GAINSWave Demo For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Male Sexual Enhancement

In this episode, Susan Bratton and Dr. Amy B. Killen give you a GAINSwave demo. This is a series on reversing erectile dysfunction.


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Here is my video series on penis pumps.

The recommended 30-minute pumping session:

– Prepare your penis with a warm, wet washcloth or hand towel.
– Lubricate your entire penis and the base of the cylinder with water-based lubricant.
– Place it at the base of your penis and get a good seal.
– Pump for 10 minutes with The Whopper 3-inch cylinder flaccid (not hard).
– Follow the vacuum pressure numbers for the designated week. (-2 to -4 for the first 3 weeks)
– Release the pressure and remove the 3-inch cylinder.
– Enjoy 3 minutes of deep tissue, pleasurable penis massage to gain an erection.
– Pump for another 10 minutes with the 2-inch cylinder with a hard-on at the recommended vacuum pressure.
– Release the pressure of the 2-inch cylinder.
– Wash up and you’re done.

Do this every other day for 90 days to see gains. If you want it to be permanent, continue a maintenance program once or twice a week.

Contact Dr. Amy B. Killen at Biorestoration, Draper, UT 801-501-9797

In this new video, Dr. Amy B. Killen explains a regenerative, anti-aging technology for men’s penises.

It’s called the GAINSWave. It’s an FDA-cleared acoustical device that reverses the main issues that cause ED.

Watch this GAINSWave demo by Amy. GAINSWave uses sound waves to break plaque.

“GAINSWave utilizes high frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis. The sound waves repair aged blood vessels, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and remove decades of micro-plaque.”

I’ve had the Revive by Viora. That’s the female equivalent to the GAINSWave. It’s like I dialed back the clock on my vagina for 25 years! And you can do that with your penis.

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GAINSWave Demo For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Male Sexual Enhancement

I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser. I’m with my friend Dr. Amy B. Killen. Amy is a regenerative medicine doctor, which means she turns back the clock on aging. Not only that, but the most awesome thing is that she is an expert in erectile dysfunction.

We’ve been doing a series on reversing erectile dysfunction. We put the FUN in function!

Amy’s gonna do her Charlie’s Angel impression with her GAINSWave demo in this episode. Hit the subscribe button below because I want you to see this whole series. We’ve done things on hormones, nitric oxide, and penis pumps.

I’ve got something interesting for you. It’s a technology called GAINSwave, and I am a real champion of regenerative technologies and tissue regeneration of your penis. Amy will talk to you a bit about what it is and how it works.

She’s going to do it to me and I’ll tell you whether it hurts or not. Take it away, Amy. Tell us about GAINSwave because you’ve had a lot of success with it.


[Amy] I love GAINSwave. It is low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy. That’s the long name.

It’s an energy device that delivers directly to the penis. It brings out the penis’ regenerative qualities, increases blood flow, and stem cell recruitment.

It can increase nitric oxide production in the penis which we know is important. This technology has been around for more than 10 years. It’s well-studied especially in Europe but it’s just getting brought to the US, and it’s a pretty amazing treatment.


[Susan] You’re using a technology that goes into a man’s tissue in his penis and causes slight micro-damages. It causes your body to naturally bring growth factors, the things that your body uses to repair your tissue damage into the penis. It helps grow new blood vessels which is a big part.

The artery plaque episode explains how your penis works, how the blood flows in and gets trapped by the veins.

[Amy] Eventually, you lose the nitric oxide signal and everything goes back the way it was. It’s like magic.


[Susan] Nitric oxide is really at the base of so much. The GAINSwave itself is a technology that essentially helps you with little tiny damages over a series of sessions. A typical guy does how many sessions?

[Amy] We start with six sessions on almost everyone twice a week. We use a numbing cream for painless sessions. There is no downtime or side effects. They take 30 to 45 minutes and you do six of them to start.

Some guys who have more severe diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity might get more sessions. But for the average guy with ED, we start with six.

[Susan] It’s like a facelift for your penis in a way. It’s making the tissue young, new, fresh again, and getting your body to do the work. Show me what it looks like?


[Amy] This is the actual machine. It’s in the shape of a gun and it sounds like a jackhammer when it goes off. But we numb you first, so it’s not painful. Do you want to hear it? It’s loud.

It rubs across all parts of the penis including the deep parts that you don’t see. We treat the entire thing.

[Susan] You’re going to the root of the penis, deep inside. Do you go by the perineum?

[Amy] We go near the pelvis, the sides, and perineum too. We treat the entire penis because as we know, we’re only seeing about half of it. The rest of it is deep inside.

[Susan] Once you get all the growth factors into the tissue, then it becomes more pliable. It’s building on itself. What are the things that happen?

[Amy] The growth factors then trigger stem cell recruitment to the area. Stem cells build and rebuild tissue. You can increase blood vessel formation.

With the plaque in those arteries obstructing the flow, you may be able to break those up.

Patients tend to see results as early as a week and even out to three months for the beginning of the results. And they stay for a year or two. It’s not like you have to keep doing it over and over again.


[Susan] That is one of the things I noticed. If you’re just joining my videos for the first time, I did a 22-episode series on vaginal rejuvenation before I started on penis rejuvenation and I went through a very similar process, with a technology that’s similar but not the same, on the labial tissue.

I did five passes, and during the procedures, I noticed a little bit of improvement. But in the end, it was like the tissue in my labia was 25 years more youthful.

These technologies work but what’s great is it takes a while to see a hundred percent of the results. I’d say that I’m now six months from the beginning of when I did my first treatment. Everything is working so much better. No pain with intercourse and lots more tissue sensitivity.

One of the things I wanted to ask you about with GAINSwave is have men reported more sensitivity, and the ability to feel sensation?


[Amy] Men report different things. An increased ability to get erections, increased firmness, and longer-lasting erections. Increased sensitivity is one of them. Some people have noticed increased girth or length. I think that’s just a blood flow issue. You’re adding more blood in and that’s stretching things.

We also have patients use a penis pump afterward which can help as well. We have the special GAINSwave pump. I have them do this about ten minutes a day if possible for the few weeks after the GAINSwave treatments.

They do the penis-pumping. They’ve got the shock wave therapy, GAINSwave. I also often pair it with platelet-rich plasma, the P shot, which we’ll be talking about in a different video.

[Susan] Yes, but briefly describe it so guys get a sense of how you can stack these technologies together. I can take that if you want.


You can stack these technologies. When Amy treats you, you’re looking at several factors, and often you’re doing a few things to help a guy reverse erectile dysfunction. Most often, what is the combination?

[Amy] We will look at general health cardiovascular risk factors, and try to treat nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness. We look at hormones. Then, when we have addressed the general picture and health, we can zone in on the penis itself and do things like GAINSwave therapy, P shot, and pumping.

Certainly, medications have a place as well like the PDE5, Viagra, and Cialis. We have this whole-body integrative approach to addressing a very specific problem.

[Susan] If you think that things are over for you, they are not, my man. There’s so much that can be done. It’s a combination of efforts that often help a guy get his function back.

We have a video that we’re going to run now so you can see what the cells look like when GAINSwave is triggered in the cells. Amy’s going to talk you through it.


[Amy] Here you can see that the device is applied to the penis and you get sound waves that go into the penis. That’s where that microdamage starts. Then, you have stem cells being activated. You release growth factors, and all of a sudden, your blood vessels start to increase in size and number.

So, you’ve got better blood flow to the penis and that’s the main way GAINSwave works.

[Susan] It’s a lot about regenerating the tissue and increasing circulation. Blood flow seems like it is 90% of erectile function. So, I hope you’ll watch the rest of our series and learn more about what you can do to reverse the effects of aging prematurely so you can get your full erectile function back.

This is Dr. Amy B. Killen, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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    1. You place the device on your external vaginal area and send the sound waves into the tissue. The device comes with video instruction to show you how to administer it to the five key areas of your vulva. It’s very easy and can be done at home.

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