Across The Silky Way

Intimacy expert Susan Bratton is joined by Jena la Flamme and Naia Leigh to unbox the “Across the Silky Way” sash sent by LitUp.Love. The sleek black and gold sash is described as a “body worship” accessory for deepening pleasure and connection. Naia suggests various uses, including blindfolding, comfortable restraint, and sensual teasing with the luxurious material. The trio admires the sash’s sensational texture and Naia highlights its durability for different kinds of play. Susan provides a promo code “SUSAN” for viewers to explore LitUp.Love’s offerings. The friends revel in the opportunity to expand their sensory experiences through these intimacy products.

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Full transcript

Susan: Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Expert to Millions here with my besties, Jena and Naia.

Jena: Hi, I’m Jena la Flamme, women’s pleasure expert.

Naia: I’m Naia Leigh, also known as the Red Mistress. I’m a transformational dominatrix.

Susan: I asked my girls to come over and help me out because, Tricia from LitUp.Love sent us a big goodie box full of sensation play toys.

And who better than Jena and Naia to help me figure out what the heck I want to do with them. So what do we have now?

Jena: Across the silky way.

Susan: Ooh, that’s pretty.

Jena: Let’s find out what it is. I like that. Nice play on words.

We love the packaging and naming. Okay. Hey there, sensation explorer. Welcome to the world of bliss expansion this body worship sash can stop time and deepen the pulse of pleasure and connection.

Susan: Ooh Here it is.

Naia: Love the gold. Yeah.

Susan: Yeah, I like the gold too. Of course. I just perfect

Jena: Black and gold

Susan: Yeah

my golden necklace And

Naia: I’m imagining all sorts of things you could do with [00:01:00] this.

Susan: Tell us

Naia: Blindfold,

Susan: mm hmm

Naia: tying people up comfortably, but you can still go pretty tight.

Susan: Yeah

Naia: It’s still a durable material.

Susan: Yeah. So blindfolds and restraints primarily. And some sensation.

Naia: This material is just so sensational. So teasing for sure.

Susan: Yeah. I have a promo code SUSAN in case you want to check out LitUp.Love

See you on the other side.


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