Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Options

I’m Susan Bratton, intimacy wellness expert to millions, and I’m with Cheryl Schaff, a board-certified family nurse practitioner specializing in women’s vaginal rejuvenation treatment that makes your vulva and clitoris happy because we all atrophy with age.

Cheryl Schaaf:

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment Options

Many of the things that Cheryl does are to reverse the aging clock and fix problems that women face at a sexual level.

One would be a lack of lubrication and vaginal laxity. Too tight, too dry, incontinence and loss of sensation, difficulty achieving climax, or it doesn’t feel as good as it used to.

You don’t have to say I’m going to get old and stop having sex. You must have the best sex you can till the day you die. That’s where Cheryl comes in.

We’ve done a vaginal rejuvenation treatment series that follows this one that talks about three treatments. Cheryl will give us a high-level overview of the three and how she stacks them with the O shot.

Then you can watch each of the videos to figure out the right combination or treatment that will work and what you need.

Let’s run through them. Cheryl, what are the three, and how do you use them?

Cheryl: I want to start with the fact that all these modalities can be used on women of all ages. Age is just a number because we treat women in their 20s to their 80s. My oldest patient was 92. Sex never has to end. That’s why I appreciate you so much for putting this message out there. The three modalities we spoke of were the Femilift, an internal treatment Revive, another internal treatment, and the Cleovana, which focuses on the clitoral tissue, and each has its place.

Different women might choose one versus the other, or you can do all three together. Femilift is by far my favorite, tried and true. I have been utilizing it on patients and myself for five and a half years, and we have a 98% satisfaction rating.

This Femilift treatment utilizes fractional CO2.

An ablative creates tiny micro-injuries throughout the entire vaginal canal and is best suited for women experiencing dryness.

It’s fantastic for natural lubrication and women experiencing pain with intercourse because it builds healthy new vaginal tissue. It is also suitable for women experiencing a decrease in sensation during intercourse. It is also for those with mild stress incontinence. Increased lubrication and sensation increased.

Then the Vive. We’re utilizing radio frequency technology which is non-ablative. We’re heating the tissue to a specific time and temperature. It helps build collagen, which is excellent for tightening and stress incontinence. Less for dryness and postmenopausal atrophy.

Then Cleovanna is non-invasive. Nothing is inserted into the vagina or injected. It’s a delivery of sound wave technology to the entire clitoral tissue, which helps to clear the clitoral pipes.

Improved blood flow improves the ability to achieve clitoral orgasm and overall sensation. We can add the O shot with the Femi lift, Vive, and Cleovanna, which we’re very familiar with.

It’s an injection of your platelet-rich plasma to wake up the orgasm response and help with stress incontinence. I liked the O shot I had recently. I had it done on the introital sphincter.

At the bottom of the introital sphincter is a little spot. It must have gotten torn somewhere along the line, and even with all the various treatments I had, it wasn’t healing. One shot of PRP fixed my problem. You also use the O shot for Lichen Sclerosus, which is very good.

Many women have that. It is surprising, and they’re not familiar with it. They’re rubbing creams on there to keep it at bay, but they’re not fixing the tissue. That’s an exciting new area too.

That is an overview before you go into the deep dive on the three treatments with Cheryl and me. If you’d like to follow Cheryl on Instagram, you can slide into her DMs and ask her some questions.

She’s at cherylschaff on Instagram.

I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted intimacy expert to millions, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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