GainsWave Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction And Penis Enlargement Explained

I recommend that you add on a new treatment for men called GainsWave. It’s an acoustic wave that breaks up penile arterial plaque. Your body recruits growth factors and stem cells to repair your penis so that you end up with more penis tissue and increased volume because of more blood flow. 

You get bigger, harder, firmer erections easily. For many men, a series of GainsWave treatments have been able to reverse erectile dysfunction. I am absolutely thrilled with GainsWave. My girlfriend recently said GainsWave is like Botox for men only it gets the wrinkles out of your penis. 

GainsWave is safe. It’s an in-and-out treatment. You can have a series of them. Sometimes, one treatment will work and sometimes guys need a few treatments to really see results. But it increases your penile volume and your blood carrying capacity which is so important for getting a bigger penis.

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