30 Day Masturbation Challenge

I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex adviser to millions. I want to tell you about my 30-day masturbation challenge and talk about my travel sex toys.

When on a trip with my husband Tim, I said to him, “Hey honey, I want to try doing a 30-day masturbation challenge.” I am not that frequent a masturbator. I always have felt if I’m interested in having orgasms, I should have them with my husband.

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I had to make sure that he understood that my masturbation wouldn’t cut into any sex he could have with me. It was always going to be a foundation. He could offer me love-making as much as he wanted, and I would 99 percent of the time be a ‘yes’ because I like him to initiate. I like him to offer. That makes me feel more feminine, so that works for us. 

I said, “I want to have as much sex as you want to have, but I also want to do this masturbation challenge. I’m going to take a couple of different sex toys with me and try different things.” 

I’m a very private masturbator. We did a few mutual simultaneous masturbation experiences, but I wanted to try out different vibrators and toys and have the experience. I found that I liked it when he got up in the morning and got us lattes. That’s when I would masturbate. I wanted privacy.

Overall, my masturbation challenge results were that orgasms got more comfortable to have if the toys became more pleasurable as I got familiar with them.

They make them as simple as they can, and I still am like, “Okay, gosh, that’s ridiculous.” I could use a vibrator 300 times and still be “What button? Why?” Anyway, I noticed that masturbating every day pushed me to expand my fantasies. I have one or two go-to stories that I have been using to masturbate for a hundred years, and it forced me to be, “Alright, I’m sick of that fantasy. What other fantasy could I use?” It increased my engorgement. I was getting way more engorgement in my genitals than I ever have, except when I have long extended lovemaking sessions with genital massages and warm-ups.


Masturbating every day got me to the place where a nice long warm-up got me, and I was more ready for intercourse and oral pleasure with the daily masturbation. I loved that. It had animated my genitals. 

I had daily more lubrication, which I loved. My entire genital structure, the clitoral shaft and glans, the clitoral legs, the clitoral bulbs, underneath my pubic hair, the entrance to my vagina, was fluffier. Hence, I had this more significant target area. 

There were days when I didn’t masturbate. There were days when I was traveling, or I wasn’t into it. So when I say a 30-day masturbation challenge, you don’t have to masturbate every day. You can take some days off. It’s your masturbation challenge, but any woman suffering from low libido who has lost some desire, who has not had a partner for a long time, could benefit from more frequent masturbation and with some fantastic sex toys. There are many fun things you can use, and they all give you different experiences. 

I was traveling, so I was on a limited weight budget, and I didn’t want to take what I usually would bring along. A Magic Wand is too heavy, but they are also so strong that I wanted more delicacy of my clitoral stimulation. 

I wanted to get my clitoris more sensitive to less intense things, and yet I wanted vibrators that had good strength because I wanted to feel. I like rumbly vibrators.


I took three products with me, two from the Fun Factory and one from Hot Octopus, my two favorite vibrator companies.

I went on a tour of the Fun Factory Factory in Bremen, Germany. These are German-engineered, super high-quality, healthy sex toys and have a nice silicone feel. They have straightforward buttons and are USB-charged. There are no batteries that you have to throw into a landfill. I love these chrome handles. They make them easy to hold for you or your partner even with lube on your hands. These are plastic-coated so that it won’t flake off. Nothing will get on your body that isn’t safe. 

These are high-quality German motors from one of the oldest toy companies in the business, the creme de la creme of toys, and they’re not even that expensive. It is unbelievable what you get for your money with Fun Factory. 


This is the Lady Bi, and this is the Volta, and the Volta is a clitoral stimulator. You can see that it’s motorboating your clit. The thing I love about these is the powerful vibrators. I recommend you train yourself to get off on the sensation at the lowest setting and work your way up as you become more engorged. The Volta is charming for intercourse in the missionary style. Imagine me on the bed on my back. My husband is standing at the edge of the bed, my legs up in the air. 

You can sneak this little sucker between you. You hold it sideways, and you can get down there on your clitoris as you’re making love so that you can have clitoral-blended penetration orgasms. This is great for partnered sex as well as solo sex.


The Lady Bi I love because it’s not a super-long dildo vibrator. It’s pretty stout, so it’s great for women who don’t like a lot of length in their smaller vaginal canals. It’s also perfect for filling you up. 

The entrance to your vagina, called your introitus sphincter, has mechanical receptors that are pressure sensitive, and they like that girthy feeling. Plus, this bump touches your g-spot, and it goes all the way up and loves the entire g-spot inside your vaginal canal. 

At the same time, this little piece is rabbit-style, and this tickles your clitoral structure. I like that it is wide and flat. Your clitoris is the glans and the shaft and those two crura, those two arms of your clitoris that drape down off your clitoris. This flatness gets your urethral opening where your g-spot erectile tissue exits your body between the entrance of your vagina and the clitoris. 

It gets your clitoral head and shaft. I enjoyed this Lady Bi. It’s got tons of rumbly power. It has different settings with which you can play. It is adorable for solo play and also used during intercourse or partnered-play.


The third toy I took was called the Digit from Hot Octopus. Watch my video called Healthy Sex Toys For Couples with April and Amy from Shameless Sex because we talked about other fun couple toys from Hot Octopus. 

Their latest product is called the Digit because it’s like your fingers, your digits. It’s a tiny little vibrator that goes on your hand. Turning it on is easy. It’s on the inside, and you hold it for a few seconds.

You can do it with your thumb and turn it up and down while it’s on your hand. It fits between you when you’re making love if you want clitoral stimulation during intercourse. So it’s the tiniest and lightest of all. 

It has a great motor, and it feels perfect, and you can get it exactly where you want it. I like that it holds on to your hand. I liked lightly letting it flit across the tip of my clitoris. It was delightful on its own without any pressure, but you can also use it with pressure on your clitoral structure. 

You can use it in your urethral area, g-spot, like the rest of the toys. The little digit is one of my favorite travel toys because it fits in your purse. You can take it everywhere in case you need to get off while traveling.


Those were the three toys I tried and loved. They’re unique and useful for you. Kristi at Fun Factory said that we women have a closet full of shoes, hiking shoes, pumps, rain shoes, and boots, but we have one vibrator. Why do we have one vibrator? 

We should have as many vibrators as we have shoes, and I was like, “That’s gonna be my next challenge!” I’m going to count my shoes and see how many vibrators I have. I probably have that many vibrators. Watch my Fun Factory toy hall, in which I go through a bunch of toys you can add to your Pleasure Chest.

If you decide to do a 30-day masturbation challenge or you’ve done one, or you have any questions, please post in the comments below. I’d love to hear your stories. I answer all of your questions, and I love great ideas, so if you have any for me, I am all ears! I’m Susan Bratton, a trusted hot sex advisor to millions, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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    1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s a lot to accomplish solo pleasuring for a whole month. What I do is “the best I can.” Just remembering I want to, and then making time for it, is half the battle! I think I’ll go do it right now. Thanks for reminding me. It’s really self-care, isn’t it?

    1. Yes, that is because your refractory period expands as you age. If you do GAINSWave treatments and you take our FLOW supplement, you will be able to shorten the refractory period. The Whopper Penis Pump will also improve your erectile function.


  1. I have a whole range of questions but I’ll just ask a few here. I’ve never experienced sex with another person however the person I am dating online has HIGHLY recommended that I need to do plenty of masturbating before we come together. He appears quite satisfied when we try online…but it is virtual.. 99% of the time I do not able to have as much fun as he does, takes me 30 mins or more to have an orgasm if at all. It frustrates both of us and it upsets him when he initiates and I resist. In addition to this, I’ve had a very high sex drive and wonder after SEVERAL years of suppressing the urges (I am in my early 40s) I’ve experienced a HUGE decline in my interest overall over the past two years or so. I don’t want to disappoint this person and I also want to enjoy the experience myself but I wonder what’s going on?! I will take any and all suggestions recommended!

    Thank you in advance.

    Could you please refrain from posting my email address for anonymity reasons? I believe this is done anyway but I just want to make sure

    1. Dear Anna,
      I think it’s a lot for your online dating partner to expect you to be able to masturbate remotely to orgasm as a virgin. My immediate reaction is twofold: I want to put the brakes on this behavior that is creating stress for you. And I think he’s done a lot of masturbating to CAM models and has no idea that a “regular lady” isn’t going to want this to be the experience she has with a potential partner.

      I suggest you reel him in a bit and start with more heart-connected types of online dates. I’ve created an article on how to set up for an online date that makes you both feel comfortable.

      And I’ve created 8 Sexy Video Chat Games for you two to play. Try some of these and let your excitement for each other develop before going so far as mutual masturbation.

      Regarding your sex drive ebbing and flowing… this is perfectly normal. Libido goes high when you feel safe and loved and are in good health.

      I do recommend masturbating alone with yourself only as a way to further explore and enhance your orgasmic potential.


      I recommend this vibrator for you: http://trustyclick.com/ladybi It stimulates the vagina as well as the external clitoris and both the internal and external G-Spot (urethral sponge) areas.

      And finally, please watch this video on Losing My Virginity.

      I think it will give you comfort and a good plan for when you do get together with someone.

      I encourage you to keep pursuing intimacy… It’s a gift of our humanity.

      Please let me know how things go.


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