Nitric Oxide and Erectile Dysfunction

Susan Bratton and Dr. Amy B. Killen talk about how nitric oxide works in your body and how you can produce more and supplement it.

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Nitric Oxide and Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Amy B. Killen & Susan Bratton

[Susan] I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor. I’m here with my friend Dr. Amy B. Killen, in Utah, in her office. Amy is a regenerative medicine doctor with an expertise in erectile dysfunction, and we’re doing a series on reversing ED. We want to talk about nitric oxide production because it’s a big part of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, but you may not need to take pharmaceuticals. We want to talk about how nitric oxide works on your body and how you can produce more of it yourself or supplement it. Amy, you want to get us started?


[Amy] What is nitric oxide and zinc oxide? It’s a unique little particle responsible for many things. In this case, it’s responsible for opening up your blood vessels and the smooth muscle cells in your penis, which are needed to get the blood flow in and let the blood get where it needs to go for erections. So, it’s super important. The blood vessels release nitric oxide. As you get older, your numbers go down by about 10 percent per decade starting when you’re about 40. Your ability to produce nitric oxide declines each decade. 

This is a graph showing a picture of how it goes down. The reason for that is because nitric oxide is made inside the blood vessels called the epithelium. As we get older, those blood vessels start to accumulate plaque. You have the blood vessel. You’re getting older, and you get more plaque, and it adds up. Plaque builds up. The cells that make the nitric oxide dysfunctional. They can’t make blood nitric oxide, and now you can’t open up those blood vessels to let in the blood.

[Susan] Does nitric oxide also close it down? The vessels dilate, and the blood comes into the penis. How does the blood stay inside?

[Amy] That’s an excellent question. The blood comes in the arteries and gets into those smooth muscle cells in the tubes called the corpus cavernosum. I call them the erection tubes. Inside those tubes are these elastic little cells called smooth muscle cells. They open up and let in the blood. As you expand the cells, you put pressure on the veins on the outside. So the veins which we’re open to drain the penis now collapse. Now, that can’t drain the penis, but you have to get the blood in, and you have to get enough of it to stop the collapsing and keep the blood where it is. 


[Susan] Where does a guy get nitric oxide, and how can he produce lots of it? He has plenty of it, but if it’s declining, what is a man to do? [Amy] You can eat it. You could eat nitrates, things that are high in nitrates. Those are green leafy vegetables, my favorite—a generous plate of organic beets. Beets are known to be very high in nitric oxide. Many other vegetables are high in nitric oxide as well, and that gets converted as it moves through your body into a form that can be active in your blood vessels. 

[Susan] It’s called a nitrate, not a nitrite. Nitrites are a preservative. It’s in bacon and other processed foods. You’re looking for nitrates from leafy green vegetables and beets, and I have here in my pocket a product which doctors like you love to recommend. NEO 40 is made from beets and has clinical trials essential to a professional like yours. It has a couple of different things here, but it’s a little different from some of the l-arginine based nitric oxide simulators. It works a bit differently, but it’s great for people of different ages to get enough nitric oxide. Do you say to your guys categorically always take nitric oxide, or do some guys need it, and some don’t? How do you decide who takes this? 


[Amy] No, almost any guy and girl will find it helpful. It’s about circulation in general. So, increasing circulation can decrease your blood pressure. It’s essential for your triglycerides, your cholesterol. It’s crucial to reduce inflammatory markers because inflammation is the root cause of everything terrible as far as diseases go. So, nitric oxide is super essential for everyone, especially guys who want to have erections. 

[Susan] Tell me the difference between arginine and nitric oxide. How do they come into play? Also, there’s something about younger men and older men that you were saying. Describe that as well. Who is an older man? You’re in regenerative medicine, so I think that an older man is 80, not 40 and 50. That is very young as far as we’re concerned. 

[Amy] You can make nitric oxide from arginine in those blood vessels, which line the blood vessels. Those cells convert arginine to citrulline. One of the byproducts is nitric oxide, and that’s handy. The problem is as you get older, as you remember from the picture earlier, you accumulate plaque in those blood vessels. Those cells that make the nitric oxide don’t work as well as they used to and so just taking l-arginine may not be enough to produce nitric oxide for people. It starts and in the 40s, maybe even young. Sometimes, it’s younger. 


[Susan] Like, I’ve been telling you, supplementation is perfect for you. There are certain things you can add to your body that aren’t available as you age or in your diet. You could beef up so you can keep your erectile function in optimal condition. It sounds like nitric oxide is one of the foundations that can help almost every guy. It’s one of the first things you think about doing. Well, I have a gift for you. 

If you’re watching videos from me about erectile dysfunction and you’re having trouble getting your penis hard now, after you watch my series with Dr. Amy B. Killen, you’re going to know what the causes are. You can go to your doctor and have a good sense of what you need to do to figure out how to reverse anything going on to regain your erectile function. In the interim, I want you to stay sexual. 

Sex is not penis-in-vagina sex. That’s a part of it, and if you’re shying away from making love or you’re not intimate like you have been with your partner, I want you to start there. These steps you’re taking to reverse your ED will increase the close connection with your partner. 


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Figure out what your eating issues are. Go to a great doctor like Dr. Amy B. Killen or someone in your area if you’re not in Utah, and start playing with your wife or girlfriend’s babies. It’s going to make you feel better, isn’t it? That’s my prescription. So, click on the link, grab it, and join us for the rest of our erectile dysfunction series with Dr. Amy B. Killen. I’m your host Susan Bratton. I’ll see you on the other side.

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