The Orgasm Shot aka O Shot

We’re talking about sexual regenerative therapies. Dr. Benson does a fantastic job with people across the gender spectrum, helping reverse the clock on your sexual functions so that you turn this function into ‘function.’ On this episode, we talk about restoring sexual function, reversing laxity, incontinence, genital pain, and a lack of sensation and the orgasm shot.


[Susan] I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert from The20, with my friend Dr. Robyn Benson from Santa Fe Soul, the Centre for Optimal Wellness, and we’re talking about sexual regenerative therapies. Dr. Benson does a fantastic job with people across the gender spectrum, helping reverse the clock on sexual functions. 

I hope you’ll watch the whole series on female regenerative therapies for sexual function, restoring sexual function, reversing laxity, reversing incontinence, reversing genital pain, and reversing lack of sensation. Talk to us about the stack of regenerative therapies you have available to help women feel like they’re 35 instead of 55, 65, or even 75. How do you turn back the clock on our genital system by using our body’s healing abilities?


[Robyn] Us women need to do detective work. We look at your blood and hormone profile. We want to hear about any traumas or accidents you’ve had. How many children have you had? This is very important for my team to decide the best therapies we have to offer. Do we need to optimize hormones or look at someone’s diet? Do we need to check for a parasite infestation or a candida overgrowth? 

Many women have too much yeast, which compromises their vaginal and digestive biome. Many women live with brain fog every day. All this information informs us if PRP is the best thing for you. Do we need to help them get in better shape, maybe lose 10 or 15 pounds, and in terms of sexual function, find out if there is scar tissue? Is there pain during intercourse because their introitus is inflamed. Or is it because they’re 55 and don’t have any estrogen? We take all that into account when we design a plan for our women. 

We have GAINSWave for men and women. However, we don’t use it internally but on trigger points that could cause incontinence, even pain during intercourse.


Sometimes, women have little lesions and cysts. There’s erosion on the clitoral area or the labia minora or labia majora from Lichen Sclerosus, a fungal pattern. It’s a painful autoimmune condition. Western medicine doesn’t have much to offer. Although there may be something that will calm down the pain, it does not reverse it.

I have seen miraculous shifts when PRP is used in this condition when there is erosion on the clitoral area or white lesions on the labia minora. You want to work with their diet. Again, find out if there is a high high level of yeast overgrowth. What type? Because there are different species.

Does it have something to do with their interpellation? Are they using detergent to wash their clothes? Is a soap bothering their vulva? Or is there oil or lubricant that their body does not like. Again, we have to look at all of this to get to the root cause and reverse it. 


Hormone optimization is essential. The Orgasm Shot procedure is fantastic, mostly once we’ve done GAINSWave to release those trigger points that allow the pelvic floor to be amplified and improve circulation. The standard Orgasm Shot is an injection into the clitoral shaft. The women’s clitoral area is like the shaft of a penis in the hood. Sometimes, women have a big hood; sometimes, women have small clits. It’s amazing how different and beautiful we are. 

The standard is to inject the clitoral area and do an intervention injection of four or five ccs of PRP into the tissue proximal to the g-spot.

I did fantastic training with a urologist who came up with these two additional points, especially for women with incontinence. They’re like, “My clit’s okay but do what you can because I am so tired of this leaking.” Very often, the drawer area is the ceiling. 


You want to put a bit on your genital areas. Then, we put it intravaginally into the tissue that’s anterior to the g-spot. There’s a little triangle at the three and nine o’clock position outside of the urethra. I have to tell you, ladies, listening to this that it’s remote. Some women don’t even know I’m even doing these injections. It doesn’t hurt, but it feels like the ice that is sometimes used to numb an area. It is more annoying than the shots themselves. 

It’s the same with the P Shot. In 99% of our men, we don’t even do the block. We do procaine if they want it. There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoral area, so you will feel it sometimes. Most women don’t feel much at all. We get into that shaft, and it balloons up like a sponge. 

I love to augment every treatment with GAINSWave. I tell women to have sex afterward. It’s the same thing with the P Shot. You don’t need to wait for 2 or 3 days. There isn’t any downtime. Have as much sex as possible. For women who are not partnered, I say use an internal vibrator. It is essential because those cells are biologically active those first 72 hours, and we’re increasing your stem cells, elastin, and collagen in that area. 


You want to move the goodness and amplify the effects. For men, I have penis pumps.

That’s a bit about how a woman can use their body’s healing abilities to reverse atrophy. Some women don’t have these conditions but are 55-years old. What’s so cool about this massive growth of regenerative medicine is it’s one of the fastest areas of medicine because people want to turn the clock back biologically.

People will say, “Can I just do this just because I don’t want to have a problem five years down?” It’s preventative. Restore that plumpiness. I know a woman who drove from Denver to have the Orgasm Shot and the facelift, and she said, “I’m telling all my friends. We’re all coming to you, Robyn.” From that glow in her face, she’s like, “I feel it already. I feel ripe and plump. I feel a walnut that expanded inside my homogeneous area.” 

[Susan] Your body loves it, so does your partner, and so do you. I’m Susan Bratton, and I’m with Dr. Robyn Benson. We’ve got a great series on regenerative therapies for increased sexual function, and I hope you’ll watch the whole series. We’ll look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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