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Get your g-spot, squirting toys, tools, lube guide, and how-to video here. Read on to learn more about sex toys for singles and couples.

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Let’s talk sex tech. Here we go, gadgets! Susie, sexy show and tell. There are four kinds of vibrators for the pussy. I’ll talk about stuff for male and female bodies, and I’ve got 25 minutes left. Here are the four kinds of vibrators for women.

You should own all four of these because you want orgasmic cross-training. You want to come in these different ways. I could do that. Let me put that on my sexual bucket list.

This one is like a motorboat on your pussy. Some women like this. You’ll get a PowerPoint and the links to all. This is the Volta. This is a Thruster. I like the Thruster. This is also a Fun Factory product because we want to thrust. This can be very nice if you’re getting vaginal atrophy and haven’t had intercourse for a while.


It also has this little g-spot stimulator, and it’s hands-free. You can lie there and get it done. This is the number one recommended vibrator by Susan Bratton for all women. Everyone should own it. It would help if you did a 30-day orgasm challenge where you give yourself orgasms from this every single day for 30 days.

Some days you might not feel like it. This is larger than I use because I have a giant vagina. Some women have tiny vaginas. I’ve got one that’s a colossal splooge mess. I love it. This one is called the Ladybug or the MissBi. It has two motors. It’s German. This is the Porsche and BMW of vibrators. It’s got fantastic silicone and two engines.

This is the clitoral one, and it’s got a nice flat pad to get lots of clitoral tissue. It goes inside you. Get your g-spot, internal, external, and suitable vibrators. It’s rumbly and buzzy: two types of vibes.


Here’s the fourth one you should get. This is the Womanizer. It’s an air simulator. It’s the clit sucker. This is the Womanizer Duo. It has a g-spot vibe. At the same time, measure your vulva. You need about a two-inch drop between the clitoris and the opening to the vagina.

This will be too big or small. It’s a mid-range product, but this will melt you into a puddle. Between the g-spot stimulation, you can clamp down internally and externally.

I found this isn’t a great couple’s tool. You need to drive this yourself and get the sucker on the right spot. The spot moves constantly, so you have to control this piece. This one’s not so good for lovemaking. Those are the four thruster air stimulator vibrators. There’s your Christmas list.


I like this for couples conquering. I call it a penis ring, but it sounds much more badass to call it a clit ring. There are two of them here. This is the NOS. It will accommodate you even after you pump your penis for 13 weeks and have these little ears, and you stick it on and wear it.

These ears go around, and you have intercourse while riding this thing. What’s nice is that there are two basic strokes for intercourse. We’ll get into this when we get to making whoopee.

In that, you want to grind and slide. This is good for grinding if you’re a guy who doesn’t have trouble with stamina. It’s more on the line of delayed ejaculation. We could use more stimulation. This one is great and called the Atom Plus. It also works well.

You stick it on and put your balls in here. This is the vibe for her. This is a perineal vibrator for him. It’s underneath his testicles. His penis and testicles are sticking out. She’s on top of him, enjoying this. He’s getting the vibration from this, and it has a remote control.


You get to fight over who’s going to channelize. The next thing I want to show you is the number one thing every person should have. This Magic Wand delivers a punch of vibration that’s very good for repeatedly getting a woman over the edge. It’s good for waking up all the genital tissue around the mons, labia, and clitoral structure.

This is a g-spot wand called the Njoy Pure wand. You warm it in the sink in warm water, slide it inside the vagina, and pull back, slide, and pull back.

It stimulates the g-spot and urethral sponge. It feels delicious. This aids in female ejaculation and is excellent if you want to smash and grab on car windows. This is a lethal weapon. You wouldn’t believe how heavy this thing is.


You have to be very careful when you use these things. Next is the harness. This Fun Factory product is my favorite. You put the little dildo in. This is the Amore. I haven’t used this in a while. The Amore is nice because it’s small. Some couples like pegging when she gets to wear the dildo and put this in his ass.

It’s pleasurable, fun, and an experience you have to try.

This is called the Share Light. This is a woman-to-woman dildo. She holds this in her vagina. It has a penis, and she can stimulate her partner in whatever orifice they want. This is last but not least for people who have erectile dysfunction. That can’t be remediated. This is a male masturbator. It’s a sleeve with a little plate on it. He puts his penis in here. It’s remote-controlled, and you can also turn it this way.

He gets stimulated, and she can ride on top. There’s a vibrator here so they can make love without him having an erection. She can penetrate and have orgasms with him while making love. You can kiss, be close and intimate, and enjoy lovemaking without an erection.


Those are some fun things. Those are the sex toys that can be prostate massagers. I forgot a couple of prostate stimulation that is very good for you. It keeps you from having nighttime urinary issues. You can use something simple like this. It’s very similar to a g-spot wand. You can use something like this with remote control.

That’s super fun for couples. She can operate this and ride you while this is inside you. She can decide how much stimulation to give you. The prostate orgasm is super fun. There are butt plugs of different kinds, vibrating ones, jingly ones that can go inside you while you’re making love. Super fun stimulation. I hope you enjoyed this list of sex toys for singles and couples.

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