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Understanding your body could lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. That’s why I want you to check out my wonderful talk with Drew Manning of Fit2Fat2Fit. Discover all about women’s sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation. 

Out talk will help shed light on the female anatomy and highlight the importance of blood flow. You’ll learn more about how to handle seldom-discussed issues such as decreased lubrication, incontinence, and loss of sensation. By understanding these problems, you can take the reins of your health and bolster your self-confidence. This knowledge has the power to transform your life!

But that’s not all. We also talked about a variety of solutions for sexual health issues. We uncover the mystery behind everything from supplements like nitric oxide boosters to innovative devices and procedures. This comprehensive overview equips you with the knowledge to choose what’s right for your needs.

Choosing to watch this video means taking a significant step towards improving your sexual health and quality of life. We open up a dialogue on topics kept in the dark for far too long. Reclaim your own sexual vitality! 

Full Transcript

Drew: What’s up everyone? Drew Manning here from Fit2Fat2Fit with my good friend Susan Bratton. How are you?

Susan: I’m good, sweetheart. We just got out of the ocean together.

Drew: Yes, we survived.

Susan: Sharing a different take. Although you got a hurty foot.

Drew: Yeah, I get a little,

Susan: I’m sorry.

Drew: A little ouchy.

Susan: I think you’ll be okay.

Drew: Push through it.

Susan: I’ll push through it.

Drew: But I’m really excited because now I think we’re shifting gears and talking about you know, regenerative health for women. And talking about the lady parts. Right. Which is super important. Cause I think we focused heavily on the men. And what they can do. But let’s talk about the things that women can do for their lady parts.

Susan: Okay? You know, me, I always start with anatomy. Mm-hmm. I think the knowing your own anatomy, I mean, we’re just not taught enough about it. So I have pictures.

Drew: Of course you do.

Susan: I am going, of course you have pictures.

Drew: Of course you do.

Susan: And I’m gonna show you, show you some surprising things about the vulva.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: So, essentially, In the vulva, we have all of this tissue, and underneath it is our erectile tissue. So we have, this is the clal glands, this is the hood, and the shaft goes up inside there into the pubic bone. The little arms of the clitoris come out and go inside here. The legs of the clitoris actually come down here. They come all the way down here. So you know how when we were talking about When we were doing thrust in time and we were talking about how you have to slowly warm that tissue up, that you can’t be like pounding it right away. That’s because basically if we took all the tissue out of the penis, all the erectile tissue out of the penis, which basically it’s the whole thing would be erectile tissue, then it is, In a circle around the vulva. And women aren’t really thinking about that. Because they’re really thinking just about, oh, okay. All the 10,000 nerve endings are in the clitoral tip. And so for a lot of women, They feel like, oh, it’s it’s really just about what’s going on inside my vagina or my clitoral sensation. But actually, if you look at it, almost this whole thing is clitoral because if I peel back the covers, this is all of our clitoral tissue. It’s unbelievable how much there is, and we don’t think about that. We think it’s this little thing, but it’s giant. It’s as big as our male partner. So this is the tip, this is the shaft. These are the arms or Quora. These are the legs or vestibular bulbs. That’s the clitoral structure. And you can see if this is the vaginal opening. It literally. Goes all the way around. There’s three erectile tissue chambers or systems in the female genitals. That’s one. The second one is this. It’s the G-spot, but it’s not a spot. It’s a long tube.

Drew: Mm-hmm.

Susan: Of, you know, your girls probably play in your pool with those extruded like noodles.

Drew: Pool noodles, noodles, mm-hmm.

Susan: That’s what the G-spot is. It’s, it’s a noodle. Mm. It wraps the urethral canal where the urine comes out. But it’s all this pongy tissue. Mm-hmm. It’s erectile tissue.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: So when people talk about the G-spot or finding the G-spot, yes. It’s inside and up. But it also comes onto the face of the vulva.

Drew: Mm.

Susan: In this little rose bud. And then this funny little thing that looks like a brain, maybe it is our second brain. It’s called the perineal sponge, and it’s on the floor of the vagina.

Drew: Wow.

Susan: And so today, earlier when we were talking about how instead of thinking about the vagina as an inside out penis that wants friction like a man. It’s like a pocket in there where all of this tissue is available for pleasuring. It’s like an entirely different way of thinking about it, isn’t it?

Drew: Mm-hmm.

Susan: So what happens for women is we get a couple of different things. We get pain at the entrance to our vagina at that, that sphincter muscle. The tissue gets thin. We have loss of lubrication, we have incontinence, and we have delayed sensation, difficulty achieving climax as we age. And we also get flacid. We get kind of droopy. And so if you wanna fix all those things, what do you do? And I always like to think about like, super cheap, kind of, you know, the, the, the easiest, cheapest thing you can do. What’s the number one thing? And then I say, okay, and then what’s a little more that doesn’t cost a lot, that makes a big difference. Mm-hmm. Then what would you stack, like a biohacking stack? What would you stack on top of that and so cheapest thing you can do is a citruline based blood flow nitric oxide booster.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: Because I think we mentioned that the blood flow has to get to the pelvic bowl and as we age we don’t get the flow we used to.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: And so literally improving flow. So this link will be on your

Drew: Okay.

Susan: For this, because it’s an organic I all my supplements, I like them to be based in organic ingredients from real fruits and vegetables rather than just synthesized junk lab.

Drew: Yeah, that makes sense.

Susan: So flow is so

Drew: For, that’s for men and women?

Susan: You give it to yourself, you give it to your partner.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: And you can take it any time, but it’s best to take it at night because that’s when your nitric oxide stores replenish. And you can take it before love making to improve lubrication.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: Because the blood needs to flow to seep down through the vaginal mucosal lining to wet it. So for a lot of women, they feel like their arousal is stunted because they can’t get lubricated. And, and when you can get lubricated and you have a lot of lubrication, it’s like a signal, oh, this is good. I want sex. I feel turned on. So it’s just, even though how lubricated you are has no correlation to how aroused you are. It could be super turned on. Mm-hmm. But dry as a bone, which is a bummer. And that’s what women struggle with a lot cuz they get nervous.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: Or they get older and they don’t have the same blood flow. So, That’s your like basic.

Drew: That’s what you wanna start out with.

Susan: Start out taking a supplement. It helps because we have half the nitric oxide at 50. We did when we were 20. So we need that. That it’s not, it’s not your hormones that are making lubrication, it’s nitric oxide production.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: And a lot of, A lot of women are like, it’s my hormones that’s why my libido’s low. So then the second thing is that I really like this particular product.

Drew: What’s this called again?

Susan: It’s, I call this the Vagina device.

Drew: Vagina Device.

Susan: And it is it’s a vaginal rejuvenation device. So this is not a sex toy. This is for rejuvenation inside the vagina, which is where a lot of women start with problems. And so what I love about this is that it’s, Three different modalities. It’s

Drew: Oh, vibrates.

Susan: It vibrates. And that’s the Kegel toning.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: You put it inside you and it’s an eight minute program that you do, and you do it for about eight weeks every other day, and your lubrication comes back. You reverse vaginal laxity, which is looseness. You get tight, you got your musculature going again. Which helps within incontinence. And so you get engorgement as well. It brings blood flow because it’s warm as well.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: So it’s warm. Vibration and red light photo biomodulation applied directly into the vaginal mucosal lining.

Drew: So there’s no moving. You just put it in, you keep it there for eight minutes. You said?

Susan: I put it in, drink my latte, scroll Instagram, see what you’ve been up to, et cetera. That’s what I do.

Drew: Just a normal day. Drinking a latte with a vaginal device.

Susan: it is a normal day. Well, that’s what we’re do. We’re here to normalize it.

Drew: That’s awesome.

Susan: We’re here. We’re to normalize self-care down there. And what can we do? And I think for people who are like, There’s always the kind of doit yourselfers. The DIYers. And then there’s the do it for mes. Mm-hmm. And so DIY people, women like this, they’re like, give me the tool I can use at home. Other women are like, I gotta get up, get the kids to school. I don’t have time for that. What can I do? And that’s where we come into GAINSWave for Her (formerly called FemiWave), which is like GAINSWave. Mm-hmm. Which is the acoustic wave device that they send into all the tissue, stimulates lubrication, helps reverse incontinence, helps with vaginal laxity, improves orgasmic performance. This will help bring blood flow into the vaginal canal. And to engorge the tissue. But I. If you have sensation loss, like, boy, I just can’t seem to get a get to climax. Or it’s, it’s taking me forever. Then go right up to the GAINSWave for Her and go get that done.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: Because they’re putting the waves right into the clitoral structure. Which is reconstituting it, reversing the atrophy and generating new tissue growth. So when you have new tissue, when you have fresh tissue, it works like new. And so GAINSWave for Her is kind of the next thing up. And then of course, there’s one more thing that you can do. Okay. Which are these lady pumps?

Drew: Yes. What are these?

Susan: So this is a volva pump and a clitoral pump.

Drew: Oh wow.

Susan: And you can use this hand, the handy hand pump that your husband uses. You can just share the hand pipe pump if you want to. But this device, you hook this little thing to this little piece here.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: And when you pump, it draws blood in. You just. Put place this on the vulva above the mons. And get the labia in there. And when you pump. It pulls the blood into the tissue and then you can swap it out and put the clitoral pump in. Mm-hmm. And you can pull blood literally into the clitoral shaft and it pulls all that blood in. And so that’s the same as the, the, the penis pumps we talked about? Where. You’re expanding and improving blood carrying capacity. You’re doing very small micro damage because of the vacuum and the pulling of the blood that stimulates new tissue, nerve and vascular system growth, and it rejuvenates the atrophy. And it’s really good for that kind of like outer labia, you know, when it’s starting to get a little flacid as you age and you want it kind of plumped and you want it to get engorged really quickly. The pumping is that at home, diy, external piece of it. So these actually work, those two things really well together. To improve the entire vulval responsiveness, remove pain, improve incontinence. And then GAINSWave for Her is of course frosting on the cake as well.

Drew: How much do they do that for both of those, the clear roll one and the volva one?

Susan: The thing with pumping for the man is you have to do this consistent, like two or three times a week. You have to do your pumping sessions okay. For 13 weeks, and then you kind of begin to reverse the atrophy. Mm-hmm. It works well with the Gaines waves. For women, it’s less about how often you do it, just doing it once a week or so and getting that blood flow in really helps a lot. You’re, because you’re not doing it for enlargement.

Drew: Okay. That makes sense.

Susan: You’re really doing it for reversing atrophy and keeping a youthful vulva. Yeah, and believe it or not, women like, a, a woman like me wants a youthful vulva. You know, in my sixties, I wanna have the operating capacity I had in my thirties. Mm-hmm. I wanna have the orgasmic response I had. I wanna have all, all of the, the youthfulness that I used to have.

Drew: Gotcha. Okay. Anything else? Or is that pretty much, okay.

Susan: So the other thing would be the O Shot.

Drew: P R P.

Susan: Yep. With P R P. Or you could also use exosomes if you wanted to. Uhhuh. It’s interesting that recently I’ve, I’ve been thinking about how, if you look at P R P, P R P works great in the genital system because it’s a sponge. So you take the P R P out of your vein, you put it in the centrifuge, the doctor does for you. The O Shot or P Shot doctor puts it right back into that tissue. That tissue is a sponge, literally a sponge, and it soaks it in. And so it’s really good at generating new growth. But one of the things that I have found, mm-hmm. Because I’ve had. I’m gonna say six O shots maybe. Okay. Over the last six years. Mm-hmm. Because they build on themselves.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: The more the, you know, when you get a P Shot, that’s great, but the year, a year or two later, you might wanna get another one. Same with women. When we’re trying to reverse that atrophy and we wanna do those, the P R P one of the nice things is that, P R P is good and it builds on itself, but I’m very interested in the possibility of exosomes. Cause I kind of feel like they’re like a cleaner burning fuel, if you will.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: They don’t cause the same level of inflammation because all they are is a signaling molecule that says, come and repair this broken, this broken area to your body. With P R P, you’re actually introducing. Inflammation. Mm-hmm. Which gives you a little like almost micro damage. Mm-hmm. Then your body has to kind of fix that.

Drew: Okay.

Susan: So it accelerates healing. It works synergistically with GAINSWave for Her, with the pumping, with the vagina device. All those things work well together, but I am definitely keeping my eye on and beginning to work more in the world of exosome therapy.

Drew: Gotcha.

Susan: So that I can report back. Cause that’s what I’m always doing. Okay. I’m always like, okay, well that worked. Would this work better? You know?

Drew: So it sounds like for women there’s, there’s a lot of options and there you, you listed different levels of like, okay, if, if, if nothing else, just start here. Yes. Nitric oxide. And then from there you can work your way up depending on, you know, how much you’re wanting to improve your situation or are better your situation. Which is awesome. Cause I think a lot of women don’t know these options. Right. It’s not very prevalent or mainstream, I would say. And so thats kinda what we’re doing here.

Susan: Yeah.

Drew: With this you know, strengthen our love muscles session. So.

Susan: Literally.

Drew: Yeah, exactly. This is awesome. So thank you. And people can go find out more all the links and stuff at

Susan: Yes. I’ll put everything on there.

Drew: Awesome. Well thank you Susan. Appreciate it.

Susan: Thank you, Drew. Thank for being willing to talk about this.

Drew: Of course. It’s important.

Susan: You know, women are sensitive to talk about, but they trust you, so thank you for bringing your trust to me in this. Yeah, it’s a delicate area.

Drew: Of course. Well, thank you Susan.

Susan: Thank you.

Drew: And we’ll see you guys next time.

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