sure that it keeps the gut balanced, the microbiome happy and healthy, and balances your insulin and glucose levels.

Insulin is a crucial component because insulin resistance leads to hormonal imbalances, which leads to erectile dysfunction, problems with libido, and a slew of chronic issues. You also need nutrient-dense foods. I have people remove junk like refined sugars, dairy, and if you’re sensitive to it, grains to help optimize your hormone levels to heal not one symptom but all of them simultaneously.

It takes a long time to reverse gut dysbiosis when material from your intestines is leaking into your bloodstream, and basically, you’re poisoning yourself from the inside out. It takes a couple of years of good clean eating grapes and drinking pure filtered water.


However, you feel the improvements and joy immediately. You start to have right bowel movements, your brain fog gets lifted, and you turn into a new person. Once I eat avocados, nuts, seeds, and sustainable fatty sea-foods, and lower all my barbecue foods, you start seeing results.

[Susan] After you’ve improved your symptoms, you won’t go back to inflammatory food. You can have little cheats. Dr. Saeed’s kids don’t eat grain, dairy, sugar, and processed foods because they feel they don’t need it. They are entirely satiated with vegetables and a clean source of whole foods and organic vegetables.

My favorite thing in the world is organic lettuce. I love it so much, and one recipe I use is my basic salad dressing recipe. I like to use lovely filtered avocado oil, some loaded sherry wine, or red wine, vinegar, locally sourced is always beautiful but get what you can. Once you start eating decent lettuce with a delicious homemade salad dressing that takes no time, it increases your health and sanity and your feeling of being satisfied by the food you eat. It’s leptin.

You talk about identifying particular diseases with the solutions to each step-by-step plus supplements, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, and essential oils in your book. There’s recipe after recipe. With this gorgeous book, you’ve given a person the means to identify and solve their problem across various problems.

If a doctor really can’t help someone identify their problem and need help getting through the book, do you make Skype appointments?


[Madiha] There are so many doctors like me out there. We have an entire organization like the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. There are lots of different practitioners out there. For functional, holistic, and integrative medicine, give them my book. Many practitioners may be functional medicine people who won’t know much about the integrative side, or vice versa. But the thing is, they know enough to keep their mind open and learn. So you would be able to get that kind of help from anybody. And we have to Google it. Find a qualified, licensed health practitioner around you who will be able to do the same steps. 

This book was just a combined integrative holistic functional medicine all in one source for all ages. It gives people a place to start because, as a family physician, I didn’t deal with just one area, one disease, one symptom. I dealt with a slew of chronic conditions, and I didn’t know where to start. This is the frustration that I had as a patient and have as a practitioner, as a physician. So I created this to help adjunct your conventional care and even educate your physician because I am a family physician. My brother is an interventional cardiologist, and my sister’s a pediatric ICU physician. I have doctors in my family, and none of us was taught a single class of nutrition. This guide takes you to your doctor just because all the studies are there. It’s all evidence-based, and you can get help from anywhere. 


[Susan] I started as someone ailing and failing. My hair was falling out, my knees hurt, I couldn’t walk up the stairs anymore, and I went to a beautiful doctor who helped me figure out that I had a gluten allergy, and once I got rid of that, I lost my gallbladder. Once I got rid of that, I had Epstein-Barr. Once I got through that, I started on the road to recovery by reversing all the things I’d spent my whole life accumulating through problems with allergies, eating bread, flours, starches, and sugars, taking birth control pills, which were synthetic hormones.

By the time I was 50, I was starting to go downhill, and now I’m pushing 60, and I have more energy than I did a decade ago because I was following the advice that you’re going to get in the “Holistic RX.” I love you and care about you, and I’m finding you fabulous doctors who have important information that you can hold up wherever you live in the world. Thank you so much, Dr. Saeed.

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