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I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert, from The20, and I’m with Dr. Robyn Benson, who runs the Santa Fe Soul Centre for Optimal Wellness. I wanted her to talk about platelet-rich plasma, PRP for sexual rejuvenation. So much of what she does around her amplified regenerative therapies, the treatments that she uses in sexual wellness to anti-age our genitals use PRP. I wanted Robyn to explain it to you because it’s an elegant, simple, brilliant technology.


[Susan] I’m Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert, from The20 with my friend Dr. Robyn Benson. Dr. Robyn Benson runs the Santa Fe Soul Centre for Optimal Wellness. I wanted to talk to her about PRP for sexual rejuvenation because much of what she does around her amplified regenerative therapies, the treatments that she uses in sexual wellness to anti-age our genitals, use this technology. 

It’s an elegant, simple, brilliant technology and has been around for about 40 years, and it became popularized with professional athletes and racehorses. It is used on stallions to make them more robust. 

PRP gets professional athletes back to their sport as quickly as possible because rich plasma comes from your body and helps to renew, restore, and replenish healthy new life force into joints. We do hair lifts and amazing sexual rejuvenation with it. I’m passionate about it because it’s been a game-changer. It’s helped get people back into pleasure and intimacy. What exactly is PRP? How do you get it, and why does it work so well for sexual rejuvenation?


[Robyn] With PRP, we take a few cc’s of the patient’s blood in a syringe. It goes through a couple of different spins, and the residue is ten cc’s of platelet-rich plasma. We use this after we inject the PRP part into the face. After we sculpt the face, we help with the crow’s feet and uplift and shape the face. We also help with scar tissue and discoloration. We do about 10-15 different injections into the face.

Then, we give you the platelet-poor plasma. We don’t use all. Platelet-poor plasma is rich in peptides and amino acids. It is used as a serum for 24 to 48 hours after the PRP. The rich plasma helps create elastin and collagen. We use platelet-rich plasma on people who’ve had surgery and surgical scars. 


A guy had a surgical scar for two years on his ankle. It was hideous. We injected the scar tissue with platelet-rich plasma, and it looks 90% better, almost back to its original nature. These are the precise effects of platelet-rich plasma. Women can notice volume and better shape. Sometimes, it helps women who want to augment their implants.

These are the different ways in which we use platelet-rich plasma. What’s incredible is that we do not have to worry about infection. This is a non-surgical procedure with platelet-rich plasma that helps to renew, restore, and replenish a new you. 

The growth factors are from your blood. Some cytokines call to the stem cells. 

[Susan] What are the other things in PRP, and what’s in platelet-poor plasma? 

They’re very similar, but platelet-rich plasma is where you have a cytokine reaction. It has proteins and peptides that have an elixir of the goodness of life. When you inject it into The tissue, it helps to revitalize it. It helps to get it back to its original nature. 


Lichen’s Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that attacks the clitoral area and causes whitening. It’s painful and itchy, and when we inject platelet-rich plasma into the injured, inflamed tissue, it’s incredible what can happen within a few days. That clitoral area will be back to its plump redness. 

Literally, in some cases, the clitoral area ultimately erodes. There is no quit with the women who let this go on for a long time. Our blood is full of minerals and things that activate our stem cells.

[Susan] So, Robyn targets specific areas of your body, whether it’s penile or clitoral tissue. You do a lot of work with PRP for incontinence and regenerating the tissue for the urethral mass. Are you doing a lot of urogenital repair work as well? 

[Robyn] We do personalized, customized work pretty much with every woman who comes in for an O-shot. I want to know what is the root cause. There might be arousal or desire issues. Maybe she can have sex but have no orgasm.

The detective work is necessary to find out what’s going on, and I can often see scar tissue on the outside, like this woman who came in to reignite her passion with her husband of 30 years. I was able to identify the scar tissue. In addition to working the regular points that the O-shot covers for women, I add one cc of PRP into the scar tissue. That tissue can finally relax. Sometimes, I have to do detective work and see if there’s scar tissue laterally to where the introit is or whether it is to the right or left.


For example, a beautiful woman married for eight years could not have sex with her husband because she was in so much pain. I was able to identify ropey material inside that introitus area and inject two cc’s of PRP. She had sex with her husband that night. Then she was like, “When do I do it again, Robyn?” Six weeks later, she came back and had a good time.

Within that time, there’s a dramatic shift in the amplification of the regenerative transformation. Getting in there again right away is a good thing, while other times, sometimes I could wait for a year or two.

Now, a woman knows her body will decline. You’re dealing with atrophy as you age, and as you’re wrinkling, your tissue is drying up. It doesn’t have the blood flow or that plump feeling of youth anymore. That’s what PRP is excellent for. It uses the healing factors from your body put in the perfect spots to reverse atrophies, stimulate new growth, and fix accidents. 


I am very passionate about helping women understand that they have a specific anatomy type. I’ve learned a lot from our friend Amara Charles that there are nine anatomy types. Many women don’t even know about their G-spot. The O-Shot procedure is excellent because we inject the tissue that is proximal to the g-spot. I get to help them rediscover this pleasure zone. 

The O-shot for women is fantastic for amplifying the effects of a G-spot orgasm. That can happen in terms of a woman ejaculating and getting to the clitoral area. As women age, the clitoral area atrophies, and gravity acts upon it. It’s not robust, or they can’t feel it so you can reignite and turn it back on. 

[Susan] I love to play sacred goddess music when I do my shots. We’re going to talk more about the O-Shot, P-shot, GAINSWave, and Femi Wave. We will talk about facelifts and hair lifts done with PRP for sexual rejuvenation on subsequent episodes of this series with Dr. Robyn Benson here at the Santa Fe Soul Centre for Optimal Wellness. I’m Susan Bratton from The20, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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