How To Clean Out The Prostate Gland By Masturbation

I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser to millions, and I’m with Dr. Rylie from Real Sex Talk, a fellow YouTuber. Here we are, two beautiful women, and we’re going to teach you masturbation.


If you want to take good care of your prostate, and if you’re between the 30s and 90s and beyond, it is beneficial for you to learn a masturbatory technique that will help you clear the fluid from your prostate because it gets stuck down there similar to your gall bladder that gets bile sludge down there. Then you have to get your gallbladder out. 

If you wait and you’re not moving these things through because your masturbatory practices are not supporting your prostate health, you end up getting prostatitis in your later years. You end up getting prostate cancer. 

Dr. Rylie is the founder of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Awareness Foundation. We want you to be aware of how to prevent prostate cancers. It’s important, and I’m so glad you’re joining me. We’re going to talk to you about a way to masturbate to move that fluid through. We’re going to give you more specific details on masturbating for prostate health. 

Dr. Rylie, do you want to take it away and give our guys a prostate lesson from us for masturbation? Masturbating correctly can reduce your risk of getting prostate cancer by 37%. That is including masturbating five times a week. 


What is the right way to masturbate? Most guys want to hurry up and get it done and not take the time to bring themselves close or do any of that. When you’re masturbating for your prostate health, it is vital to get that fluid built up in there. It’s essential to get the fluid moving around. 

The new way to masturbate in the most beneficial approach is by bringing yourself close to the ejaculation and backing off, which will teach your body to recognize the orgasms. It seems like you’re not going to get that good feeling when you’re bringing yourself close, but each time you bring yourself close, it will get more intense because the next orgasm will become more intense. 

Most importantly, you don’t have to have a full erection to masturbate to benefit the prostate. Many men think that you have to have an erection or you’re not going to get that feeling. Not true. You can still get the orgasm feelings even if you’re semi-soft. It’s bringing yourself close, backing off, making sure you’re reaching that orgasm peak, and then stopping. Then you ejaculate. 


The idea is ‘Riding the Wave. It’s part of Tantric practice, a traditional and ancient healing wisdom passed down for generations of humanity. The idea is that if you think about your arousal on a scale of 1 to 10, often guys are familiar with something called ‘edging.’

Edging is when you take yourself up the arousal ladder from a 1 to a 6 or ejaculatory climax. You don’t go over to the edge. Edging is when you’re taking yourself to a 9 and holding yourself there to prolong that moment of the most wonderful feeling of going over the edge. That’s good generally for sex to be able to stay up in that zone without going over the edge. That’s good practice. 

In masturbatory prostate massage practice, which Dr. Rylie says, do it three times a week if you can. The notion is that you go from a 1 to a 5, get yourself aroused whether you’re soft, semi-soft, or hard. Then you take yourself up to a seven or an eight or a nine, but then you bring yourself back down. You don’t let yourself go over the edge to climax. You don’t ejaculate, and you do that a minimum of three and most beneficially five times. It’s a learned skill, so you’re going to practice going five to eight, five to nine, back to five, back to eight or nine, back to five, up to five times. Then take yourself all the way to ten over the edge. 


That gives the prostate a chance to do the contractions that mix up the new sperm on the top of the gland with the old semen on the bottom of the gland. It gets it mixed up from the contractions, and when you ejaculate, you’re getting the old fluid out in combination with a prostate toy of some sort. It is a beautiful combination, and you can do it in the shower, which is also very helpful. Watch the toy haul that Dr. Rylie and I will do as a part of this prostate care series. 


Putting pressure on the gland while you’re doing ‘Riding the Wave’ masturbation is the perfect combination to take care of your prostate health, learn stamina techniques, and have an incredibly intense orgasm. Your P spot is like our G spot, an incredibly pleasurable set of tissue that enjoys being stimulated. 

Dr. Rylie, one last question, and I know we don’t exactly agree, and that’s fine. I like to have different opinions and ideas. Let’s talk briefly about lube for guys when using all these waterproof toys, which is great because you can use them in the shower. What kind of lubes do you like the most? Because you’ve got firm opinions about it as do I, which I think is fantastic. We’re both right, but neither of us is wrong. It’s a preference. 


I have the lube product that I started making over ten years ago. I had to find something with doing the prostate massages that I wasn’t having to keep going back and putting more on or coming out, going back in. It is a silicone-based product, which has oils in it. It’s not a lotion texture. Mine is called monkey milk. I’ve used it for thousands of people. Other people use coconut oil, vegetable oil. I think you have to find something that works best. I’ve never had anyone allergic to it. It’s hypoallergenic. No one ever broke out. I’ve heard issues with people using coconut oil and stuff. I tell everyone because I made my product. 

Does it mean that what you’re using is not right or not going to work? You have to find something that works for the person. However, the reason I came up with mine is it is a lotion texture. Many people don’t want an oil that’s going to get all over the bed, or when they’re pouring it out, it will spill everywhere. It’s why I had to come up with one that had more of a lotion texture. It’s worked out great. Water lubes get gummy and tacky and sticky. I want some oil, or a silicone base is what I recommend. 


One more thing. Silicone is essential when you’re going into the prostate because bacteria cannot adhere to silicone. So, you’re reducing your risk of getting any bacterial infection. That’s great, and if you can’t get Dr. Rylie’s lube or you’re not sure what to use, the thing that I like and recommend is distilled or fractionated organic coconut oil. 

The reason I like it is, first of all, it is the most important thing to me. Your rectum, where you’ll be putting these toys, is a mucous membrane. That’s the same as what’s inside your mouth, the same as what’s inside our vaginal canals. So, the mucous membrane has a very high transfer rate into your body of any chemicals or toxins. Most lubes are full of crappy synthetic products and toxic chemicals. Using cheap lubes means you’re putting something into your rectum that’s going immediately into your bloodstream. 


That’s why I like pure organic coconut oil. Most people are not allergic to it. It’s an excellent oil, and you can get it in any store. It’s something you can cook with, so you can eat it. If you wouldn’t put it in here, you shouldn’t put it in there. That’s what I always say to people. The second thing is that if you get the distilled or fractionated version of organic coconut oil, it stays liquid all the time. So, you’re not dealing with that white pasty material, but that might be easier for you to apply. 

The other thing you have to worry about with toys is that they can take the oil if they’re silicone toys. It’s not a problem. If they’re a medical-grade silicone toy (you should use these as often as possible) and if you can find it in the style and shape you like, it doesn’t get degraded from oil. My opinion is to go with the straight-up coconut oil and medical-grade silicone on your toys that you’re sticking in your rectum. Then you’re pretty safe. But you do what you want to do. We’re just here to give you some ideas. 


You can also follow Dr. Rylie on Real Sex Talk with Dr. Rylie. She’s a YouTube video personality herself. When you’re down there, you’re going to see a little grey triangle. You click that, and it’ll open up a small show notes area. If you’re on your computer, it will say ‘show more.’ You click that. It’ll open up, and there are transcriptions and links to this video. I’m giving you my Pump Guide, which is talks about this penis pump for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction. This is called The Whopper. I’ve got a whole video series on this. It’ll have links to all the prostate toys that we’re going to talk about in our prostate toy haul. 

I will also give you an e-book called ‘Get Hard Instantly on Command’ that talks about prostate health, reversing erectile dysfunction. It also gives you three body-based techniques that help with premature ejaculation, affecting one in four men. We’re reversing your prostate cancer potential and helping you last longer. We’re keeping you healthy, and we’re making you feel good. 

I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex adviser to millions with my friend Dr. Rylie from Real Sex Talk. We’ll see you on the other side.

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