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Susan Bratton | Better Lover | My Personal Story Of Why I Became A Sex Expert

I started as one of those people who craved passionate sex my whole life, but it always eluded me until I decided to take it on. I mean, REALLY take it on and learn to be the best lover I could be. In my younger years, I had a lot of partners. Not six or seven. Sixty-seven! And that could be an under exaggeration.

I’ve been through the sexual wringer, starting with an accidental pregnancy while using birth control the first time I had sex. I lost my virginity and got pregnant. Lovers have shamed and sexually humiliated me.

My personal story of why I became a sexpert is stranger than fiction! One guy kicked me out of bed. We had just had sex, and he goes, “Get your clothes and go home. I’m not going to call you again. You’re no good in bed.”

I have been sexually frustrated. I was having a lot of sex but never felt satisfied, probably because I was sexually abused as a child, like so many of us were.

Then, a boyfriend cheated on me and gave me herpes, which I’ve struggled with for 30 years.

All the bad stuff that can happen to a person’s sexuality has happened to me, yet there were bright spots. I never gave up hope that sex could be wildly passionate, full of sensuality surrender, deep connection, and intimacy. And still, I almost lost my husband because our sex life went downhill after a decade of marriage.

“Let’s learn how to have great sex”

It was then that we both said, “Let’s learn how to have great sex.” Believe it or not, I never even had an orgasm from intercourse until I was 45 years old and educated myself about sex techniques. I started learning about sexual anatomy and developing bedroom communication skills. I started to understand what I wanted and how to ask for it. We devoured all the information we could get our hands on about sexual health.

Tim and I discovered that reviving our sex life brought a complete renaissance to our marriage, and we’ve been on a journey of sexual discovery ever since.

I call it the upward pleasure spiral. My sex life keeps getting better, and yours can, too.

Here’s what I believe: Sex is a learnable skill. Knowledge makes you a better lover, and sexual soul mates are co-created.

Whether you’re single, dating, in a relationship, married, divorced, widowed, open, poly, or making it up as you go along, which is great, with me as your guide, you’ll dip into a flowing river of techniques that will ignite your passion. It’ll deepen your intimacy, increase your confidence, and get you that sexual satisfaction you deserve.

They call me the trusted hot sex adviser to millions, which means I’m free from the constraints that hold back doctors and therapists.

Have a problem? Get an answer. Have a desire? I’ll show you how to fulfill it. I embrace all ages, across the gender spectrum around the world.

Although my work’s thrust is to have more pleasure and connection easily, my thing is passionate lovemaking techniques.


Female-bodied fans rely on me to light that path to the different kinds of orgasms, from clitoral to g-spot to female ejaculatory, finding their p-spots and a-spots, and how to have breast, mouth, and full-body orgasms.

From vagina massage to Kundalini awakening, sexual healing, and energy sex, I’ll show you where all your secret spots are and how to play with them.

I cover penis issues and opportunities, stamina techniques, and male multiple energy orgasms for my male-bodied supporters because it’s every man’s birthright to have that, and you can have it too.

From reversing penile atrophy to growing stronger manhood. Testosterone to STD testing. Sensuality to seduction. Dating to relationships. Passionate sex positions to reviving your sex drive. Penis pumps to vaginal rejuvenation, from safe sex to handling herpes. Lube to wetness and everything in between, I’m all about giving you actionable advice that makes your sex life better.

If you’d like to subscribe to my channel, please do. It’s grown by leaps and bounds because people know there’s more to great sex than what you see on porn.

I put out at least one new video every week, often in a series on a popular subject, and sometimes I dress up in crazy costumes to keep you and Tim entertained. Bavarian barmaid, anyone? I rock that thing. How about a naughty nurse or a space crusader?

Sex is fun. Let’s have some, and best of all, I answer your comments and questions on this channel. I am here for you. I’d love for you to be part of my world because my passion helps you have your passion. I hope my personal story inspires you.

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Comment (6)

  1. How do I know if we are in a open relationship and I know of a few of her a sexual fwb friends and seam like she opens up and and able to express her sex thoughts ok feels more comfortable with them then me what should I do I feel as if I’m losing her

    1. Hi Brian,
      Ask your girlfriend if she wants to be in an open relationship with you or if she feels you already are in one. Tell her you want to understand the “rules” and make sure that your heart and emotions are figured into the agreements. Ask her what she needs from you to feel good being close and sexual with you. And tell her the same from your perspective. Also talk about safe sex and how you will protect yourselves from sexually transmitted infections.
      The book, Ethical Slut is a good book to get you up to speed on what is called, “ethical non-monogamy.” ENM is the tree on which branches such as open, polyamorous, swinger and other types of non-monogamous constructs.
      Let me know how it goes.

    1. Hi Garry,
      This is called, “premature ejaculation.” You want to use our technique called, The ME Breath to train your body to last longer and longer for more stamina. You can learn about it here at The Stallion’s Secret.
      1 in 4 men wish they could last longer. It’s a common issue and you can retrain yourself with this simple body-based technique.

  2. I have been with my girlfriend for 20 years since I was 15 and she 14. We are now 35&34.My penis is small and pretty slim also. I have thought about ” wife sharing” to make her happy so she isn’t technically cheating. Plus the thought of watching her get her pussy pounded and stretched out by a stud with a big cock turns me on. Do you think this would be a good idea to try?

    1. Dear Jeremy,

      What does your wife want? Is she happy with your penis? If she’s not, you can enlarge your length and girth using The Whopper penis pump or vacuum erection device. You can learn more about how this process works by reading my free report called, Pump Guide. I’ve helped thousands of men increase their penile volume with this two chamber erection system. The great news is that it also gives you a firmer erection… the better to pound yourself with.

      Secondly, is this your fantasy of sharing your wife and watching her get pleasured by another man? This is very common amongst married couples. It’s called, “cuckolding.” It’s the #2 pornography search term and thus very popular. Though there are some who like to include humiliation of the husband, MOST cuck husbands just enjoy watching their wife get very satisfied by a well hung other man.

      Note, the vagina is a muscle that does not get stretched out by a penis, no matter how big. It can accommodate a large baby head, so a penis is no match for the elasticity of the vaginal tissue. 😉 That being said, some women do love to get pounded by a man with a big penis.

      You can watch my video with Dr. Valeria Chuba on Safe, Hot Cuckolding and Hot Wives, BBC and Bulls here.

      The #1 thing to know is that it’s best to discuss as many of these scenarios in advance so that everyone has a satisfying experience.

      Let me know how you do.

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