Prostate Orgasms: The P-Spot and Male Multiple-Orgasm

Hi, I’m Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor to millions, and I’m playing the good cop today because I want to tell you that you are seriously not living up to your orgasmic potential! If I have to go bad cop on you, I will! I want to tell you about prostate orgasms that are a part of an array of orgasms available to a penis owner.

The ejaculatory and orgasmic systems are two entirely separate in your body. You don’t necessarily have to ejaculate when you have an orgasm. You need to teach your body how to separate orgasm from ejaculation.

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Guys with stamina issues who want to last longer need to understand how to have orgasms without ejaculation. Let me run through a couple of different orgasms.


The first is the standard ejaculatory orgasm. You have an orgasm, and you ejaculate. 

The second is multiple ejaculatory orgasms. That’s what you did when you were a young man and were able to have a brief refractory period and have an orgasm and ejaculate. Then you’d have another orgasm and ejaculate. As you aged, that became more elusive because you didn’t have a faster refractory period. 

Another orgasm you can have is called retrograde ejaculation. Instead of the orgasm coming out of your penis, it goes into your bladder. Those of you who know about Montoxia and the Multiorgasmic Man, you have probably heard about the million-dollar point. That spot is under your balls near the perineum, called your taint. I don’t like that word because it sounds as if it’s tainted. It’s not, and it’s an incredible pleasure spot for you. When you touch that area, you’re brushing your P-spot or prostate. When you feel that spot, you can direct your ejaculate out of your penis and into your bladder so you can have a non-ejaculatory orgasm.


Then there are prostate orgasms. They’re like an ecstatic prostate, which is direct stimulation of the prostate inside your rectum on the inner wall of your abdomen. Not toward your back on the outside, but the inside.

Inside, there’s a walnut-shaped gland that is pleasurable to touch. It’s like your g-spot, and it’s called the p-spot. You can have a blended prostate orgasm with a penile or prostate stimulation orgasm, giving you an incredibly explosive ejaculatory orgasm. 

You can also have non-ejaculatory orgasms, energy orgasms, heartgasms, braingasms, and multiple full-body non-ejaculatory orgasms. That is learned by a combination, breath, PC muscle control, and pelvic relaxation.

One of the programs I produce with my friend Jim Benson is called Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men. We teach a technique called the ME Breath or Mucho Extasio or Much Ecstasy. The ME Breath combines the pelvic rock, the breathwork, and the PC muscle control that allows you to move the urge to ejaculate away from your penis and into your body to spread that pleasure so that you can have full-body orgasms and not ejaculate. You can go on and have as many of those as you like. And your lady or partner can tell you when she’s ready for your ejaculatory orgasm. That’s also an incredible skill, especially if you have stamina issues. 


If you want to last longer, the ME Breath is the way to go. That’s the technique that will show you the path from ejaculatory orgasms that happen too fast to full-body orgasms where you come when you want.

You can also have nipplegasms, mouthgasms, and orgasms from different stimulation. The world is your oyster as far as your orgasmic potential is concerned. Everything is a learned skill. The many orgasms we women can have are learned skills too.

Below me is a table full of prostate vibrators and stimulators. If you want to learn more about your prostate, you can watch my series with Dr. Rylie from Real Sex Talk, which is part of this BetterLover video channel.

I’m Susan Bratton, your good cop and trusted hot sex advisor. I hope I’ve convinced you to add prostate orgasms to your orgasmic arsenal. Like this video, please comment below, put in your own words what you have to say, and I’ll see you on the other side. Pew-pew!

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    1. Hi Patrick,

      I suggest if you have BPH that you try our new urologist created supplement called SPUNK.
      Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is swelling of the prostate that causes urinary issues.
      At the same time, get a vibrating prostate massager and use that when you masturbate. The P-Spot orgasms will help ease the swelling from the BPH such that in time, you may not have the issue. You will need to eat a clean, organic diet heavy in vegetables — a Whole Food diet. And get exercise too. Keep hydrated. And take good overall care of your health. Try and reverse the BPH so you don’t have to go on medication and you can just take the SPUNK supplement.
      Here are my favorite prostate massage tools.


  1. i had a few prostate procedures to control my bladder. now i only have orgasms that return to my bladder. i no longer ejaculate thru my penis. can this be corrected. i would like to ejaculate normally outside thru penis, Thank You