Prostate Massager, Prostate Vibrator Review By Doctor and Sexologist

I am Susan Bratton with Dr. Rylie from Real Sex Talk, a fellow YouTuber, and prostate massage expert and professional. We’re doing the prostate massager haul and have different toys we will talk about today.

Here are links to the prostate vibrators:

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A toy haul is when you get a big bag of stuff, and you show it on YouTube. This might be the first prostate toy haul ever. These toys are sent to me by my partners at Dr. Joel Kaplan. I am a spokesperson for the Joel Kaplan company. 

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You can learn about how penis pumping works for both penis enlargement and ED reversal. To go along with prostate care, we got beautiful toys. Dr. Rylie and I have six different vibrating and non-vibrating, small and big prostate tools you can use. We will tell you the pros, cons and our opinions about these toys. 


The first one is called the silicone prostate locator. You mustn’t have cheap plastic junk, which will degrade with lubes when you use it in your prostate, located up your butt inside your anus, up your rectum. It’s a little gland, and it loves to be stimulated. Your P spot is analogous to a woman’s G spot. It feels delicious when it’s stimulated. 

We will talk specifically about prostate tools because you can’t quite reach your prostate yourself and need a tool. These are great for the shower as well. Every toy we’re going to show you is waterproof. You can take it in the tub or shower. Dr. Rylie, welcome to the toy haul. I’m so happy that you’re doing this with me.

This first little one is the tiniest that we have. I’m going to bend it and show you how soft it is. The tip is medium soft, not super soft. It’s about four inches long. 

Number one. It’s fantastic because it’s small. It’s not intimidating. The shape is perfect, and it has a little handle so it won’t get lost in there. You can feel comfortable holding on to it. For anyone starting, you need something small like this. See how it’s curved there at the end? It is perfect for getting on the prostate gland and creating stimulation. For someone who’s not experienced in prostate and massaging their prostate, you will have control of everything you do with that massager. You can move it in and out. 

When I had the toys laid out on the dining room table, my husband’s like, “Honey, it’s a buffet!” 


This is an elegant one. This one is called the universal prostate probe. It’s curved and pliable, and it has a comfortable retrieval ring. When buying a prostate toy, you always want an oversized flange at the bottom so that it won’t get lost in your rectum. There are many things that people have put in their rectum that have gotten sucked up in there. 

This one’s great because it won’t get lost inside, and it has these beautiful little perineal ticklers on it like a rabbit for women for clitoral tickling. This will tickle your perineal area, which is also very sensitive in the place that you can leverage something in Tantra called your million-dollar point. It has two little bumps. It’s got a slight protrusion here, and it’s got a thin neck, a thicker body that probably feels very good inside, that friendly firm, full feeling.

There’s a couple of reasons why I love it. It appears that it’s more of a flat design. Sometimes during prostate massaging, a guy can get overstimulated and damage the prostate by pushing up on it. The part that I love is that it has a flat tip, and when it goes in and gets on the prostate gland, it will lay on it, and as you said, it has two little bumps so that it will stimulate it. That will give great stimulation from the tip because it will cover the prostate gland on the bottom, which is the part you will be massaging. 


See how the neck is skinny there? That will sit great but then as the prostate starts stimulating and pulsating, that thicker part before you get to the end there, the anal stimulation will be great because as you’re moving it in and out, your prostate is stimulated and pulsating. That’s a perfect toy there. The little ball tickler I was calling them when I thought you could use it for that as well.

It’s essential that if you have one of these toys inside your rectum up against your prostate, that you’re masturbating the correct way to get those contractions so that you get the old stale prostatic fluid out. 


This one might be my favorite. It’s called the versatile prostate stimulator. What I like about this one is it is our first toy that vibrates. It has ten different settings. Some of them are pulsing settings. This gets very strong, and the vibrating end of this tip is very nice. It feels good when I put it against my finger. It’s transferring down into my hand just with one finger on it.

It’s at a fixed angle, but you’re inserting it up this way. There’s a flat spot here. You’re not putting the point against your prostate; you’re putting this flat spot against your prostate. You can have your hand outside your body and change the different vibes making it vibrate higher and faster or deeper and rumble. It pulsates as well, which must feel excellent when you’re getting yourself into that contraction. 

I like the shape of it. It will sit there, and you don’t have to worry about it getting lost. It won’t come up missing because of the way that it’s shaped. The part about the vibration is that the testicles will sit down in there. 

When it vibrates on the balls, the entire area will feel it, everything in the midsection. There are sounds from 10 different speeds. I’m sure users will find one they like. The chip is great again because it will lay on there, which is important. It looks like it’s got some ridges. These bumpers along the side, I think, must feel good when you’re going in the anus because the anus is full of nerve endings. The anal sphincter has much pleasure. When you go inside, you’ve got these pulsating ridges in the rectum. But it’s not a big toy. We’re going to show you some much bigger things. 

Again, when we’re talking about starting small, this is a pretty little toy, a fixed vibrator with a charming amount of variable vibes. It’s soft, but it’ll stay, and you’ve got the control on the outside. 


Number four is one of our most potent prostate stimulators. These are five functions of prostate massage, and it’s a straight stick. The next one coming up is thinner. This gun is impressive because it vibrates, and I noticed that the vibration is deep and rumbly, which is what I like. There are two kinds of vibrators. A vibrator scales from buzzy to a deep, heavy, resonant, strong rumble, like a Hitachi Magic Wand. The other end of the scale in women’s vibrators is the little pocket rocket, little tiny things with three small batteries in them, like a bumblebee.

This is on the rumbly end of the scale, which probably feels incredible with these little folds. It’s got an excellent end here, but it’s hard. Talk about the more rigid plastics. This may not be right for you. I have mixed feelings on this one. I certainly would not recommend this one for a beginner at all due to a couple of things. Number one: the rumble, the intensity of it. I don’t think people realize that you can damage the prostate gland if you’re not careful. The other thing I’m not sure about is that it doesn’t have a good tip at the end, as far as the angle part at the very end is concerned.

Guys will say, “If you put a vibrator in there, like a female vibrator, it will hit the prostate.” No, the prostate gland is in and up. So, you need curved ones—I would recommend this one for females. If a guy wants anal stimulation and is not concerned about getting on the prostate, by all means, this one would be great. I just don’t feel like it would be for actual prostate massage therapy. 

This is a butt vibrator, which is a bit thicker. You want something comfortable to clean. Slip it and turn on the vibes. It’s more of a vibe and less of a prostate massager. It’s less therapeutic and more pleasurable. 


Number five is called the Premium Prostate Massager, which is very similar to a g-spot toy. There are tons of women’s toys like this g-spot toy. Now my women’s toy is a much bigger g-spot bulb. I have a g-spot toy guide. I’ll put that in the show notes below because if you’re interested in having g-spot and p-spot play during your sex, g-spot toys can be significant. I did a review. I did a toy haul with Serena Martinez, and it’s super cute. It’s also on this channel. We went through luxury and budget toys. There was a nice budget toy with a big bulbous vibrator and a long stalk that I enjoyed, and I felt perfect. The prostate version of it is this tinier end. It’s a lovely satin material. I also like that these are black. They’re very much like a dude tool.

So, tell me what you think about this one? This one is a pretty simple vibrator. It’s just a twist, and it’s the easiest one to use. There are no buttons and functions, no five or ten speeds. It’s like a rheostat, which you turn up and give it more vibe over time. I always like to start slow and bring myself to a five in arousal, up to seven or nine. Then take yourself down and turn it up a little more. Bring yourself back up, take yourself back down. Turn it up a little more so that you’re increasing the intensity, teaching yourself to reverse premature ejaculation, giving yourself more stamina, and also getting that prostate moving and contracting to move the fluid through. This is nice for just stepping it up. 


You don’t want a bunch of buttons, and you just want to relax into pleasure. What are your thoughts about it? I think that’s a great starter. The shape of it is perfect. These are the soft ones, like the number one that we started with. This one is squishier. This is more of more rigid plastic, but it’s satiny, and it feels soft, but you can get it in there and hold that spot with a little more pressure than you can with these. This will have a lot more give. I know a lot of g-spot toys can have something pointy right when you’re hitting that spot. It feels so good, and the pointiness is very lovely. 

Now, start with this and learn where you are. You’re not hurting yourself, and you’re moving to something that’s vibrating. It doesn’t have a deep rumble, but it’s adorable. The transfer of the vibration is excellent. My biggest concern is being careful. Many guys will get overly excited and start digging in there, but if you’re using it with care, it’s perfect. The shape is excellent because it’s small. It would be perfect for first-timers. You can travel with it. Throw it in your go-to bag. I think it’s a great one. 


I love that it has a turn-up kind of speed. You don’t want to go in full force. If you’re edging, backing off, and getting close, you want that ability to be more or less intense. You’ll see that riding the wave is taking yourself up and down. You can slowly increase the vibe and take yourself up. If you travel with it, take the batteries out. They pop right out of the bottom. It has two double AAs, which is nice. There’s no particular battery in this one. If you leave the batteries in them during travel, they jiggle, and everyone around you in the baggage carousel will say, “I think your anal probe is vibrating.” 

I used to go back and forth to Hawaii, and I have a bag of toys that I travel with for work. I couldn’t figure out why the people at the security laughed when my bag was going through. They were calling people over! Suddenly, my daughter says, “Ma, I put your toys in that bag,” and I said, “What!”

Sure enough, the bag comes through the x-ray, and it is going full force. Three or four of them started, and the whole pack was shaking. The Hawaiian people didn’t know what to think. I swear they’d never seen anything like that before. I’m opening my bag and digging about, trying to turn them all off before putting back on my shoes. This is the occupational travel hazard of the sexpert. 


Last but not least, we have the ultimate prostate locator. This one is one of the fastest ones. I’ll make some comparisons. Look at the difference in size between our starter prostate massage and our smaller one. You can start with this very soft tip and put it inside your anus and soften and open that sphincter before you reverse it and use this side. 

Remember that you can have a prostate massage in the shower and clean up easily. You could leave this in your shower. You could insert this in your rectum when you’re showering to get yourself used to something inside you.

This is not a vibrating one. It’s very soft. I love that you can start with the smaller end because people need to learn about putting things in to train their bodies. You have to start small and work your way up. 

Would I recommend someone putting that whole thing in as a beginner? The bigger part of that. Possibly not, because there could be tearing and damage. But if you can start with the smaller end and work it around and start a bit at a time, it would be fantastic. The other thing we should mention is we keep saying, “You can do it in the shower.” But I want people to know that you won’t have a mess. I mean, 99.9 percent of the time, nothing will come back out when you’re putting something in. I think that’s a big concern for many people. Do I need to do an enema? What kind of cleaning do I need to do? I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, and it just doesn’t happen. 


Back to the stretching, it’s essential to train your little behind, your muscles back there. Start with the smaller end and work it up. Turn it around and see how much you can put in at a time. That is smaller at the tip, and it gets a bit bigger. 

We have a prostate massager toy haul: three soft, non-vibrating, and three harder vibrating versions of prostate tools for your prostate health. 

Don’t miss the other segments in this video series with Dr. Rylie from Real Sex Talk. We go over masturbation and prostate fluid flowing through you. We talk about premature ejaculation strategies and techniques and, of course, the toy haul. 

I’m your host Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex adviser to millions, with my friend Dr. Rylie from Real Sex Talk. We’ll see you on the other side.

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