Chain Reaction

Intimacy expert Susan Bratton is joined by Jena la Flamme and Naia Leigh to unbox and experience the Chain Reaction toy sent by LitUp.Love. They immediately admire its shiny and weighted chains, with Naia remarking on how amazing they feel to the touch. Susan notes the pleasant coolness of the chains, enjoying temperature sensations. Jena highlights the toy’s versatility, allowing for both light teasing and impact play. They playfully suggest using it for sensual strokes along the back and inner thighs or more intense stimulation. Susan shares a promo code “SUSAN” for viewers to get a discount on LitUp.Love’s products, expressing gratitude for the sensational pleasure toys.

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Full transcript

Susan: Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Expert to Millions, and I’m here with my girlfriends, Jena and Naia.

Jena: Hi, I’m Jenna la Flamme, Women’s Pleasure Expert.

Naia: I’m Naia Leigh, Transformational Dominatrix.

Susan: Trisha from LitUp.Love sent me a whole box of sensational pleasure toys. So what do we have?

Naia: Chain Reaction.

Susan: Okay.

Naia: I love all the titles.

Susan: Okay. I can’t wait to see what that is.

Naia: Oh, this is gorgeous.

Susan: It’s so shiny.

Naia: Oh my gosh. I love it.

Susan: I love it too. It’s so you.

Jena: It literally matches your apartment.

Susan: All right. So how does this feel? Is it sensational or are you going to like actually do a thing to me?

Naia: Just this, first of all, feels so amazing. I don’t know why that feels so good.

Susan: The weight, the weight is actually really nice.

Jena: My favorite kind of toys are the ones that can be light and teasing, and then also create some impact too, if you want. So you can go both ways with this. This is gorgeous. This I could imagine like putting up your back and like your [00:01:00] inner thighs. Oh my God.

Susan: And it has a little coolness to it, which is nice too. It’s a little, I like sensation like that where it’s warm or it’s cold or what have you. Yes.

Naia: Jena, I think you could take it harder with this one.

Jena: I think so. Yeah. My booty.

So Trisha, thank you so much for sending us this big box of sensational pleasure toys and giving my followers and fans, promo code SUSAN for a little savings. I hope you enjoyed this and watch our other ones in the series and we’ll see you on the other side.


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