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Get your g-spot, squirting toys, tools, lube guide, and how-to video here. Learn about the various sex toys for singles and couples.

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I want to talk about sexual technology. A vibrator doesn’t push away a woman’s ability to orgasm with a partner. It improves your orgasmic capacity. When you use four kinds of vibrators, you do orgasmic cross-training. You start coming from different stimulation. Every woman should have different types of vibrators. This is an internal and external vibrator.

If you go to, it’s at the end of the last page of the assessment. has links to everything I’m talking about. You can look at it. Internal and external simultaneous stimulation. This is a little thing called the Volta, which is very good. Big, small, buzzy, and rumbly vibrators vibrate your clitoral structure. There is the Womanizer, an air simulator. This is a Thruster or Pulsator that you put inside you.

Many women who haven’t been dating say, “I’m going to have sex, and I don’t know. It’s closed up down there.” This Thruster Pulsator is very good for getting the vagina moving and active again. There are g-spot wands. This is an air stimulator with a g-spot stimulator that goes inside, and this one is a g-spot Thruster. These are g-spot wands. You have to be careful about wands. If you go to, you can learn to use them without hurting yourself because they can be excellent.

Building up your tool chest with different vibrators gives you cross-training for more orgasmic capacity. You want to expand your orgasmic power continuously. I have a picture of everything so you can figure out what I am talking about.

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