Why Do You Have ED?

I’m Susan Bratton with my friend Dr. Amy B. Killen, and we’re doing a series on erectile dysfunction. I talk to Amy about how she determines the causes of erectile dysfunction.

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For you to reverse any erectile issues you have, you first must know WHAT is causing your particular issue.

I asked Dr. Amy to go over the process she uses to determine the cause of ED in her patients.

Then she reviewed the eight solutions to impotence so you could see what might help you based on your situation and your medical preferences.



Susan Bratton & Amy B. Killen

[Susan] I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser, with my friend Dr. Amy B. Killen, and we’re doing a series on erectile dysfunction. I thought it would be worthwhile to talk to Amy about how she determines your issues. Why do you have ED? What’s her process for figuring out the causes of ED? Will you go through with us what you do in a typical first couple of sessions?

[Amy] Usually, we’ll go through the history, which means talking to the patient, getting their story, and finding out what’s going on. We often will do bloodwork. I will do a physical exam, have some information from there, and test if we need to. 

[Susan] If you have any questions, you can post them in the comments below this video, and I’ll answer them as best as I can, but if I run into anything I don’t know, I’ll ask Dr. Amy, and we’ll get back to you. I also have a gift called Get Hard Instantly On Command. You’ll also see a link in this video with much of the information on these video series. Can you talk a bit more about the patient’s history? What would you ask him?


[Amy] We go through a pretty detailed history, so I want to know when it started, what kinds of problems are you having, are you having problems getting or keeping erections, is it a bit of both? 

We talk about psychological issues. What kind of relationship do you have, and how is that going? We also talk about risk factors and family history of the disease. Do you have an account of prostate cancer in your family? Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, or smoking? How active are you? All those things are great to know on that first visit.

[Susan] If you haven’t seen our companion video, which is the four types of most common issues that men have, the four kinds of guys who get ED, you might want to watch that because we’re trying to help you pinpoint your issues. Often, it’s a combination of things that conspire to create erectile dysfunction. So talk a bit about the four main things that cause problems.


[Amy] The four main categories of ED are vascular problems, which are a blood flow problem, by far the most common cause of ED. Then there are problems with hormones. Often, it can be low testosterone, but other hormones can come into play. 

Also, nerve problems are much less common, but any nerve issue or injury can cause it. Then there are psychological or psychogenic, which is a host of things, including depression, relationship problems, anxiety, and body image issues. 

[Susan] I’m surprised at how many men have body image issues. I think it’s because of pornography. They see giant penises all the time, and they write to me. They say I have a five-inch penis. How am I ever going to get a woman? I say women love five-inch, average, typical, and superb penises.

In many ways, people think that women have had a lot of abuse or repression, but men too are ashamed. Many guys have grown up in religious households where they’ve been made to feel embarrassed about masturbating, their penis, and watching watch porn. They feel wrong about how their penis sizes up to what they see. 

A guy can come to you, and you find out they’re normal, everything checks out, their blood test is good, but you also have a couple of tricks up your sleeve which we’re going to talk about. Talk about those tricks. 


[Amy] Besides the regular medications like Viagra and Cialis, we also do a low-intensity shock wave therapy, GAINSWave therapy, and regenerative therapies like the Priapus shot where you can use your growth factors to regenerate tissue. 

[Susan] The clitoral structure is the homologous structure, a similar facility in women. I’ve had the O shot, the orgasm shot, twice, in my clitoral system. It’s what Amy does for men and their penis.

We’re going to do a demonstration of P shot for you, and in the video, you’ll see that. It has increased the sensitivity and the intensity of my orgasms. It’s made my clitoris feel more prominent and more like me. 

It isn’t funny, but it died. I took two shots for me. I feel it because I had another vaginal rejuvenation done on my vulva lips, similar to GAINSWave that Amy does on the penis.

These technologies work, and one of the things I love about Amy is that not only is she an erectile dysfunction expert, she’s also oriented toward regenerative medicine. So she can turn back the clock on the age of your equipment and give you a 35-year-old penis when you’re 55 or 65. It’s amazing. I’m glad you’re here watching us. Don’t forget to get Get Hard Instantly On Command at the link in this video, and watch the rest of our series with Dr. Amy B. Killen on erectile dysfunction.

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