The main point being made is that while quickies can sometimes work when both partners are already fully aroused and engorged, generally slow, sensual lovemaking is more satisfying, especially for the female partner. The speaker, Susan, explains that she personally tends to avoid quickies because she needs sufficient time and stimulation to achieve adequate blood flow and engorgement of the vulva/vagina in order to experience the desired level of pleasure. She advocates for regular massage of the vulva area to maintain good genital engorgement and sensitivity. Ultimately, she argues that taking the time for arousal buildup leads to better sexual satisfaction by maximizing genital swelling and neural signaling to the brain.

Full transcript:

Jay: [00:00:00] Now, it seems like, you know, based on all the stuff you’re saying there. Is a quickie ever an option? Because it seems like this is a whole big, you know, if you’re doing it right, the way you’re talking.

Susan: I know. I’m very conflicted about it.

Jay: Okay.

Susan: I think that I personally tend to not do quickies because I’m not able to get the bloodflow that I need to get my lady boner to have the level of pleasure that I want. And so then I would be a little disappointed in that. There are moments when you’re already turned on, you’re really hot for each other. You’re already fully engorged. You’ve got your lady boner. It’s good. You can go for it.

But generally, I think slow sex is more satisfying sex. So I know that a lot of people have kids in the house and they got to get it while they can. But that’s why I also think regular Yoni massages keep that tissue plumped up, allow it to get filled up with blood faster. The [00:01:00] more that you do it, the more that you use it and you stimulate that tissue, the faster things can flow in there anyway, so that she can get engorged, plumped up, tumescent, so that she has more surface area, so that when you touch that more surface area, it sends more signals to your biggest sex organ, your brain.

You need that plumpness.

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