Prostate Milking: How To Avoid Prostate Cancer and Heal an Enlarged Prostate

I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser to millions, and I am with Dr. Rylie. We’re doing a series called Prostate Care and prostate milking because there’s so much you can learn about your prostate. Dr. Rylie and I have been enjoying teaching and learning from each other, and sharing information. In this episode, we will talk about how you can flush out the fluid in your prostate in a safe and pleasurable way called prostate milking so that you don’t get prostatitis, leading to cancer.

Dr. Rylie, thank you so much for doing this with me. Tell us about the name of your foundation. 

Susan, it is called the Prostate Cancer Prevention Awareness Foundation. Dr. Rylie and I will teach you how to take care of yourself so you don’t run into trouble later in your life, and if you are starting to get prostatitis or have any prostate issues, what you can do. 

The first thing we want to talk about, Dr. Rylie, is this concept of getting that fluid in the prostate in that gland flushed out instead of stuck in there like sludge. Why don’t you give us a quick overview of how a man would be able to move that fluid through so that it doesn’t get yucky and stuffy in there. 

The best way to get the fluid out of the prostate is through prostate milking. Either have your partner do it or use a toy. Either way, you want to go in and get on the prostate gland and massage it to where that fluid gets moved around, and then it will get released when you ejaculate. It’s hard for you to get your finger up there. Your prostate is up inside your rectum. 

You go inside your butthole and feel this tiny gland. It feels like an acorn, a normal-sized prostate. You will put this tool inside you, something like this. There are different kinds. Watch our toy haul where we’re going to unbox a bunch of prostate massagers. This little tip will press on your prostate up inside you, and that is what you’re going to use to stimulate it.

You’re doing something else at the same time as you’re masturbating. Talk a bit about the combination of putting this against the prostate, resting it there and slowly palpating the prostate, and masturbating. 

The best way is to do the lingam and the prostate massage together. When you’re masturbating and bringing yourself close to the ejaculation and backing off and close, you’re stimulating the prostate. 

The prostate starts to pulsate. In most men, I explain it as when you’re inside a female, and she starts throbbing. It’s very similar to what the prostate begins doing. When you’re bringing yourself close and backing off, you’re not only stimulating the prostate but also moving that fluid around in there and the liquid that’s on the bottom. When I say on the bottom of the prostate, it is that sludge you talked about. That’s the heavy built-up fluid. When you’re masturbating and getting that fluid moved around, when you go in with a prostate massager, and it gets on the gland, it will start stirring everything up. Then when you ejaculate, it’s going to cause that fluid to flush out. 

Another thing about a prostate massage while you’re masturbating and taking your arousal up is that it will take some practice.

Watch our video called Riding the Wave, where we’ll give you even more specific instructions about how to masturbate while you’re giving yourself a prostate massage. You can watch this in our toy haul. These prostate massagers also vibrate. You can get vibrating massagers. 

The feeling of stimulating your prostate while you’re masturbating and having that vibration on your P spot is incredibly pleasurable and gives you an extremely intense release. Once you finally ejaculate, you’re going to love it. It’s very healthy for you. 

Keep watching our videos. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below the video. Dr. Rylie and I will answer all polite and lovely questions. We’re here to support your prostate health, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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    1. Having a vasectomy has no influence on milking the prostate. The semen simply doesn’t come up into the prostate to mix with the seminal fluid anymore.
      Men with vasectomies have higher cases of prostate issues according to some data… so it’s even more important to massage your prostate if you’ve had one.

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