How To Shave Your Pubes

Read on to learn about shaving pubic hair. My two recommended shavers are used as a perfect system.

Better than waxing! Not as good as laser hair removal, but way cheaper and not permanent, so if you change your mind, you can grow your hair back.


Shaving your pubes!

This video is for everyone across the gender spectrum.

I’m going to talk about shaving your pubic hair, the pros and cons, why some people do, and some people don’t, and what you might like.

The way that you keep your pubic hair is completely based on personal preference.

There are absolutely no rules that say, “You need to” or “You shouldn’t.” It’s what you want, what makes you feel good, or if you’re ambivalent, what turns your partner on.

Let’s talk first about men’s pubic hair, what I like to call manscaping. He has pubic hair that grows all around his penis and often down his cock.

There are two shavers that I recommend for guys who want to shave back their pubic hair.

I’m not suggesting you trim it all off, but you might want to give yourself a haircut.

The reason being: it makes it easier for your woman to give you oral sex.

There’s nothing pleasant or sexy about your partner getting a lot of pubic hair in their mouth, especially if they have to stop to remove a stray pube… It kind of kills the moment… 😉

You might get more blow jobs and deeper blow jobs if you don’t have a huge bush of hair around the base of your penis.

Plus, a neatly groomed look is pleasing to most women.


Grooming also makes your penis look even longer. You could get a “visual inch’ from shaving your pubic hair back a bit. Even if you trim it back with scissors.

You may also want to use these two particular razors to do a really nice clean shave without any stubble.

Stubble can be equally as unpleasant as a lot of pubic hair.

These are the two shavers that I like to use because they give both men’s and women’s pubic hair a nice clean shave without ingrown hairs or stubble.

This one is called a beard trimmer; it trims the hair down to a short length but doesn’t shave it completely off.

Depending on the texture of your hair, this might be enough that you don’t need to go with shaver number two.

Shaver number two is an orbital trimmer.

It’s a circular blade that goes around and around and gets right down to your skin to clean up the stubble from the beard trimmer.

If you use the trimmer first and then shave close with the orbital trimmer, the skin around your genitals will be nearly as smooth as the rest of your body.

Of course, just like your facial hair, you have to maintain it, or you can shave before you have sex.

If you’re having regular sex, you might want to trim your pubic hair as a regular part of your personal hygiene.


Now let’s talk about women.

Some women like to keep their hair completely shaved off, but more common these days is the Brazilian wax, also known as a full bikini wax or the Hollywood wax.

A Brazilian removes all pubic hair from the inner thighs, pelvic region, vulva, labia, perineum, and anus, leaving a small amount of hair on the mons pubis, typically a thin strip.

It can be used by those who wear thong bikinis.

For a lot of women, this is both painful and expensive.

Women often get ingrown hairs from pulling the pubic hair out by the roots of the follicle.

That’s why I recommend using shaver one and shaver two, as discussed earlier, because that method doesn’t involve pulling the hair out by the roots. Plus, it lessens the risk of infection, which is really no fun!

First, shave with the trimmer, then use the orbital to get your genitals as smooth as a baby’s skin.

Some men don’t understand why a woman would shave her pubic hair.

Some guys LOVE a big natural bush. For men who have daughters, the sight of hairless genitals may remind them of their little girl and can be very uncomfortable, never mind a total turn-off. In the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference.


One more sexy tidbit. It can be entertaining and quite the turn-on to shave your partner or let them shave you. Some people like it. Maybe you’re one of them.

Oh… and one last thing to consider: laser hair removal. It takes several sessions over a period of months, but once you get all that unwanted hair cleaned up, you can throw away those shavers and never have to think about it again.

If you take the laser route, you must be committed to never having pubic hair for the rest of your life. So it’s a considered decision.

That’s why I like the two shavers. It’s not permanent, they don’t hurt, and you can shave only when you need or want to.

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  2. I use a regular razor and when I shower I use a loafer soap over the shaved area to prevent ingrown hairs. This works really well as the loafer soap scrubs the area removing dead skin and promoting blood flow.

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