Blow and Grow

The conversation revolves around a technique called “blow and grow,” which is a form of oral sex where the person performing it gently suckles on the penis instead of aggressively sucking. The key idea is to mimic the way a baby nurses from a breast, using the tongue to draw blood into the penis and increase its rigidity and size. Susan explains that this gentle suckling action is pleasurable for both the giver and receiver, and she emphasizes the scientific aspects of understanding how the body parts work. She distinguishes this technique from regular sucking and highlights its nurturing and languid nature, aiming to reverse atrophy and promote growth in the penis.

Full transcript:

Jay: [00:00:00] And I actually want to ask you about the blow and grow technique, too.

Susan: Oh, you did your homework, didn’t you? The blow and grow is suckling. Yes, it’s different than sucking.

Jay: Okay.

Susan: I’ve been really interested in the reversal of atrophy of the penis and the vulva for years now. You know, I’ve been doing this for decades and I am a nerdy girl and I just like the sciencey stuff.

I like to know how all the parts work. One of the things that I learned about early on was this notion of when a baby nurses, they actually put their tongue up against that aurelia and it draws the milk out of the breast. So it’s like this.

Jay: Okay.

Susan: And that’s basically the blow and grow technique to a penis. It’s not, you’re just sucking on the penis. It’s more like what you’re doing is you’re putting the penis in your mouth and then you’re kind of You’re doing [00:01:00] that to it and that actually brings in more blood and turgidity into the penis.

Jay: Wow.

Susan: I know.

Jay: It seems to me like there would be an inordinate amount of suction involved in that.

Susan: It’s very gentle, actually. It doesn’t take, it’s not sucking, it’s suckling.

Jay: Mmm.

Susan: Any gender expression is holding your penis in their mouth, and they’re relaxed, and they’re suckling that member, you feel held, nurtured, and it’s languid and pleasurable for both parties, you know, people are generally always surprised to hear that a person going down on a penis is as orgasmic for the giver of that as it is for the receiver.

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