What Are The 5 Causes of ED?

In this video, Susan Bratton and Dr. Amy B. Killen talk about the five causes of ED. Amy is an erectile dysfunction expert who helps men overcome their ED.

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Ask An Erectile Dysfunction Specialist – What Are The 5 Causes of ED?

Susan Bratton & Amy B. Killen

[Susan] I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser. I’m with Dr. Amy B. Killen in Utah. Amy is an erectile dysfunction expert who helps men overcome their ED. She helps reverse and regenerate things that might be wrong with them. In this video, we will talk about the five causes of ED. So, what are they, Amy?


[Amy] The first is psychological, the second is vascular, the third is hormonal, and there are nerve problems. We have another category, which includes things like porn addiction damage and drug abuse. 

[Susan] We will talk about each of the five because we want to help you pinpoint your problem. It could cause multiple issues, but the good news is that everything we’re talking about can be reversed and remediated. 

Before we get into each of the five, I have a gift for you called Get Hard Instantly On Command. It’s an ebook that I wrote about mind tricks because sometimes it’s not always a physical issue. Sometimes, it is an emotional or mental issue, and I’ve got great tips for you in that book. You can check the link in this video and grab that ebook with my compliments. Let’s get started, Amy. Number one was psychological issues.

[Amy] Anything that causes psychological stress of depression, anxiety problems with self-worth, and relationship problems can cause erectile dysfunction and anger. 


[Susan] I find many men angry in their relationship when they have a hard time getting it up. Are vascular problems is one of the biggest you see?

[Amy] It is number one. Vascular is a blood flow problem that means either a lack of blood coming in or too much blood going out or a combination. Amy and I are doing a bunch of videos taking down each one of these particular subjects. Let’s talk about hormones. 


[Amy] Hormonal problems are often low testosterone. It can be other hormones, but low T can cause erection problems. 

[Amy] Nerve damage problems are not nearly as standard, but people with diabetes can have nerve injuries and spinal cord injuries. Anything that breaks up the signals from the brain to the penis can be a problem. 

The other categories include porn addiction, trauma to the penis, drugs prescribed by a doctor, or abuse of drugs and alcohol. 

[Susan] Those are the five causes of ED. If you have any questions, type in the comments below this video, and Dr. Amy or I will answer your questions. Don’t forget to get the book Get Hard Instantly On Command, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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Comment (1)

  1. She forgot proper SLEEP.
    I worked night-shift for a few years and it ruined by sex drive and caused E.D. Once I got my sleep schedule back on track, VOILA, the erections came back. And 8 hours of sleep is not created equal. Even if you get 8 hours of sleep after a night-shift, you still wake up feeling groggy and tired. Getting to bed before midnight is KEY.