Priapus Shot (P-Shot with PRP) and Stem Cells For Stronger Erections

I’m with Dr. Amy B Killen, and we’re going to talk about my favorite thing in the world, PRP or the Priapus Shot. This is something that you can do to your penis to revitalize it in ways that you would not even imagine. This is regenerative medicine at its best.

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Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, and I’m with Dr. Amy B Killen. We have been doing a series on erectile dysfunction. Amy is a regenerative medicine doctor with expertise in erectile dysfunction. We met just a few months ago. I said, “Amy, I want to do a video series with you,” so I flew out to Utah, where she’s located, and we’ve been doing a whole series talking about hormones, nitric oxide, penis pumps, prostates, and orgasms. 

Now we’re going to talk about my favorite thing in the world, PRP. This is something that you can do to your penis to revitalize it in ways that you would not even imagine. This is regenerative medicine at its best. Why don’t you describe PRP and tell us what it is? 


[Amy] PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, and we take a bit of the patient’s blood, we spin it, and we can isolate the platelet layer from the rest of the layer. This is a picture of me holding some PRP as well as regular blood. It’s been separated. Then we were able to pull off the platelets where all those growth factors live. That’s what we are after, the growth factors. Then, we can inject it into the penis and cause regeneration of the penis. That’s how it works. 

[Susan] It’s like your penis had trauma and your body said we need to send these healing things to fix the problem, but you didn’t have trauma. You just took all the healing stuff out of the man’s blood and injected it into his penis. It’s like it’s a shortcut, a hack, a trick, and a technique because it takes your youth and injects it directly back into your penis. It’s the most fantastic thing. How many times do you do it? Do you only have one treatment? Do you do multiple treatments? How does it work for different guys? 

[Amy] You start with one, but a lot of people will do a follow-up treatment or even more. I have some patients who come back often because they like the results so much, but if you get the results you want, you will usually have them for at least a year to a year and a half. So PRP is long-acting because it’s activating your body’s healing. It’s increasing blood flow, nerve regeneration, and sensitivity. Those last a long time, but you can repeat it if you want. It’s safe. It’s your blood, so there’s no reason that you can’t do it again if you wish. Now, we’re also going to show you where you inject. 


[Susan] Amy’s going to show us how she does the PRP or Priapus shot on your penis. 

[Amy] First, we numb it. It’s not painful because we use a numbing cream most of the time, so it makes it very comfortable. Numbing takes about ten minutes. After that, I have my very skinny needle even though it looks long. I’m going to make five little injections. We’re going to go into the corpus cavernosum on both sides. We’re going about that deep, put the PRP in there, and we’ll do the same thing on the other side. We go down about that deep, and we inject. We do it there and here, and the last injection isn’t the corona, which is this little ring here. I can inject that, and it fills up the whole ring. That’s it. It takes that long by superfast little tiny sticks with small tiny needles full of delicious factors from your very own blood and stem cells. 


[Susan] That’s like being turbocharged, and you’re off to the races. You get all these excellent growth factors in the penis that increases vascularization a lot, which is a big part. So that’s how we do it. That was a pretty exciting thing. It doesn’t hurt. I’ve had the PRP shots done to my clitoris, and it’s fantastic. You come in, you get it done. You go out, and you’re good, and it keeps getting better, which I love. There was one thing we didn’t mention. We’ve been calling it the P shot, but it has an official name. 

[Amy] The priapus shot is the official name, although some doctors call it the PRP shot, and that’s what we’re doing, which is putting PRP in a shot. 

[Susan] You’re probably wondering, would this work for me, and my question to Amy is, are there particular guys who come in who should have PRP? What are the different conditions that you use it? 


[Amy] I’ll use it for all different guys. It’s undoubtedly good for guys who have vascular, generic, or blood flow related to erectile dysfunction, which is the biggest group of guys. It can also be helpful for guys who have psychogenic ED. It’s psychological because you get good blood flow, but that turns around because of the problems. If you have nerve issues, it’s not going to hurt. It’s not as well studied for that, but you certainly can use it. If you have hormonal problems, you’ll want to treat the hormonal problems first like low testosterone. But, you can also do a P shot. It is really safe for pretty much everyone and can be useful for most people. 

[Susan] Many times, you’re stacking these technologies. You’re fixing the hormone imbalances. Then, you’re doing a GAINSWave series of treatments. Then, you’re doing the PRP shot. Are there other things that you’re doing? 

[Amy] We look at the general whole-body health. We are involved with quite a bit of nutrition and fitness and lifestyle coaching. Also, we treat chronic conditions. I provide penis pumps to all the patients getting either the PRP-P shots or the GAINSWave. I’ll often pair that with perhaps a medication like a PDE5, one of Viagra or Cialis for one of those in patients who need it because we want to get that blood flowing and oxygen where it needs to be because that helps down the line with getting better erections. 

[Susan] Any last things we should talk about with the Priapus shot. 


[Amy] The only thing I would add is there’s a lot of research being done that looks at adding different types of stem cells to the PRP. So stem cells are the actual cells in your body that are responsible for regenerating the tissue. PRP fertilizes the stem cells, but we can add the stem cells themselves, and there’s a lot of different ways to do that. There’s a lot of interest in this now, and something that I think will be pretty amazing once we figure out the very best way to do it. So are using mesenchymal stem cells? What kind of stem cells are you using? 

[Amy] Yeah, mesenchymal stem cells you can get from your fat are ways you can do it. You can have a mini lipo. Take out some fat. Isolate the cells. Put the cells back in again. But there are also studies looking at using other types of cells like placental cells, umbilical cells, bone marrow cells, or cellular products like exosomes, which are these little pieces of a cell. They are also being studied. There’s a lot of really cool research, it being a burgeoning area for sure. 


[Susan] I feel like we’re good. We’re getting closer to being able to treat and fix erectile dysfunction for a large number of people. Yay for people like Dr. Amy B Killen, who is figuring out how you can reverse your erectile dysfunction. Ultimately everything we’ve talked about today all starts with a big plate of green organic leafy vegetables and some excellent circulation. The bottom line of all of these things is great, but you’ve got to take care of what goes in you, and you’ve got to get moving because this is circulatory. Your penis is a slave to your circulation system, and if you can’t pump, you can’t pump. 


We’ve been perfect, haven’t we? Alright, so there you have it: the GAINSWave, and the P Shot. Subscribe to this video. I have a free ebook for you, Get Hard Instantly On Command. It’s a book that I recently wrote that has three get hard mind tricks in it, which are if you’re psyching yourself out, which a lot of times if your equipment is failing, you’re also freaking out.

I’ve got some great get hard and stay hard mind tricks, some great information on penis pumps, prostate massagers, nitric oxide, all the things we’ve been talking about. Grab it. That is my gift. Let us know if you have any questions by posting them in the comments below. Amy and I will work together to answer everything we possibly can, and we hope that you have an increased and full erectile function because we want to put the fun in function. See you on the other side.

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  1. where ca i get a shot and more information, in San diego CA , about the ” Priapus “shot; I’ve been dealing without an erection for years, maybe 9? Sensitivity, cravings, urge’s desire, all the time just no results, down below, amazing; like it, seems, that is all I think about ALL the time, FRUSTRATING! Thank you

    1. Ronald,
      I recommend you get GAINSWave treatments for your ED along with supplementing your Nitric Oxide levels. Our FLOW supplement is vital for erectile function when you’re over 40.

      The GAINSWave practitioner will check your testosterone and help figure out what the cause of your ED is. They almost always administer the Priapus Shot with the GAINSWave treatments. You can find local practitioners here: When you fill out the contact form for the person in your area, put the promo code BETTER into the comment’s section. That will get you a 7th treatment free. The GAINSWave treatments come in series of six.

      I also recommend you start the Penis Pumping routine outlined in my free guide here: This will accelerate your success with the GAINSWave and P Shot treatments. This is the only pump I recommend.

      Almost ALL ED can be reversed with Nitric Oxide, Pumping, and GAINSWave treatments. You may be low on Testosterone and the P Shot is an accelerator.


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