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Hello, this is Susan Bratton, and I want to tell you about one of my favorite things in the whole world to battle hair loss. My Capillus cap. I’ve been wearing this cap for around three years. This red light array uses photobiomodulation (PBM) red light therapy to give you thicker hair.

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I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex advisor to millions, and I want to tell you about one of my very favorite things. The house is burning. What do I grab? Family photos and my Capillus cap.

I’ve been wearing this cap for about three years, and I just got the new version. I wear it for half an hour every other day, and my hair is thicker! 

I went, “I’m not a natural blonde,” so I went to the hair salon to get my roots done. My hair colorist said it’s like she’s working with a whole different person. “This is like a different head of hair than when I met you.” 


It’s a low-level laser therapy device that uses photobiomodulation PBM red light. It photobombs and cascades the cells in your follicles. Your follicle has three to five hairs that stick out of it, and as you age, you see hair loss. Over time, the bristles fall out, and you go bald. Capillus keeps the strand healthy so that the hairs stay in, and even if you lose one, your hair gets thicker. It won’t regrow the hair that fell out. That will never grow back, but your hair will grow thicker. So, as soon as you see thinning, you need to start wearing your Capillus. 


The remarkable thing is that this is a brand new model, and this model needs to be worn six minutes a day. It’s over before this video is done. 

I have a special offer from these guys because I love this hat! There is no other red laser hat that I would recommend. Don’t buy the junky stuff from China on Instagram. This is a top-of-the-line super high-quality product. Six minutes a day and your hair will grow thicker, and you will stop losing hair at the rate you were losing it. 

Of course, I also take some hair supplements, which I like. Let me tell you how I know it works. Tim and I went to Japan, and we were going to be there for five weeks and travel everywhere by train. I said, “Let’s take one little tiny roll-aboard each because we got to fit on all those trains, and we’ll just take a little backpack,” and I left my Capillus at home because I was like, “I’ll come back in five weeks, and I’ll start wearing it again.”

When I got home six weeks later, all my growth started letting go, and I was like, “I can’t believe how thick and beautiful my hair was,” and then I lost it all. Now, you might be saying, “Do I have to wear the Capillus the rest of my life?” Well, six minutes a day to have twice as much hair as you have is certainly worth it. I know that I have thicker hair than I’ve ever had.


I had a receding temple hairline. It bothered me because I can see the scalps of the women in my family, and I did not want to be that woman. I also realized that my undiagnosed gluten allergy had ruined my gut microbiome. I had lost the ability to absorb B vitamins like biotin and B12 that your hair needs. 

As soon as I stopped eating gluten, my hair stopped rolling out, but it was super thin. I already saw my Aunt Mabel and Shirley’s scalps. Don’t tell my mom I said this about her, but even grandma’s hair was fragile. I thought, “I don’t want to be that girl!” and so I got rid of gluten, stopped the hair loss, started the vitamin absorption, and got the Capillus. 

Listen, my hair is better than it’s been since I was about 30, right when I got married. My hair is as good as that, and I am pushing 60. Don’t tell anyone that either, alright? 


Now you know a lot of my dirty little secrets. Please don’t show this to my mother, and don’t let my Aunt Mabel know! But I want you to understand how great Capillus is. I have Tim wearing and loving it, too. 

We have one, and we wear it at the desk. It’s super easy, and I love Capillus so much that they sponsor my Sexual Vitality Summit, which I appreciate them doing. 

I love to tell people about the product, so they made me a particular page. You can’t get a lower price on Capillus anywhere else. If you go to, there’s a discount. They have a budget, mid-range, and luxury model. This model, of course, is luxury. 

That’s my six minutes. I’ve done it for the day. You don’t sweat in it. Everything is perfect and so go to Get the best one if you can afford it. If you are thinning or balding, this will make a massive difference for you.


I will never give it up. I will run out of a house when it’s on fire and grab that sucker and all my family photos because that’s how much being beautiful and having big hair means to me. You can’t be the sexy person you want to be if your hair is falling out. If you are going bald, you should look at hair restoration for follicular implants. 

But if you’re thinning, the Capillus is fab! I can’t recommend it enough. I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser to millions. Go to I couldn’t give this a better testimonial. If Tim would ever get on video, I’d drag him down here, and he’d tell you the same thing. We are devoted to this red laser therapy. Photo file modulation rules and get that head of hair going! I’ll see you on the other side!

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