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I’m Susan Bratton, and it’s lovely to talk to you today. I am an intimacy expert to millions, and there are three legs of the stool of your sexuality. The first is techniques. You have to understand pleasurable practices. I’ve been writing pleasuring techniques for 20 years and can tell you it’s a never-ending possibility of pleasure. The second piece to your sexuality is communication, learning to ask for what you want. Share fantasies and experiences you’ve had and what you liked about them. Be comfortable talking about your sexuality. The third Leg of the stool of having a good sex life is keeping your body in good working order. Make sure you don’t have any problems with sex, which is what I want to talk to you about today. What we’re discussing here is sexual biohacking. You were born a sexual being, and you die a sexual being having great sex your whole life that keeps improving.

Life is part of your personal growth. If you intend to learn things and focus on pleasure and connection, you can have a deeply satisfying sex life from the day you become sexually active until you die. What happens is that sometimes parts age, and that’s where sexual biohacking comes in. There’s the notion that you can increase your sex span, like your health, by doing sexual regenerative practices. In this half-hour segment for biohacker University, I will do a couple of things. First, I’m going to do a little show and tell. I will introduce you to some of the exciting parts of your genitals.

I like to call it Susie’s sexy show and tell, where I have a whole bunch of toys on my left and a whole bunch of sexual regenerative ideas and treatments and products and tools and Technologies on my right.

There would be 20 kinds of orgasms if you caught my main segment, where Ross and I talked about the 20 kinds of orgasms. I gave a list of the different types of orgasms the body can have. Orgasmic pleasure is within everyone’s reach. Orgasms are a learned skill; in both the XX and XY bodies, the female XX and male XY chromosome body can have 20 orgasms.

What you’re having right now is the tip of the iceberg of the pleasure potential available. One of the things I talked about in my episode with Ross was my sex life bucket list, and I gave it away for free. It’s a downloadable PDF that is an assessment that helps you understand the different sexual experiences that you’d like to have because if you allow your sexual ability to occur organically, you’re not taking a calculated approach to have experiences that could be fun for you, like learning orgasm techniques as an example.

On the sex life bucket list, you would get at sex There are 48 different sexual experiences that I walk you through in this PDF and in a guided visualization that tell you the different types of experiences you can have, including the 20 orgasms. Orgasms come in three different ways. You can generate orgasms. The first is touching locations on the body, feeling the clitoris, penis, breasts, and prostate. There are orgasm skills located techniques you can use such as expanded orgasm clitoral stroking or male multiple orgasms, full body male multiple energy orgasms, which takes a specific type of preparation to train your body, how to do orgasm without ejaculation.

There are tools and objects of desire that also generate an orgasmic experience. One of the things I think is most commonly misunderstood is that people think if they use a vibrator or a sex toy, they’ll become dependent on it. They won’t be able to orgasm with a partner for manual or oral or genital pleasuring, and vibrators get in the way of great sex. When using vibrators and other sex toys, sex technology helps you expand your orgasmic capacity and does what my friend Sherry Winston taught me is called orgasmic cross-training, which allows you to have orgasms in different ways because you’re getting additional stimulation. Even if you take a pleasurable solar pleasure practice and learn to come from other sex toys, you can have more pleasure in partner play after you’ve had those experiences.

Number two. It’s essential to understand your sexual anatomy before we talk about how you can improve your sex life: how you can increase your orgasmic capacity and reverse the atrophy of aging. The minute you see a wrinkle, it’s happening down there, and it’s not technically wrinkling. There’s thinning of tissue atrophy or shrinkage of tissue. You’ve seen what we looked like when we were babies, and then we were full-size adults, and then we waned to our smaller size. As we age, we shrink. Everything is shrinking and atrophying by midlife. It’s a downhill slide, but you can do interventions that reverse aging to increase your sex span. The older you are, the better you are in bed, the more skill and experience you have, and the better lover you become.

The best sex happens in your 50s, 60s, and 70s, and for many people in their 80s and a couple in their 90s which is my goal. We will talk about those things so I can help you with loss of lubrication, incontinence, tissue thinning, painful sex, loss of sensation, or difficulty achieving a satisfying climax. With men, erectile dysfunction, loss of a firm erection, delayed ejaculation, difficulty reaching climax, premature ejaculation, prostate issues, and nighttime urination. All kinds of problems affect men.

Let’s get started on anatomy. This is a vulva. The whole thing, all the ladies’ parts, are called the vulva—this external area. The vagina is one part, and we don’t talk about it like we don’t call the woman’s genitals a vagina anymore because that’s the birth canal and the sheath for the penis or the toy.

You have up here the mons, which is a beautiful area to touch, the outer labia, which is underneath the pubic hair here, which is part of the clitoral system. You have the clitoral hood, the clitoral tip. The shaft goes up and inside and into the body. You have the hood, which becomes the inner labia or the labia minora, the smaller labia that comes down and meets at the bottom toward the perineum in the fourchette, a French word for a fork. It’s the fork in the road.

You have this opening called the vestibule. When you open it up, there’s the urethral exit where the urine comes out and what I like to call G-spot number two. This is the opening to the vagina or the internal sphincter, a round muscle that opens and closes around the entrance to the vagina. You have the G-Spot inside the vaginal canal, which is not a spot. I’ll show you what it looks like in a minute.

Further back, you have the anterior fornix or the top of the canal; in the back, it meets the cervix at the top, which is the bottom of the uterus. On the bottom, you have the perineal sponge between the vagina and the rectum inside that tissue. Out here, you have the perineum, the anus, and the sweet little butt cheeks.

It is interesting that if you think about a penis, think about it like a banana. A penis, all the fruit in that banana is erectile tissue. There are three spongy chambers in the penis. Let me show you those because I want to connect the dots between her urogenital system and his urogenital system. After all, we’re made of the same parts. They are arranged in a slightly different order. What I’m driving out here that I want you to understand about making sex better is that blood flow is an essential part of sex. That begins to decline when we hit 40. Our nitric oxide production determines the ability of our vascular system to send blood pumping into our brain, heart, and all our parts, including our genitals.

This tone of the vascular system squeezes the five liters of blood we have in our body to the place we need it most, which during sex is in the pelvic bowl. Here’s what the penis looks like on the outside, but if I peel back the covers, it looks like this on the inside.

The penis has three spongy chambers. Two Corpus cavernosum and one Corpus Spongiosum around the urethral canal are like the G-Spot, which is not a spot. It’s a long, spongy tissue. This is the suspensory ligament I will talk about in a minute when I get to talking about penis pumps or vacuum erection devices. This is the bladder. This is the prostate. The P comes through the prostate, down, and out the urethra, and the ejaculate comes out of the testicles and the prostate and the penis in the same tube. There’s ejaculate and urine. That’s the same with women.

The female ejaculates, and the urine comes out of our urethral canal. This is what the men look like, and if you looked at that picture, fifty percent of his penis was outside his body, and fifty percent was inside his body. It goes down toward the testicles, so he has 50 percent of his erectile tissue external and 50 in the buried shaft.

When you’re working on things like reversing erectile dysfunction and getting a firmer erection using regenerative techniques, Gainswave, the Phoenix black, penis pumps, the Whopper, and PRP shots, you’re stimulating all this tissue.

Returning to the female body, when I peel away the skin from the vulva, here are her three erectile tissue networks. He has three spongy tissues. She has three permeable systems, the same parts arranged differently. This is the clitoral tip or glands. This is the shaft. That’s essentially her penis. It breaks into these legs called Cora, which go up and inside the vagina on the channels inside the upper vagina.

This is her urethral sponge. This is her vaginal opening. This is her perineal sponge. This whole turquoise and blue structure is her clitoral structure. The clitoris is the tip of the iceberg. It goes into two arms and two legs. These legs or vestibular bulbs are found underneath the pubic hair on the outer labia. The labia majora are the same as the vestibular bulbs that are part of the clitoral system. When you knead the external labia with your hands, you’re kneading these little bulbs, and they plump up and get erect. I want to drive home because a woman’s erection is as vital as a man’s erection.

As we age, we lose blood supply and vascular tone to our pelvises, creating erectile dysfunction. When we have lax tissue that isn’t fully erect due to blood supply issues or insufficient nitric oxide production, we can’t expand the tissue in erection, whether women or men. Then we have less surface area with flaccid genitals, which don’t send as many pleasure signals to our brain. Hence, orgasms become less intense and more elusive as we age unless we use these biohacking technologies.

I want to show you more about the female genital system. This is that spongy tube that goes along the penis. The same line as hers exits at the end of her vestibule. This is where her female ejaculate and urine come out.

This is what the urethral sponge looks like, her second erectile tissue system. This has little glands called Skene’s glands. Her blood plasma, when aroused, runs into her pelvic bowl. The blood plasma not only can come down through the Skene’s glands into the urethral canal. So when she has an orgasmic contraction, fluid comes out. That’s not urine and not vaginal lubrication. She also has little gills on each side of the opening, and when there’s a lot of fluid, they come out of these little gills. Her vagina is not a gland; it’s a muscle that squeezes, opens, stretches, and needs the vaginal mucosa, the skin inside the vagina similar to the mouth and the rectum.

It needs blood plasma to the pelvic bowl so that the blood plasma fluid can seep through the vaginal mucosa and wet the vagina. When a woman’s estrogen drops and she has thinning tissue, that creates pain, but when she has loss of lubrication, it’s not as much about the hormones as it is about the blood supply. Those are significant distinctions.

If anything, this entire conversation is about how I need to get my blood pumping. That’s what I need for great sex. The other thing is that because it’s such a straight shot down the penis for the blood supply, the hemodynamics of the male penis allow the blood to whoosh in and fill those spongy chambers up, and the endothelial tissue around the blood supply, and those chambers locks and holds the blood in the penis. As a man ages, he gets bendy, and we’re working with things like giving you better nitric oxide production, which is how a pde5 inhibitor works, how Viagra works.

We’re letting the systems open so full blood flow can come in and lock that system off. Sometimes that endothelial tissue gets damaged with age, that smooth muscle tissue of a vascular system. It’s speedy for a man to get an erection, but it takes a little longer for a woman because she’s got those nooks and crannies that I showed you. All the blood has to get into those parts, so she takes longer to get aroused and needs more manual and oral stimulation with toys to achieve the same engorgement, a clitoral hard-on.

She needs 15-30 minutes of foreplay and manual and oral and toy stimulation before penetration so that she has a full erection of all those tissues that feel good and sends lots of pleasure signals to her brain. Orgasms are a learned skill. Understanding your Anatomy is very important. What parts are there, how do they like to be touched and pleasured, and what gets them hard?

Let’s talk about aging that we can reverse with sexual biohacking. In biohacking, we stack synergistic things, giving us an even more significant effect when we do more than one. If you’re going to do anything, the ground zero for a man is a penis pump, a vacuum erection device called the Whooper. I got a big cylinder out to see how big they go. The Whopper is an excellent system that grows with you. This one is made for putting both your scrotum and penis in.

If you’re a woman watching and have a male-body partner, you need to know these things because often we’re doctor-moms, and we need to help our guys understand that there’s nothing wrong with learning to use a vacuum erection device. I call it self-care down there.

For a couple of hundred dollars, you can get cylinders. This is the large one that fits both your scrotum and penis. It helps lengthen the penis and bring blood into the penis. Here are smaller cylinders. They go even smaller than this to one and a quarter inches down. The cylinders grow with you as you bring more blood flow in you, get better erectile function, and reverse the atrophy or shrinkage of aging. The best thing I can give you is this, and I have a guide at pumping It explains how to pump and not to hurt yourself, how not to over pump, pump for enlargement, and pump for ED? Over 50000 copies of my book, The Pumping Guide, have been downloaded.

You can pump your vulva, clitoris, nipples, or the head of your penis. Many men have a weak base. Many men have thicker girth in the middle. Many have small glands or prominent glands at a small bottom. You can get various pieces that help you sculpt the penis that you want.

The next step is to get Gainswave, an acoustic wave device. You go to a treatment center you get at, and they put a tiny little widget on your penis. It knocks the plaque off, stimulates new tissue growth, and rebuilds the vascular system and penile tissue. It improves your sensitivity. If you’ve had sensation loss, within 6 to 12 treatments, you can go from having an almost intractable erectile dysfunction to having perfect function again.

The sooner you start, the better it is. The longer you wait, the more you have to do. People with diabetes are tough to fix, but most other men Gainswave doctors can work incredible miracles. The next thing I want to show you is if you don’t live near a Gainswave location, there’s a Home device called The Phoenix Black. I will ensure there are links because I have discount codes you can get.

The Phoenix Black is an excellent device. It’s an at-home baby GainsWave. It’s a lighter acoustic wave technology. You would self-administer it, but you own the unit. You can do it as much as you want, and this works well for regenerating penile tissue and getting rid of arterial plaque in the penile arteries and stimulating new tissue growth, reversing atrophy, and helping with erectile dysfunction.

You can get firmer erections. The next thing is called the P shot and O shot. It stacks with pumping and acoustic waves and can also be given to women. This is the head enlargement for the penis. I want to talk to you about a product called VFit Gold. This is an excellent product at, Susan.

They always have a bonus for me because I always talk about these, and I like to send people to great products that work. This Vfit Gold has three different modalities. It goes intravaginally and uses red light therapy, vibration, and warmth.

You insert this 10 minutes every other day for eight weeks. It supports the reversal of incontinence, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, loss of lubrication, loss of sensation, and thinning of vaginal tissue. For many women, it reverses odor that is not attributable to a bacterial or yeast infection but is the glycogen scenario in the microbiome of your vagina. It makes it much better so that if you are worried about odor, it goes away, and I love this product. I used to have to send women who had all those problems to get Co2 lasering done inside their vagina or RF sound waves in their vagina. They’re solid, and the damage makes you better.

I love VFit. There’s no damage to the remediation, which is very important. I also like that you can do this at home. You can keep a unit like this and have it for a long time. I highly recommend and use this myself all the time. Now I want to talk about PRP or O shots and P shots. O shot is the orgasm shot. P shot is the priapus shot. This means erection. A GAINSWave for Her (formerly called FemiWave) doctor takes your blood. GAINSWave for Her helps reconstitute the clitoral structure, the outer labia, and all the vulva to plump it back up because it gets saggy as we age.

The P shot and O shot are PRP injected into the erectile tissue of the genitals that helps with accelerating the repair from Gainswave, the GAINSWave for Her, and Phoenix devices and helps grow new tissue, nerves, and vascularization in the genital structure, so you get better blood flow better sensation, improved orgasmic capacity and pleasure. Studies show that citrulline supplements are the best. Nitric oxide precursor for people over 40. They need sexual biohacking, people in midlife and beyond.

I have a supplement company called The20 at the My FLOW supplement is for midlife people, men and women, and people across the gender spectrum who need more nitric oxide. It’s from organic watermelon rinds, which creates citrulline, the most bioavailable nitric oxide precursor for people with diminished blood flow. Many people have told me they no longer have to take Viagra now that they’ve topped up their nitric oxide systems. Many women have said they finally got their lubrication and orgasmic sensation to return once they started getting enough blood flow to the pelvis. That’s at

I also have a series of daily vitamin-mineral supplements with very high-quality methylated B vitamins for people with the MTHFR genetic anomaly and people who aren’t good methylators and can’t take folic acid. It’s called DESIRE. This is a 90-day supply. If you’re not taking a daily multivitamin multi-mineral complex, you won’t be able to make the hormones that your body can make very well. I said let’s ensure we get the daily multivitamin multi-mineral into everybody. Let’s put the libido Botanicals inside.

This is a cycle of three of the most potent libido Botanicals. These are good for the masculine and feminine body. One is Tribulus Terrestris. The other is Fenugreek, and the third is Tongkat Ali. They are the libido Botanicals that indigenous people have used throughout time in the three significant areas of the world, the Mediterranean and India, and in Eastern Asia. They’re supported by clinical data in human trials and being the indigenous top picks of the people who came before us because everybody always wants more libido and feels hornier and more full of life.

There’s a new penile extender you can learn about in the Pump Guide. There is also a red light therapy sleeve. It wraps around the penis pump cylinder, so when you are pumping, you use photobiomodulation to improve recovery and gain more. It’s the same strategy in the Vfit Gold, which is red light photobiomodulation for mitochondrial stimulation so that you have improved function. Another thing I do is wear these things on my arms. I wear one on each arm because I recently lost weight and am working on tightening this skin. I’ve got muscles, but also because I got thin from working out every day and losing all that fat.

I am working on tightening my skin with these red light sleeves. This is called Stimulate. I wanted to show you one more red light technology, also photobiomodulation. This is the red light cap I wear to improve my hair. I lost my hair two times, and when I’m stressed, my hair falls out, and I use this.

It won’t show unless I put it on. It doesn’t turn red, but it is underneath my hat. Every day for 10 minutes, I put my sleeves on, my VFit in, and my cap on, and I scroll Instagram, so you might as well follow me on Instagram. I’m Susan Bratton. I’d love to see you there, and you can slide into my DMs with any questions.

Let’s get to toys. This is the sex life bucket list I was telling you about. I ask them, “Okay, what was on your bucket list? What did you learn, and what ended up being all your A’s? I am proud to say that men understand they want to become multi-orgasmic and want to have P Spot orgasms or prostate orgasms. I wanted to show you some prostate massage tools I recommend. There are a couple of different ones. This is your most essential tool for prostate stimulation, and I like the vibrating kind. I like this one because it’s a tiny twist and super easy to operate.

If you’ve tried to stick something up your butt for the first time, which is where your prostate is, it’s a little nerve-wracking the first time you do it to find your prostate, but it’s right up inside up towards your belly, just like the G-Spot is right inside the vagina up towards your stomach.

This looks like a G-spot wand. It helps you locate your p-spot. Your prostate is a seat of incredible pleasure, and men are more interested in experiencing it. Here’s another simple vibrator. It’s soft, and it curves up. You can find this pinpoint of your prostate. Here’s a fun one because women are open to exploring with their male-bodied partners. I like this prostate massager because it has a suction cup so that you can stick it to something. If she’d like to drive, it has a remote wired control, the vibrating experience for his prostate orgasms or blended orgasms, which are prostate plus penile pleasuring together. The blended male orgasm is like the combined female orgasm, with clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Let’s continue with couples’ toys. The best couple’s toys are cock rings. This is called the NOS from Fun Factory. It fits every man and has lovely little vibrating ears that tickle her clitoris when she’s on top. It can be a sweet pleasure for her. If he also wants some stimulation, this is the Atom Pulse. This is from Hot Octopus, and this accommodates different-sized men. It has two vibrators on it. This is for his perineal vibration and prostate pleasuring. This one is for her clitoral and G-spot pleasuring when he puts this on.

It’s best to put it on this way and turn it flaccid. She gets pleasure, and he gets pleasure. These toys come with remote controls, as does this third one, the Atom Pulse Duo, a pleasuring device for men who cannot get an erection. It has a little plate that stimulates the frenulum on his penis, which is under the glands at the bottom of his penis. She can twist it, get on top, and there’s a vibrator for her, ride on top. They can do missionary or cowgirl-style sex and still be close even without him having enough firmness to penetrate her for intercourse.

I must wind this up because I’ve got limited time, but there’s plenty more where this came from. I’ve got many videos at and thousands of articles searchable in the search box at on every subject. Let’s finish off with this notion of orgasmic cross-training for women. There are a few different types of female vibrators I believe belong in every woman’s tool chest, and they perform different functions. The more she uses the different types of vibrators with solo pleasuring and incorporates them into her love-making, the more she can expand her orgasmic capacity and come confidently more efficiently and in different ways.

The first is by the Volta by Fun Factory. Some of my girlfriends swear by this as their number-one vibrator. It’s like two little tongues that lap at your clitoris. The Second is more of an internal vibrator. This would be your rabbit style. This is called the MissBi, and it’s from Fun Factory. It’s the most recommended vibrator I recommend. If you can only have one, I recommend this because it has two motors, one internal to tickle the uterus area, the cervical region, the anterior fornix, the G-Spot, and the outer clitoris, the G-Spot number two on the outside.

It’s got an excellent pad for getting the whole clitoral structure outside, and this stimulates you internally and externally instead of becoming externally clitoral-centric. This is very good for women who like being filled or who have a male-bodied partner and like to have warm-ups. The VFit is great for pre-foreplay warm-up before you make love with a partner because the warmth, vibration, and red light therapy get everything going so that intercourse feels even better.

Combining a VFit for sexual biohacking with a vibrator for masturbatory solo play is good for keeping your vagina pink, juicy, healthy, and feeling great. The next vibrator is the womanizer, which is an air stimulator. They also have one that has a curve with a g-spot vibrator called the Womanizer Duo. It gives me the most intense orgasms of any sex toy, including my giant magic wand.

Some thrusters are good, especially if you haven’t had intercourse for a long time or intercourse has been painful, and you want to have intercourse. You’re coming off of a divorce or trying to warm it all up again. Thrusters are great because they work on a magnet inside and can be hands-free, and will penetrate, and you don’t even have to hold on to them. They will stimulate the internal vaginal tissue. Rather than the LadyBi, which is more of a vibrator, it won’t move around. It’s going to vibrate inside you.

This is called the Stronic Surf. It has a nice tip for the G-Spot. I like the NOS because if you don’t want to use it as a cock ring every time, you can still use it as a small vibrator during love-making to slip between you. You can use the Hot Octopus Digit, which is another low-profile vibrator. It’s good to have a low profile small buzzy vibrator and a big rumbly vibrator. There are many different toys, including G-spot wands. This one’s a glass wand. This can be used for the prostate or G-spot. These are very easy to clean. This is a nice thing to add to your Pleasure Chest, and you must be careful when using them. I created a video at that shows you how to use these so that you use them well and women can enjoy the pleasures of female ejaculation. We went through a lot together. I appreciate you hanging in with me. I am here if you need me. I answer people’s emails and DMS all day long. I have been a trusted hot sex advisor and intimacy expert for millions. It’s what I love. There’s so much great technology. You don’t have to hurt. You don’t have to have ED. You can have pleasurable sex your whole life. That’s what I want for you. Thank you for having me at Biohacker University. I’m Susan Bratton, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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