Susan Bratton asks Dr. Robyn Benson, how do you apply A.R.T. for Men’s Sexual Rejuvenation?

Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert, sits down with Dr. Robyn Benson to discuss Men’s Sexual Health and the benefits of her A.R.T. (Amplified Regenerative Therapies), the P-Shot®, Gainswave® and additional services to help men begin to regenerate at any age. Learn more about Youthful Aging with A.R.T. Get access to your FREE eGuide:​ To […]

The Vampire Facelift and PRP Breast Lift

Maximize the effectiveness of the vaginal and labia tightening procedures you’ve had, read my article called “Vaginal Rejuvenation: Pre- and Post-Procedure Tips” I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser, with Dr. Robin Benson. I’m at Amplified Regenerative Therapies in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I wanted to talk about the penis pump, why it’s good […]

The Vampire Facelift

I’m Susan Bratton with Dr. Charles Runels. Charles has invented a protocol called The Vampire Facelift as well as the Vampire Breast Lift. We’re going to focus on the face and breast area and what PRP can do for you and me. I’m really excited to hear about the Vampire Facelift because I’ve had a […]

Lichen Sclerosus

I’m Susan Bratton and you may be wondering why I’m talking about Lichen Sclerosus. Well, there are so many things that affect people that keep you from having sexual intimacy and I’m pleased to introduce you to Dr. Charles Runels who has a protocol that is helping people with Lichen Sclerosis and I’d love for […]

Sexual Regenerative Treatments

I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert from The 20, and I’m with Dr. Robyn Benson from the Santa Fe Soul, Center for Optimal Health. Today, we will talk about amplified sexual regenerative treatments, things that turn back the clock on your sexual abilities as you age. Staying healthy sexually is as important for many people […]

GAINSWave + PRP + Penis Pump

I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert from The20, with my friend Dr. Robyn Benson from Santa Fe Soul Centre for Optimal Health. We are going to talk about GAINSwave and PRP used in the Priapus Shot as a combination of therapies that help reverse erectile dysfunction and increase overall erectile performance. Get Hard Instantly On […]

PRP Hair Restoration

I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert from The20, and I’m with Dr. Robyn Benson from Santa Fe Soul, Centre for Optimal Health, and we’re talking about hair restoration. By that, I mean using your body’s own healing ability to regrow more hair especially in your midlife and beyond when both people across the gender spectrum […]

Natural Facelift Using PRP From Your Own Blood (Vampire Facelift)

I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert from The20, and I’m with Dr. Robyn Benson. We’re talking about facial tissue and skin restoration using platelet-rich plasma. Sometimes, that’s called the Vampire Facelift. At its essence, it uses PRP healing factors from your own blood, re-injected into your skin to rejuvenate and recollagenate your skin as you […]

How The P Shot® Protocol Reverses Erectile Dysfunction

I’m Susan Bratton with Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of both the O Shot or Orgasm Shot and the P Shot Protocol or Priapus Shot. We’re going to talk about what they are. [Dr. Runels] I ran a wound-care center at a hospital. We treated people with hard-to-heal-tissue on the legs, diabetic wounds that wouldn’t […]