G-Spot Abundance: Orgasms

HOW TO GIVE A SACRED SPOT MASSAGE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb3kEyyuB3g​
HOW TO GIVE A WOMAN A CLITORAL ERECTION: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tryg5GOTMdc​

When a woman becomes a squirting goddess —a G-spot goddess —she becomes calm and connected to herself. She finds herself more grounded, more confident, in not just her sexuality but in her abilities as a human being.

And that can be a little intimidating for some partners.

One of my girlfriends is dying to experience female ejaculation. She has a new boyfriend. And I notice they are not making much progress, much to her disappointment. I think he’s intimidated. I wish he would just give her the strokes she needs so she can finally experience female ejaculation. She’s probably about 3 sessions away from squirting.

Helping a woman ejaculate can be intimidating for some partners.

So you have to bring your lover along in the journey with you. Because you have to remember that no one ever told them about sex. They didn’t get anatomy lessons. They do their very best but unfortunately in our porn-infused society, which is degrading to women, these are the images that they’ve been blasted by since they were 10 years old and started surfing porn. All that rough stroking… it’s just not necessary for most women. The majority of women need their G-Area coaxed into awakening… not hammered into obedience.

So you have to really hold your lover in your heart too, to get what you need.

Begin as beginners… together.

Sophia’s teamed up with an impressive panel of 30 doctors, healers, educators, mentors, coaches, transformational leaders and sexperts (ME included) in the fields of sex, manifestation, money, somatics (and so much more) to give women the spiritual low-down.

The G-Spot is so much fun to play with. Watching the Amrita (the fluid that comes out) squirt when you’ve done a great job stroking and coaxing makes you both feel like you’ve accomplished something spiritual and rewarding.

Post any questions you have below and I’ll answer them.

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