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I want to give you a couple of techniques. I talked about toggling the nervous system. Remember to use your hands when you make love. You end up being so focused on the friction of your genitals that you forget to touch, pet your partner, moan, make sounds, and tell them you love them. Get more active in your love-making. That alone will change things. The heart-tongue technique is for men where you connect your penis to your heart and blast her with your love.


She will feel that erotic energy coming out of you and will know the minute you start doing it how important it is to bring your heart to lovemaking. Often we’re disconnected from our hearts because we’re focused on our penis. Think about your penis less like a piston and more like a tongue. Your penis is very articulate. It can go up inside her and tickle her and on the sides. You can swoop it across the g-spot and send it down to the perineal sponge. Go deep inside by the cervix. You can swirl it around the outside. You can tickle the inside of her vagina instead of thinking, “I will go in and out.” I want you to bring heart and tongue to your penis.

Glissando is another way to think about making love. Do you know how you penetrate a woman as a man? You’re going in and out. Think about using your pelvis. You’re making it real smooth. When you do that, it tips up and touches her g-spot. Also, think about the doggy style where you’re not moving. You’re firm and moving her on and off your penis. You’re doing short and long strokes, waiting for a second to toggle her nervous system. That’s Glissando. That’s flipping the way you think about using your penis. You can set up a good rhythm.


Remember, if you have Viking rowers’ blood in you and are good at keeping a rhythm, that’s a good thing for the guy. He’s got the rhythm. Thrust in Time is something I will give you. It’s an ancient Taoist intercourse practice that helps any guy who wants to last longer and any woman who isn’t having orgasms during intercourse without direct clitoral stimulation. It’s a 10-count. You’re doing short, shallow, long, deep, and alternating them. You’re doing nine shallow strokes and one deep stroke. Then, eight shallow strokes and two deep strokes. When you get to four deep strokes, she will start coming because it toggles her nervous system.

By the time she’s at four, she’s like, I need another one. Give me five deep strokes. You’re like, “You will have to wait.” Thrust in Time is at It’s linked to penis pivots. You have a gun whale here and can shoot it in different places, down, up, or to the sides of her vagina.

We have squeezing pom-poms. It’s what the French call it. Get on your man. Slide down on him and squeeze and milk his penis. That feels incredible to him. It’s not all about the in and out. It’s also about doing things when you’re deeply connected, especially with your kissing at the same time.


Deep kissing, the feline grind is an interesting one. I talked a bit about that one earlier where the woman is doing a combination of slides on her guy’s penis, deep and shallow. Then, she grinds her pelvis into him, and he does the same. To top it off, to combine those things is always lovely to purr.

Add animal sounds into your love-making. People are like, “I want animalistic sex.” Swirl on him like a dolphin and purr in his ear. Doing those things brings you joy, fun, and pleasure together. The squatting tiger and bouncing lion: Usually, when you’re on top of a guy, you’re going like this, but you only get so much movement this way. If you get up here and hold his hands and do this, it can work well because you get a lot of glides. You can do three strokes and get back on your knees. It’s healthy and excellent for your quads. It feels smooth. The last thing is what I call a dope sex date flow.


I have this thing which I struggle with because I am the queen of engorgement. It would be best if you didn’t have intercourse until all the blood is in your genitals. I stand for that, but there are times where you’re like, I want to get on top and ride them. In those cases, please do it for a while and switch. Go from making out to having a yoni rub, having intercourse to 69, giving him oral to giving her oral. Go back and have more intercourse. Just do short things.

Most people have a set routine—their go-to strategy. We’re going to do this because we always come, but that’s what gets boring. We’re here for your sex-life master plan and bucket list. One of the things you can do is get more flow and fluidity in your sex. Be like, let’s try this. Now let’s try that. You know what I want to do. Let’s try this. Let’s get out of that cockring. The more you switch, the more fun you have.


The last thing I will leave you with is there are many ways to dirty talk that are not gross, disgusting, or weird. Some of them share what you’re feeling, say what you see, focus on your partner’s effect on you, and tell a sexy story. Please do more moaning.

Star at the top of your page today. More moaning and verbal feedback and sharing frames. After you’ve made love, you want to know the moment that was the most incredible to me last night? You want to enjoy it in the afterglow. Step up your dirty talk because it increases your pleasure.

Let’s end up here with orgasms. You can touch a lot of places. It doesn’t have to be the clitoris or penis. Your body is a gigantic orgasmatron. The more you stimulate different locations, the more they generate orgasms. You’re awakening new neural networks. You’re sending more signals to your brain of pleasure. There are physical and mental techniques that I’ll get into after our break: expanded orgasm, female ejaculation, and erotic hypnosis. I can make you orgasm on command. I can tell you to come, and you will come. It’s great for phone sex and excellent for long-distance relationships because there are fun things you can do that way.


There are objects of desire. You are using objects, whether that’s sexy lingerie stiletto heels so impossibly high that you have to take them off to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Things that are fun and turn you on. There are many objects of desire you can bring into your sex state. You sexy guys and girls can have many orgasms. It is not just a clitoral erection. You can have a g-spot orgasm. You can put your fingers inside the yoni. Yoni is another word for the vulva. It’s the tantric sex word for the vulva. The lingam is the penis. Vulva sounds too much like a sex nerd. Yoni is my favorite word for my genitals. Lingam sounds very regal.


You may touch my lingam. I want to lick your lingam. The blended orgasm is two fingers inside when your nympho is ready and warmed up. Two fingers on the top, and you’re sending that love energy and giving her a blended g-spot clitoral orgasm, one of my favorites—cervical intercourse; penetration orgasms. You will get that going if you haven’t. It’s approachable. Everyone can do it, and you got a bunch of techniques for it: perineal, anal, ass.

That perineal sponge likes to be played with. Do not be afraid to explore your back door. It gets better the more you do it. It’s all sex the first time you do it. That’s how memories are created. You get to laugh about it. You do it a couple more times, and you’re like, I did like that. Let’s add that into the dope flow state rotation.


There’s the urethral tube, which is the p-tube. Some people like their urethra stimulated. Female ejaculatory squirting orgasms. We can all have lips, mouth, throat, and neck. Remember the hickeys. That’s erectile tissue we’ve got here. Squirting orgasms, not just g-spot but squirting, breast, nipple, sternum, underboob, side boob, all of it likes to be touched. I can come from foot rubs, and so can you, ladies.

I love these core-gasms. This rectus abdominis loves to get squeezed, and it can make you come when you squeeze it. Send the loving energy through your hands as you press it, and it’ll loosen everything up, especially for female ejaculation, energy orgasms, erotic hypnosis, fantasies, dream-gasms, and wet dreams. We’ve all had them: fetishes, sex toys, sensation play. The spanking can be very lovely and wild.


You can explore these things. We will explore them a bit after the break—the same for men. Your list is just as extensive and precisely the same. The only difference is we have a g-spot or urethral sponge, while you have a prostate. You have a penis instead of a vulva. You’ve got an outie instead of an innie.

You can have all of these orgasms too. They’re available to you. You guys are like, no, I’m good. I got mine. But some men are like, no, tell me more. I want to become a multi-orgasmic guy. I want to have full-body energy orgasms and unlimited stamina. How do I do it? It’s straightforward. I have 20 programs that teach these techniques, which are available to you for free. I’m not here to sell anything.

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