The Vampire Facelift

I’m Susan Bratton with Dr. Charles Runels. Charles has invented a protocol called The Vampire Facelift as well as the Vampire Breast Lift. We’re going to focus on the face and breast area and what PRP can do for you and me.

I’m really excited to hear about the Vampire Facelift because I’ve had a regular old surgical facelift and I bounced right back and I was really happy, but I love the idea of non-surgical procedures and you stand so much for that using the body’s own healing abilities for anti-aging and rejuvenation. So tell me more about it.

The surgical facelift is a very good procedure. It can remove extra tissue and tighten things up and so whoever did your work did a good job. It’s a very viable thing and wonderful thing to do. The difference with the Vampire Facelift, and many surgeons are now combining that with the surgical phases, is that we’re actually injecting platelet- rich plasma subdermally to rebuild the tissue. Think of a surgical facelift like tightening sheet and think of a vampire facelift like rebuilding the mattress. When you have a facelift, they’ll take fat and inject it into your cheeks and they lump in everything else, but it doesn’t last. We use platelet-rich plasma which rejuvenates and regenerates nerve, blood flow and fat. The adipocytes or fat cells multiply and enlarge from platelet-rich plasma so that’s why it helps in the cheeks and breasts. If you do a facelift, we combine that with a hyaluronic acid filler like Juvederm. So you can make a layer cake where you put down the Juvederm in the subdermal and shape it into a younger but natural shape. Then you put the PRP on top of that and that recruit stem cells that fills on top of that scaffolding. It’s a very specific way that the AJ is placed to create this natural shape and it’s a very specific method of preparing and placing the plasma on top of that, and the combination can be pretty spectacular.

Is it micro-needling? How do you drive it into the skin?

There’s two ways we use the plasma when we do micro-needling, which is what Kim Kardashian famously did. We have a device that causes multiple little tiny puncture wounds at about half to two millimeters deep. Then the plasma is soaked into that. That’s more for texture and color. When Kim had that done she was pregnant at the time. It’s her own blood so you can use it safely and the shape of her face was already youthful. She was a young pregnant woman, full of estrogen. It was about the texture. That’s the vampire facial. That’s the micro needling that could even be applied topically.

Some people unfortunately don’t prepare the plasma using a device approved by the FDA. I would recommend people who have it done actually go to our website or You find someone who’s agreed to follow our specific protocols so that you’re sure they have a device that’s made for that purpose. The facial would be topically applied after micro-needling the facelift which I was describing when you combine it with a with the Juvederm. You create the shape as you normally do with Juvederm and then you inject under the skin again with platelet-rich plasma. That creates a more coherent shape to get color and texture. I can change the shape of the mattress when I do that.

The beauty of the breast-lift is because of the fatty tissue, it goes crazy. It absorbs the PRP. The fat cells multiply and enlarge. So you can put in PRP and create not necessarily a larger cup size, a little bit sometimes happens, but mostly a rounder cleavage. It’s when you’re starting to slope and droop. It’s plumping that up and filling that in. It’s a lift and a rounding of the cleavage. In women who have lost sensation, there’s reportedly only 10% but it may be more than that, they lose sensation even from breastfeeding or from having breast surgery done. I found that we have near 100 percent response rate by putting platelet-rich plasma under the areola or regrowing those nerves. Women start to respond sexually. There’s nothing else on the planet that does that.

So you inject around areola?

We go under the areola using a very specific method. The people we are with know how to do it. It’s not painful and we use a numbing cream and then you have more nipple sensation. A lot of women who have breast implants lose their nipple sensation. The number is about 10% but I’m convinced it’s more. You’re cutting so you’re going to have scar tissue. If a woman’s had breast reconstruction where the nipple was murdered and had to build a breast, it won’t bring sensation back there, but in a woman who’s had basic implants done, we’ve had a really high success rates.

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