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Everything you would want to know about Male Enhancement and Regenerative Health—in one place. Check out this video where I’m with Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit, as we talk about how to strengthen your muscular manhood and multiply the pleasure you get from sex. 

Equip yourself with practical knowledge of safe, non-invasive, and innovative regenerative therapies such as penis pumping, penis traction devices, smart penis rings, and red light therapy.

We talk about an effective and budget-friendly therapy, that can enhance sexual performance through a simple yet powerful mechanism. Using this device gives you the power to confidentially speed up your penis lengthening process in a comfortable manner.

You’ll also learn about another device that not only maintains and improves your erectile function but also acts as your personal health tracker, feeding you insights into the hardness and duration of your erections. 

There’s also another kind of therapy (that my husband, Sir Tim, and I personally use) is a recovery-boosting method that promotes faster healing and more effective growth after using enlargement tools.

This video is more than just an informational guide. It can be your key to boosting your confidence and enhancing your overall quality of life. Every method discussed not only impacts your sexual health positively but also contributes to your overall well-being. Watch this video today! 

Full Transcript

Drew: Okay, Susan, so let’s talk about some regenerative therapies that you’ve mentioned. Yeah. One that is very, I think most people have heard of is penis pumping. Yeah. Right. So can you first of all explain what it is and does it actually work? Yeah. I think a lot of guys are like, okay, what is this? Is this, is this really? Like, does it really work? Right. So let’s, let’s dive into, the pumps.

Susan: Never did I imagine that I’d grow up and be the queen of penis pumping. Like how did this happen? Yeah. But I’ll tell you something. I learned about it and then when I realized that it worked, I was like, everybody needs to know about this.

Yeah. It’s like such a super cheap, super easy way to get the effects that you want as a man with your penis. And so basically a penis pump is called a vacuum erection device. Will you have me one of the big and one of the smaller cylinders?

Drew: Yes, this is big. And this is big. Is this?

Susan: Yeah. Yeah. That’s good. So this is a dual cylinder system. It’s called the Whopper.

Drew: Yeah.

Susan: Because it has this giant pump. But really what happens is you, you put everything in here, you put your scrotum, and you put your penis in here. Flacid. And then you either hook up the hand pump. Coming to get it, the hand pump goes on here or you can put, hook up the electric pump, which is

Drew: I see an electric and I seen the

Susan: hands free,

Drew: the manual one. Yeah.

Susan: Which is super nice. Yeah. So you can do hands free. And when you do this and you get this seated on your abdomen, okay then and, and your flacid and you pump, what it’s doing is it’s actually pulling blood. I’m gonna show you a picture. It’s actually pulling blood in the tissue. So I have this picture.

Drew: There we go. So go over this whole part right here?

Susan: Yes. So this is the corpus cavernosum and spongiosum, and they are basically the two, the three spongy chambers that the blood runs into to give a man a heart on. And this is called the suspensory ligament. That’s the thing that’s like the erector. You know, ligament.

Drew: Yes. Yeah.

Susan: And what the big pump is actually doing is it’s pulling on that ligament and giving the penis a little drop, a little lengthening, so that it visibly looks longer. Mm. And then you put the smaller pump on. You do one 10 minute session where you hold the vacuum and you start at a very low vacuum, and you work your way up over time. You pump a couple times a week.

Drew: Yeah.

Susan: And then you take this. And you put whichever one is the right size for, there are many sizes of these various cylinders. Yes. So it’s very easy to get the right size cylinders. You put your penis in this erect. And then you pump it up a little bit more and that increases the blood carrying capacity of your man cannon.

Drew: Yeah. So a couple quick questions

Susan: Yeah.

Drew: About that one does for people. I’m sure they’re curious, does this hurt? Does it hurt your nuts? I’m not like.

Susan: It doesn’t hurt your nuts at all.

Drew: Cause it feels like it’s be squished in there.

Susan: It pulls blood into, and your testicles will get a little bit more reddish brown. Because it’s gotten more blood supply. But that’s actually good for you. Yeah. And it doesn’t make them any bigger. But there’s, cause there’s no erectile tissue in there. Yeah. So there’s, you’re getting good blood flow. But you’re not enlarging your testicles, but you are stretching everything out with the first cylinder.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: Because what you wanna do is you wanna actually pull on the skin and the tunica, albuginea, which is the kind of saran wrap that holds the rest of the penis inside, underneath the skin. You have to stretch that slowly, and then the skin, Can grow. And the erectile tissue system and the tissue inside the penis will multiply, the cells will multiply and grow and fill in. So you kind of stretch gently? Yeah. And then you bring the blood flow in and that grows more tissue and vascular system. Because you’re repeatedly doing it.

Drew: And then we move on to this one, which Just for the penis.

Susan: Yeah. Right. And you do this two times. So you have an erection, you pull the pressure in and the blood in. You wait for 10 minutes holding the pressure you release with the little release valve. Yeah. It has to have a release valve. Yeah. You don’t wanna get it in there air and then be like, I can’t get out. And then you pull the blood in, let it rest, and it’s kind of holding more blood than it’s used to. Which is what’s expanding and enlarging it. Yeah. And then you release. Take it off, massage the tissue, get erect again if you can. If you can’t get erect at first you will be able to over time. Yeah. And hold it in again for 10 minutes. Release. And then you trap the blood into the penis at the end with a penis ring. This comes with the kit. And it holds the blood in. You don’t have to maintain an erection afterward, but you wanna keep that blood in there for half an hour, but no longer.

Drew: Okay?

Susan: This is as long as you should keep it. And I wanted to show you these. Interesting, these are bench samples, okay? From a new company called FirmTech. This is A samples, okay? So let’s not mix them up. This one’s A , and this is a penis ring, a new kind of penis ring that’s super soft and your testicles go through there and it’s an elastomer and it holds in the blood really nicely without hurting in any way, cuz sometimes penis rings can be too constricting.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: Here’s the B. So this one is a little softer. Mm. We’re working on a couple of different possibilities.

Drew: So your testis is going here.

Susan: Testicles on one side and, and the penis comes out the other. So this one goes underneath your testicles here and the penis comes out here.

Drew: Oh, gotcha.

Susan: So your testicles are hanging down?

Drew: Yeah.

Susan: In the middle here. In the middle, exactly.

Drew: Gotcha.

Susan: This one’s a right? Yep.

Drew: And what’s this one for then?

Susan: That’s B. It’s just see how it’s softer.

Drew: Yeah. Yeah.

Susan: So they’re testing elastomers right now on this particular, this is like a new, a new factory version that we’re just playing with.

Drew: Gotcha.

Susan: And one of the nice things about this FirmTech penis ring is that, It works with Bluetooth. The FirmTech is a tech ring and it works with Bluetooth and you can wear it at night. It’s so comfortable. You can wear it at night to monitor your nighttime erections.

Drew: Oh, really?

Susan: Because did you know that before a man has a heart attack? Almost always. He stopped having nighttime erections.

Drew: No. But this is why it’s so important to talk about this, right? Because we’re talking about sexual health. Exactly. We think it’s so separate, but it, you know, it’s tied to your physical health.

Susan: It totally, it’s the same thing. Yeah.

Drew: Heart health. Yeah. No, I did not know that. But it sounds. Yeah, like that would be true.

Susan: And you can wear these during lovemaking cuz they’re so soft, they your partner can’t feel them and it will.

Drew: So it’s okay to sleep with this on you. Wow.

Susan: You would sleep with this on. Hmm. And then it monitors your nighttime erections to make sure you’re getting them. And as you start pumping and start doing this, you’re gonna get more and more nighttime erections. Yeah. And the important thing about nighttime erections is that it’s pulling blood in to the penis. And then going out, pulling blood in and letting it go out. So if you’re not getting nighttime erections Yeah. Your erectile function is plummeting.

Drew: Gotcha.

Susan: So this is a way to monitor it.

Drew: So it connects to an app and it tells you, oh, that’s really cool.

Susan: Yeah. And you can wear it while you make love and it’ll tell you how long you were hard. Oh, and how hard you work. Hmm. So you can see as you’re pumping that you could get harder and harder over time.

Drew: That’s like a ga gamification of the whole, of the whole process or more, which is smart.

Susan: Yeah. Like it’s like your aura rings for your penis.

Drew: Yeah. Like in my whoop. Yeah. You detract my sleep and my strain level throughout the day. This is, yeah, it’s like that for your penis.

Susan: Exactly.

Drew: That makes perfect sense. That’s really cool.

Susan: I know. It is totally cool. Yeah. Yeah. So FirmTech. Yeah. And then I have a couple of other things. So that’s the head enlarger. So there’s a lot of guys that they have different shaped penises and when you are using a pump for enlargement, you’re doing essentially penis sculpting. It’s just like bodybuilding. Like I want to get my bis and my tris. Yeah. I’m not just gonna get bis, I’m gonna get tris. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So you wanna make sure you’re getting it a good looking. Yeah. Physical musculature. You know, system. Yeah. Some guys have tiny little heads. Yeah. On. And then, you know, you wouldn’t wanna make your penis really big and then have a tiny little head.

Drew: Yeah, yeah.

Susan: You wanna balance it out.

Drew: Gotcha.

Susan: So it’s symmetry and pretty, and so that’s a head enlarger and it comes in different sizes as well. And then the next thing over is that funny little contraption that a lot of guys are like, okay

Drew: just like a torture device that’s gonna lie.

Susan: This scare me, didn’t need to scare me? Totally. But actually for a lot of guys, they’re like, how can I get bigger, faster? And penis pumps work better on girth improvement. They make it thicker way more easily than they make it longer. So a guy who wants to accelerate length would use this, it’s called deep. It’s a traction device. It doesn’t hurt. You can wear it under your shorts. No one would even know you were wearing it. And you wear it flacid. I don’t have a flacid demonstration.

Drew: Sure. Yeah.

Susan: This is just a. I think so you can see it, you slowly turn those over time and it pulls and it divides the cells in your penis and grows the length of your penis. Ah. And you wear this before you pump and it gives you extra length.

Drew: Gotcha. So you can wear this throughout the day is what you’re saying?

Susan: Half an hour on, half an hour off.

Drew: Gotcha.

Susan: Never more than a half an hour at a time.

Drew: And how like level of uncomfortability, is it like stretching it? Like it’s pulling it pretty tight? Like or just a slightly?

Susan: Yeah. You wanna pull it to comfort. Isn’t that funny?

Drew: Yeah, that’s so interesting. Things we haven’t now.

Susan: It works great, man. It works great. It’s incredible. And then last but not least, the thing that you’ve been living, living in lately since you pulled your hammy.

Drew: Yeah. This thing’s, but it also works for your penis too.

Susan: Right. So this is red light. You wanna turn it on? Yeah, I think it’s tucked in here. So this is called Stimulate and this is red light therapy. It’s a wrap that you can wrap around the cylinders of the penis pump. Mm. And it gives you photo biomodulation or red light therapy and that goes into your cells. There you go.

Drew: Yeah, I know how to use this.

Susan: And or you can wrap it right on your penis. And just like bodybuilding. Yeah. You’re doing your pump, you’re doing, you’re tearing, you’re tearing the muscles a little bit. Well, that’s really what, when you’re enlarging the penis and you’re pulling more blood in, you’re doing tiny little micro damage.

Drew: Yeah.

Susan: You gotta have recovery days.

Drew: Yes.

Susan: So the red light is great for. Better recovery. Cuz the better your recovery, the better your result.

Drew: Yes.

Susan: Right. Uhhuh recovery is as important as the building. The building. And then the growth comes in the recovery stage. Right. Wow. So you’re not growing the bicep while you’re in the gym. You’re growing the bicep while you’re sleeping at night.

Drew: Yeah. That makes sense.

Susan: And the day when you’re doing leg day.

Drew: So you’re attack, you’re attacking it from all different angles. Yeah. From a then supplementation. Yeah. These devices. Micro red therapy. Yeah, the penis pumps those smart readings. Yeah. Yeah.

Susan: Tech Ring.

Drew: Yeah, Tech Ring. Yeah. Yeah. So you’re pretty much attacking from all different angles. So this is a really like, you know, intricate system. Yeah. For people, protocol for people to improve not just their sexual health, but also their physical health. And I think that’s what’s really cool about this whole approach. So glad you’re here, Susan, educating all of us on, you know, these devices and these techniques. So thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Yeah. You’re gonna help a lot of people.

Susan: Thank you for being so open to being willing to talk about things like this. Yeah. For most people, they would be uncomfortable and, and, and it’s just, it’s a just a part. I call it self-care down there. Yeah. You know, you gotta take care of everything.

Drew: Dot com. That sounds like a good website. Self care down there com.

Susan: All right, I’ll get you the URL. Yeah, there you go. Go. Actually, if you wanna find out more about all the stuff, you go to That’s where we put all the links to this.

Drew: There we go.

Susan: Yeah, exactly. So yeah, thank you for giving light to something that people really care a lot about. Yeah. And when

Drew: Too afraid to talk about

Susan: And when can’t get. Erectile function or when they’re smaller than they want to be. What? What’s the difference between building your body Yeah. And building your penis muscle. Yeah. Your love muscle. Yeah. Strengthening all your love muscles, whether it’s your heart or your penis.

Drew: Amen.

Susan: Yeah.

Drew: Love it. Thank you.

Susan: Thank you.

Links to featured products in this video → Click Here

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