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Let me tell you about anatomy. I use the word vulva instead of vagina because the vagina is just the birth canal and the place where the penis goes. These days that’s patriarchal. You’re focused on the part where you like to put your penis. We want you to think about the vulva. Please play with all the pieces. So I will tell you what all the details are and how they like to be played with.

You’re probably familiar with how this looks, but it’s good to look at your vulva because it’s constantly changing and endlessly fascinating.

Here are the mons at the top. It likes kneading and squeezing. These are the outer and inner labia. This opening is called the vestibule. The welcome mat is out and available.

That’s the clitoral hood. It is part of the inner labia, and where it meets at the bottom is called the fourchette. It usually has a bit of dingy material that likes to be played and licked. That’s the clitoral tip or glands. That’s the head of the penis. There’s a shaft that goes up inside, right in between your pubic bone and into your body.

Some arms and legs stick out of the clitoris, and the big legs are under. The little arms go up and in. This vestibule here, the urethra, is where the pee and female ejaculate comes out. All women can ejaculate and urinate out of this little orifice just like men do out of their penis.


It’s the same urethral tube, the ureter, and right around that, there’s this spongy tissue I like to call the g-spot number two. G-spot number one people are familiar with is inside the vaginal opening on the roof on the top of the cave. It sticks out right there too. If you stroke that, it loves it. The vestibule loves to be stroked. There’s the opening to the vagina, perineal area, and anus. All this is pleasurable tissue. Kneading, rubbing, licking, going back and forth across and circles. Touch under the hood of the clitoris, not the skin of the clitoral shaft, but the skin.

If you touched your arm and the skin, that’s one touch, but if you felt the tissue, the meat of your body under the skin, that’s an entirely different touch. That’s what the clitoris likes. It doesn’t want the top as much as the hood. The clitoris likes you to feel the tissue.

This whole thing wants the tip of the tongue, light touch, kneading, and pleasure. Once you stroke across the mons with a flat hand, it loosens that tissue and gets the blood into the vulva better. Right now, you’re going straight for the tip.


Number one. You’re not achieving your orgasmic potential because it’s too much too soon, right on the spot. It’s overwhelming. You drive your clitoris too fast, and it gets worn out, and being like, that’s enough, don’t touch her. If you go very light, she can get into expanded orgasms and come and come for an hour until she gets thirsty. Until she needs to rest, she can have orgasms. The trick is not overclocking the nervous system.

We will talk about toggling because it is essential. Understand how to take the nervous system up, give it a break, and take it up some more. Every time you give it a break, it goes, I wanted that, and you’re like, okay, you’ve got to wait. You go, oh, and then it takes you up again. You’re trying to give your body what it needs to achieve the highest orgasms. It would look like this if I peeled off the skin and gave you a peek under the hood.

These are the three erectile tissue systems of the vulva. What’s great is that everybody’s pretty familiar with the tip of the clit. Some people know there’s a shaft, and you can get a clitoral erection. Some know there are arms called crura and legs called vestibular bulbs, but very few people know there are two other tissues.


This one is the g-spot. That’s the big tube, the little spot on the face, and the vestibule around the exit of the urethra that loves to be touched. There’s the vaginal opening. This is the perineal sponge down here. That’s the third erectile system between the floor of the vagina and the roof of the rectum. It is another delicious area.

When we talk about making whoopee, we’re talking about using the penis or a toy to get to these spaces you can’t necessarily get to just touching the tip. These little things that look like martian antennae are the Barthelene’s glands. They keep the vagina clean. They’re an antibacterial glandular system.

The vagina is not a gland. It doesn’t have any glands in it. It requires blood flow to send the fluid into the pelvic bowl to seep through the vaginal tissue to moisten it.

I will talk about how to get more lubrication because there are some helpful tricks. The clitoral shaft, glands, arms, legs, and g-spot are called the urethral sponge. That’s a nickname. Vaginal opening, perineal sponge, and you’ve got all this good stuff. This is what the g-spot looks like. This is where it exists. It looks like a little flower. These are the scheme glands—the blood recruits into the pelvic bowl when there’s a turn-on and seeps into the urethral canal.


She has a contraction, and the fluid ejects. It’s not pee; it’s ejaculate. Every woman can have these orgasms. This is why it’s so important to get blood flow and vaginal lubrication. That’s what it looks like before you’re turned on. Your vulva is flat and flaccid, and you start turning on. You get a little stroking, and it gets engorged, and when you have full engorgement, everything gets darker, pinker and purple-colored, and beautiful. Everything gets luscious and blossoms like a flower, which looks so beautiful. That’s when you’re in tumescence, which is the full bloom of your yoni. Isn’t it amazing that a sexpert would talk about blood flow and the full bloom of your yoni as the thing that gives you the most orgasms?

It’s hemodynamics. Its blood flow. Let’s talk about the male genital system. Hemodynamics is another place where men have a competitive advantage sexually. When a woman was in the clan of the cave bear, most of them went into heat simultaneously. They needed all the guys. Let’s make some babies! Men are built to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. If your woman’s like, “Babe, I’m in the mood.”

You’re like, let’s go. Have a lot of good blood flow. You want a big veiny dick. You want blood flow. That’s how Viagra works. Women like the way they look too. The girls are like, “It’s true. We like the way it looks.”


I like those veins. They’re so attractive because they’re a signal of health. When you have an excellent blood-carrying capacity, how do you get a bomber boner? How do you always have an incredibly hard penis when you want to? It is based on blood flow. What’s excellent is that men have three big spongy tissues. Do you remember that picture of the three erectile tissues of the female? Those are our crazy erectile tissues. Here are his three. There we go. It’s easy for him to get an erection, and we’ve got this mess around our vaginas. He’s got it right here.

Here are his testicles. There’s this prostate. The urethra runs through it and out. This is where his semen is made. The testicles and the bladder are here, which is why men have prostate and urinary issues. When their prostates are inflamed, they have to pee all night long.

This happens because there’s a choke point here when it gets swollen. This is what the male testicles look like, the male urogenital complex. These are corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum. Those correlate to the arms and legs of our clitoris. Interestingly enough, we are made from the same parts.

We all started female until we got our hormone bath, and we either stayed female or turned into a male. We started with the same parts, and they got rearranged. Hemodynamics allows him to get blood flow in. He gets engorged.


It’s all about the blood flow. Viagra works because it allows the blood in and holds it in there. The penis gets flooded with blood and pushes the endothelial, the lining of the blood system, the vascular system, locks it off, and maintains a hard erection. Viagra keeps the erection hard longer. It keeps the nitric oxide flowing and allows the penis to stay hard. The first thing that happens to guys is to get a venous leak. That’s the most common ED where they get a little bendy.

They have a hard time staying hard. Most guys can get hard but can’t last long. That’s because of plaque in the arteries. I will teach you how to fix that.

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