Prostate Massage, Prostate Orgasm, and The P-Spot

I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser with my prostate care video series with Dr. Rylie, a YouTuber at Real Sex Talk. She also has a Prostate Cancer Prevention Awareness Foundation because you can’t prevent it if you’re not aware of it. Today, we will talk about prostate massage.

Many men get prostate cancer, and they can avoid it with prostate massage. We will talk more about prostate massage, how you can give yourself prostate massages, and why they’re not only fun but so good for you. 

Dr. Rylie, give us a bit of information about how a guy will approach giving himself prostate massages and how often you’d recommend he do it. 

It’s almost impossible for a male to reach his g-spot. Many people have tried, and going in feels fantastic. They will get an intense feeling, but they won’t get right on the prostate and massage it. So, a toy is recommended or a partner.

You can get vibrating toys and different kinds. They’re fantastic, but how often you should do it depends on the guy himself. In your 20s, you’re doing a prostate massage because you enjoy it, and there’s no huge risk of prostate cancer or prostatitis or not a lot of fluid buildup in the prostate.

If you’re in your 40s, doing it a lot more because you need to keep the fluid flushed out. 

I always tell people that you have to act based on your body and how you feel. It would help if you had a prostate massage because men see such a difference after they’ve had it. They know in two weeks or a month that “I’m feeling that heavy sort of feeling again when it’s time to get another one.” That’s if you’re doing it for the health benefits, but if you’re doing it because you enjoy it and want to add it to your sex life, I say do it as much as you want now. 

We have a couple of videos in this prostate care series that talk about things like how to masturbate during prostate massage for both pleasure and getting the fluid out. We have a specific video on how to get the liquid out. 

Could the guy do with a toy in five minutes? Do a little masturbation? What’s the average length of a prostate massage? Does he have to be up in there half an hour? How does it work? 

It depends on whether you’re doing it for pleasure or health benefits. He can take himself up and down the arousal ladder as many times as he wants, have the prostate massage, the vibration, and enjoy himself for health benefits and happiness. Enjoy all the pleasures of his P-spot Analogous to the woman’s G-spot is his P-spot. 

Dr. Rylie, let’s say he’s 50 years old. What would be a good average? You’ve had thousands of patients, men you’ve worked with prostate massages. 

How long is an excellent healthcare prostate massage for the average 50-year-old guy? 

I always recommend they bring themselves close and back off at least four to six times. I’ve had guys who come in every month and every six months, and here’s how you can tell. 

Depending on if they’re up all night going to the bathroom, if their urine stream is weak, if there is pain during urination or ejaculation, if they have any of the five symptoms of an enlarged prostate, they need to do it often. If you come in every week, you might only need to do it for a couple of months.

I never know exactly how much fluid we’re getting out at a time. I still recommend that you masturbate five times a week when you’re not seeing me. If you don’t masturbate, and you’re coming in for a prostate massage, you will have to do it more. But if you’re following up at home and masturbating, you might be able to stretch that out to two weeks. 

It is based on the size of the prostate.

Listen to your body with your intuition, sense of self. Be in tune with your equipment and do what feels right. 

You can do it once or twice a week while you’re taking a shower. Mostly you’re getting that prostate gland when you feel the orgasmic contractions of your arousal. That gland will begin to squeeze and contract, and that’s how the fluid moves in your prostate. Take yourself from an arousal level of 1 to 5 on a scale of 10. Take yourself up to a 9, but not 10, at which point you’d ejaculate. You can go 5, 7, 8, or 9 and come back down to 5. Go back up and come back down. 

Do that five times, and when you ejaculate, you’ve squeezed that prostate gland such that it gets the fluid from the bottom that sits in there. It gets mixed with the fresh juice in your semen. When you finally ejaculate after taking yourself along the arousal scale, you move out the old fluid mixed with the newer liquid instead of ejaculating right away and shooting the new stuff out. You want to get the old stuff mixed in through the contractions. 

Susan, I want to tell you that as you’re speaking of the old and new fluid, most guys can tell the difference because the old fluid is a thick milky consistency. The new fluid is like oil and water that sits on the top. That’s just creamy, see-through, and transparent. So when guys ejaculate, they’ll say, “It was so thick, or it looked like this, and I’m like, “That’s good.”

That’s how you get the fluid out.

Some will use a toy for a minute and not do the back and forth. When they ejaculate, “It doesn’t look any different.” It’s because you’re not getting that fluid buildup. It’s super essential to go back and forth. When you get the correct liquid out, you also go up and down the arousal ladder. 

That is a learned skill. You will ejaculate by accident sometimes. It will feel pretty darn good when there’s a vibrating prostate massager up your butt, and that’s okay because you are training your body. You’re preparing yourself to have more strength by caring for your prostate. This is a virtuous cycle of physical and emotional experiences because there’s much emotion in the seat of your prostate, and this will help clear out the anger and frustration. 

Some guys are tight asses who have stuck emotions and frustrations. He needs that release.

Dr. Rylie, is there any last thing you want to say in this particular episode? 

When you’re doing the prostate massage, give yourself time, and don’t rush through it. Learn to enjoy what you’re doing and not think about what society thinks. 

Think that you’re doing this for your health and pleasure. Give yourself time and enjoy it. I can’t stress that enough. For some reason, we’ve lost touch with the old medicine and the wise wisdom of our forebears. In the past, when men had prostate problems, their doctor would massage their prostate. You are your medical advocate. 

It is your responsibility to take care of yourself. You can find a good prostate masseuse in many major metropolitan areas. 

Dr. Rylie, can someone Google you, a prostate masseuse? 

That’s it but make sure that they know what they’re doing.

In any other country, you can go to a doctor and get a prostate massage. Only in America do we not have that option. In America, we have higher rates of prostate cancer. It is the second leading cause of death in men. It’s preventable.

Thank you for your excellent work and all the men you’ve helped doing this as a professional prostate masseuse. I appreciate getting to talk about this essential part of men’s sexual health. 

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I also have How to Get Hard instantly on Command, which helps guys with performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. There are mental things that you can do that will help you overcome that. We also have an episode of premature ejaculation in this series on prostate care. Find Dr. Rylie at Real Sex Talk.

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